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Apertium English wordlist/A

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Aaron abaca abacus abampere abandon abandonment abbey abbot abbreviate abbreviation abdication abdomen abdominal abduction aberrant aberration abet Abidjan ability abiogenesis abjuration ablation ablative able ablution abnegation abnormal abnormality abnormally abolish abolitionism abolitionist abominably abomination abort abortionist about about whether above above all above all else above all suspicion above board above ground above sea level above suspicion abrasiometer abrasion abrasive abreast Abril abroad abrogation abruptly abscissa absence absent absenteeism absolute absolutely absolution absolutism absolutive absorb absorbance absorbent absorber absorptiometer absorptiometry absorption absorptivity abstention abstentionism abstentionist abstinence abstract abstractionism absurd absurdity absurdly abulia abundance abundant abundantly abuse abusive abvolt abysmal abyss abyssal Abyssinia academic academician academism academy acanthocyte acanthocytosis acanthosis acanthosome acanthus acaricide acarus acceleration accelerator accelerometer accent accentual accentuation acceptable accept acceptance acceptor access access code accessibility accessible accession accident accidental accidentally acclaim acclamation acclimatization accommodate accommodation accompaniment accompany accomplish accordingly according to accordion account accountancy accountant account number accredit accretion acculturation accumulate accumulator accuracy accurate accurately accuse accustom ace acephalia acephalous acetabulum acetal acetate acetic acetification acetoacetate acetone acetophenone acetylcholine acetyline achieve achievement achroite achromatic acid acidic acidification acidify acidimeter acidimetry acidity acidosis acid rain acknowledge acme acne acnode aconite acorn acoustic acoustics acquire acquisition acquisitive acre acrobat acrobatics acrolein acromegaly acromion acronym acrosomal acrosome across across country acryl acrylic act actin acting actinide actinium actinogram actinograph actinolite actinometer actinometry action activator active actively activism activity actomyosin actor actual actualism actuality actually actuarial actuary actuate actuator acuity acupuncture acute acutely acyclic acyclicity ad adage Adam adaptability adaptable adapt adaptation adapter add added to this addend addendum adder addict addition additional additionally additive additivity addressability addressable address adduce Aden adenine adenohypophysis adenoidectomy adenoma adenomatosis adenopathy adenosine adenosinetriphosphatase adequate adequately adherent adhocracy adiabatic ad infinitum adipate adipoblast adipocyte adiposis adjacent adjectival adjectivalisation adjective adjudication adjudicator adjust adjustment ad-lib administer administration administrative admirable admiral admiralty admiration admire admissibility admissible admit admonish admonitory ad nauseam adolescence adopt adopter adoption adoptive adoration adrenaline adret Adrià Adriana adsorb adsorbate adsorbent adsorption adularescence adulation adult adulteration adulterer adulterous adultery adulthood advance advancement advantage advection adventitious adventure adverb adverbial adverbialisation adverse adverse balance adversity advert advertise advertisement advertising advice advisable advise advisedly adviser advisory advocate adze aeolian aerator aerenchyma aerial aerobic aerobiosis aerodynamic aero-elasticity aerogenerator aerograph aerology aerometer aerometry aeronautical aeronautics aeronomy aerophagy aeroscope aerosol aerospace aesthete aesthetic aestheticism aesthetics affair affect affection affectionately affective affectivity affidavit affiliate affine affinity affirm affirmation affirmative affix affixation affliction affluent affordable afford afforestation affrication Afghan Afghanistan afraid Africa African africanism aft after after all afterbirth after dark after due consideration after hours afternoon aftertaste after that after this fashion after this manner afterwards again again and again against agalmatolite agate age agency agenda agent agglutinate agglutination agglutinative aggravate aggravating aggravation aggregate aggregation aggressive aggressiveness aggressor aging agiotage agitate agitatedly agitation agnail agnation Agnes agnosia agnostic agnosticism ago agonized agony agora agoraphobia agraphia agree agreed agreement agricultural agriculturalist agriculture agrobiology agroecology agrogeology agrology agrometeorology agronomist agronomy ahead ahead of time aid aileron aim Aina Ainara Ainhoa ain't air airbus air-condition aircraft airfield airline airplane airport airship Aitana Aitor akin Alabama alabaster Alan alarm alarming alarmism Alaska Alba Albania Albanian albatross albedo albedometer Albert albite album albumin alchemy alcohol alcoholic alcoholimeter alcoholism alcoholization alcoholometry aldehyde aldose aleurone Alex Alexander Alexandra alexandrite alexia alfalfa algebra algebraic algebraist Algeria Algerian algia algorithm algorithmic Alhucemas Alianore- Alicante Alice Alicia alien alienate alienation alienism aligner alike alimentary aliquot alive alkalimetry alkaline alkaloid alkalosis all allanite allegation allege allegedly allegory allegretto allegro allele allelotype allergen allergic allergologist allergy alleviation alley alligator alliteration allitization alloantibody alloantigen allocation allograft allokinesis allomorphic allomorphism allopatric allophone allophony allosterism allotype allotypy allow allowance alloy allusion alluvial alluviation alluvium ally almanac almandine almond almost alms aloft alone along along general lines alongside along that line along the line along there along these lines along the way along this line a long way off along with alopecia a lot alpaca alpha alphabet alphabetic alphanumeric alpine already Alsace also altaic altar altarpiece altazimuth alter alteration altercation alternate alternation alternative alternatively alternator although altimetry altitude altitudinal altocumulus altogether altostratus altrostratus altruism altruist altruistic alum alumina aluminium aluminize aluminothermic aluminothermy aluminous alveolar alveolectomy always always at your service Alyne Alys amalgam amalgamation amalgamator amateur amateurism amaurosis amazon amazonite ambassador amber ambiguity ambiguous ambition ambitious ambivalence ambivalent amblygonite amblyopia ambroid ambrosia ambulance ameloblast amen amend amendment amenorrhoea America American americanism americium amethyst ametropia amfetamine amicable amicably Amice amide amidships amine amino acid amino aminophenazone aminoplastic amitosis amitotic Amman ammeter ammine ammonal ammonia ammonification ammonium ammonolysis amnesty amniocentesis amnion amoeba among amorphous amortizable amortize amount ampelography amperage ampere ampere-hour amperometry ampersand Amphelice amphibian amphibious amphibology amphitheatre ampholyte ampicillin amplification amplifier amplify amplitude ampul amputate amputation Amsterdam amulet amuse amygdalectomy amygdalotomy amyl amylase amyloid amyloidosis amyloplast amyotrophy anabolism anachronism anachronistic anaclitic anacoluthon anaerobic anaerobiosis anaerobium anaesthetist anaesthetize anal analgesia analogous analyse analyser analysis analyst analytical analytics anamnesis anaphase anaphora anaphoresis anaphoric anaphylaxis anarchic anarchism anarchist anarchy anastomosis anatomical anatomist anatomy anatoxin ancestor anchor ancient ancillary and all that Andalucia andalusite and andante andantino andesine andesite Andorra Andorran andradite Andrea Andreu Andrew andrology and so forth and so on and vice versa and whatnot and what's more and yet anecdote anemia anemogram anemograph anemometer anemometry anemone anemophilous anemoscope anergy anesthesia anesthesiology anethole aneurism anew angel anger angina angiokeratoma angiolist angiology angioma angiomatosis angiospasm angiosperm angiotripsy angle angler anglesite anglicism Anglo-Saxon Angola Angolan angora angrily angry angström Anguilla angular anhydride anhydrite animal animation animatism anime animism animosity anion anise aniseikonia anisometropia anisotropic anisotropy Ankara ankle ankylosis Anna Anna Annabel Anna Maria Ann anneal Anne annelid annex annexation annexationist annihilation anniversary announce announcement annoying annual annually annuity anode anointing anomalous anomaly anomie anonymous anorak anorexia anorthite anosmia another another one anovulatory anoxemia anoxia answer ant Antarctica Antarctic anteater antecedence antecedent antechamber antedate antelope anthelion anthelix anther antheridium antherozoid anthology Anthony anthracite anthropocentrism anthropological anthropologist anthropology anthropometry anthropomorphism anthropophagus anthropophagy antibiosis antibiotic antibody anticadence anticathode Antichrist anticipate anticipation anticlinal anti-clockwise anticlockwise anticoagulant anticodon anticyclone anticyclonic antidepressive antiderivative antidote antifederalist antiferreolectricity antiferromagnetism antifreeze antigen antigorite antihiatic antihistamine antimatter antimicrobic antimonide antimony antinode antioxidant antiparallel antipathy antiphlogistic antiphony antique antiracialism antireflexive antiscale anti-semite antisemitism antisepsis antistatic antistrophe antisymmetric antithesis antitragus antitrust antitussive Antònia Antoni Antony antonym antonymy antropoid antrum anular anuran anuria anus anxiety anxious any anybody any day now anyhow any minute now any moment now any more any one anyone Anys anything anytime any time now anyway anywhere aorist aorta aortic Apache apart apart from apart from the fact that apartheid apartment apathetic apathy apatite ape apex aphaeresis aphasia aphonia aphorism aphrodisiac aphthosis Apia apiculture aplasia apocalypse apocope apodization apodosis apologetic apologia apology aponeurosis apophyllite apophysis apoplast apostilb apostle apostrophe apothem Appalachians apparent apparently appealable appeal appearance appear appease appellant appellative appendix apperception applaud applause apple appliance applicable applicant application apply apply for appoint appointment apposition appraise appreciate apprehension approach appropriate appropriation approval approve approximate approximately apraxia apricot april a priori apriority apron apse apt apterous aptitude aquaculture aquamarine aquaplaning aquarium aquatic aqueduct aqueous aquifer Arab arabism arable arachnid arachnoid Aragon aragonesism aragonite Arantxa arbitrariness arbitrary arbitrate arborescent arboriculture arboriculturist arcade archaeologic archaeologist archaeology archaic archaism archangel arch archbishop archduchess archduke Archimedean archimedianity archipelago archiphoneme architect architectural architecture architrave archival archivist archivolt archon arctic ardor ardour arduous area areal areflexia arenicolous aren't areola Argentina Argentine argon argotic argue argument argumentation arheism aria Ariadna arid arietta arise aristocracy aristocrat aristocratic Aristotelian arithmetical arithmetic arithmetician Arizona Arkansas ark armament arm armchair armed Armenia armguard arm in arm armistice armored armory armour armpit army Arnald arnica Arnold Aroa aroma aromatic around around lunchtime around me around the clock around there around these parts around us around you arouse arrak arrange arrangement array arrest arrester arrhythmia arrival arrive arrogance arrogant arrogation arrow arsenal arsenate arsenic arsenide arsine art arterial arteriole arteriosclerosis artery arthralgia arthrodesis arthrology arthropod arthroscope arthroscopy arthrosis Arthur Arthurian artichoke article articular articulate articulation articulatory artifact artificial artillery artiodactyl artisan artist artistic Aruba Aryan as ascendent ascertain ascetic asceticism asepsis aseptic asexual ashamed ashlar ashore ashtray Asia Asian aside ask ask for asleep asocial asp aspect aspectual asphalt asphaltic asphyxia aspic aspirator aspirin assailant ass assemble assembler assembling assent assertion assertoric assessment asset assibilation assiduity assign assignor assimilable assimilate assimilation assistance assistant assist associate association assonance assortment assume assumption Assyrian astatic astatine aster asterisk asterism asteroid asthenia asthenosphere asthma astigmatism astride astrocyte astrologer astrology astronaut astronomer astronomical astronomy astrophysics Asturian Asturias Asuncion asylum asymmetric asymmetry asymptote asymptotic asynchronous asyndetic asyndeton at ataxia atelectasis atenolol atheism Athens athermancy atheroma atherosclerosis athetosis athlete athletic athletics atlantic Atlantic atlas atmosphere atmospheric atoll atom atomic atomism atomist atomistic atomization atomize atomizer atonic atonicity atony atresia atrium atrocity atrophy atropine attachable attach attaché| attack attacker attainable attain attainment attempt attendant attend attention attentive attentively attestation attest attic attitude attorney attract attraction attractive attribute attribution auction auctioneer audacious audibility audible audience audimetre audio audiofrequency audiogram audiometer audiometry audiovisual audiphone audit auditing auditor auditorium Audrey augite Augsburg augur august aunt aura aureole auricula auricular auscultate auscultation auspice austenite Austin Australia Australian australite Austria Austrian autarchic autarchy authenticate authentic author authoritarian authoritarianism authority authorize autism autoagglutination autoanalyser autoantibody autoantigen autobiographical autobiography autocatalysis autochthonous autoclave autocode autocoding autocorrelation autocoupler autocratic autocytolysis autodynamic autoecology autogamy autograft autoimmunity autoimmunization autolysis autolysosome automate automatically automatic automatism automaton automedication automorphism automotion autonomic autonomist autonomous autonomy autophagosome autophagy autoprotolysis autopsy autorregression autosome autosuggestion autotransformer autotrophic autumn auxiliary availability available avalanche avant-garde avarice avatar avenge aventurine avenue average aversion aviation aviculture avid avionics avitaminosis avocado avoidable avoidance avoid awake awaken award aware awareness away away from awful awfully awkward awl awner awning axe axial axially axillary axinite axiology axiomatic axiomatics axiom axis axolemma axon axonometric axopod azalea Azerbaijan azimuthal azimuth Azores azurite