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Apertium English wordlist/B

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baboon baby Babylonian bacillus bacitracin back backflow background backhead backrest backstage backstitch backwards bacteremia bacteria bactericide bacteriological bacteriologist bacteriology bacteriolysis bacteriophagy bacterium bad badger badly badminton baffle bagatelle bag baggage bagger Baghdad bagpipe bagpiper Bahamas Bahrain bailiff bainite bait bake bakelite baker bakery balance balance bridge balancemeter balance of payments balance sheet balancing balcony baldness Baldwin Balearic Balearic Islands bale Balkan balkanisation Balkans ballade ballast ball ballet ballistic ballistics balloon balneotherapy balsam baluster banana ban bandage band bandit bang Bangkok Bangladesh bangle Bangui banish banishment banister Banjul bank account bank balance bank banker banking banner banquet baptism baptistery baptize Barbados bar Barbara barbarian barbarism barb barbecue barbershop barcarole Barcelona bard barefoot barely bargain barite baritone barium bark barking barley baroclinity barogram barograph barometer barometric barometry baron barony baroque barothermograph barotropy barracks barrel barren barricade barrier barter Bartholomew Bartomeu barycenter barycentric baryon baryta basal basalt baseball base basically basic basicity basil basilica basilisc basion basis basketball basophile basophilia Basque Country bass bassoon bast batallion bat batch Baterich bath bathe Batholomew bathroom bathyal bathyscape batik batiste baton battery batting battle battleship baud bauxite Bavarian bay bayonet bazaar beach beaconage bead beading beak beaker beam bean bearable bear beard beat Beatrice Beatrix beau beautician beautifier beautiful beautifully beauty beaver be because because of bechamel sauce become becquerel bed bedroom bedspread bee beech beechnut beef beer beetroot before a full court before before dark before everything before everything else beforehand before long before too long beg begging begin beginner beginning behave behaviorism behavioural behaviour behaviourism behaviourist behind beige being Beirut bel be left Belgian Belgium Belgrade belief believe believer Belize bell bellboy belligerency belligerent belong belonging below below cost below ground below sea level below the ground belt be missing bend bending Benedict beneficial benefit Benet benevolence benevolent benign Benin Bennet benthos bentonite benzine benzocaine benzylcellulose bequeath bergère berkelium berlin Berlin berm Bermudas Bernard Bernat Berne Bernoulli berthage beryllium besides beside the point besiege best bestiality Best regards Best wishes beta betacism betatron bet betel betrayal betray betrayer better betting between between times bevatron bevel bevel-edged beveling bewitch bewitchment beyond bezel Bhutan Bhutanese biamperometry bias bib bible biblical bibliographer bibliographic bibliography bibliomania bibliomaniac bibliometrics bicameral bicameralism biceps bicuspid bicycle bid bidder bidding bidet bidirectional Biel biennial bifurcation bigamist bigamous bigamy big bigeminy bijection bike bikini bilabialisation bilateral bilaterality bilayer bilberry bilingual bilingualism bilirubin bill billet billhook billiard billion billy goat binarism binary binaural bin bind binder binding binoculars binode binomial bioaccumulation biocenosis biochemical biochemist bioclimate bioclimatic bioclimatology biodegradable biodegradation bioenergetics bioenergy bioethics biofilter biofuel biogas biogasification biogenesis biogeocenosis biogeochemical biogeography biographer biographical biography biological biologically biologist biology bioluminescence biomacromolecule biomass biome biomembrane biometeorology biometrics biomolecular biophysical biophysicist biopolymer biopsy biopsychology bioregulation biorhythm biosequence biosphere biostasy biosynthesis biot biotechnology biotic biotite biotope biotype biped bipolar bipolymer biquadratic birch bird birefringence birefringent birth birthday birthday party biscuit bisect bisection bisector bisexuality bishop bishopric bismuth bison bistoury bit bit by bit bite bitter bitterly bitterness bitumen bituminous bivalve bivouac bizarre blackberry blackbird black blacken blackening blackmail blackmailer blackout Black Sea blackthorn bladder blade blame blameless Blanca Blanche blank blasphemous blasphemy blastema blasting blastocoel blastocyst blastocyte blastoderm blastomere blastopore blastula blastulation blatant blatantly blazoner bleach bleacher bleaching bleat bleeding blende blender blepharism bless blessing blind blindly blindness blindworm blink blinking bloated blockade block blocking blond blood bloodless bloodletting bloodshed bloodsucker blouse blow blowing blue blueing blueprint blues bluff bluish blunder blunt blur boa board boarding board of directors boast boaster boastfulness boat bobsled bodice body bodywork Bogota boil boiler bold boldface Bolivia Bolivian bolometer bolshevik Bolshevism bolt bolt upright bombard bombardment bombardon bombast bomb bomber Bonapartism bond bondholder bone bonfire bonsai bonus bookbinder book bookshop boolean boom boomerang boor boost boot booty boracite borate border bore boredom Borelian borer boring Borja born bornite boron borough borrow borrower Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia boson boss botanic botanist botany botch both bother Botswana bottle bottling bottom bouillabaisse boulevard bounce boundary bound bounded boundless bouquet bourgeoisie boutique bow bowel bowl box boxer boxing box off boy boycott boyfriend bra bracelet brachistochrone brachycephaly brachycrany bracketing brackish bract bradycardia braided brain brainless brake braker braking bramble bran branch branchia brand Brasilia brass brat brave bravely brawler Brazil Brazilian Brazzaville breach bread break breakdown breaker breakfast breakthrough breakwater bream breastbone breast breaststroke breath breathe breather breathing breed breeder breeze breezily breve brevier brewery bribe brick bricklayer bridegroom bridge Bridget Bridgetown brief briefly brig bright and early bright brightening brilliant brine bring bring down bring together brink brioche briquette Britain British British Isles brittle broaching broadband broad broadcast broadcaster broaden broadening broadly broadly speaking broadside brocade broccoli brochette brokerage broker bromatometry bromide bronchial bronchiole broncholithiasis bronchopulmonary bronchoscopy bronchus bronze bronzite brooch brook broth brothel brother brotherhood brown brownish browser brucite bruise Brunei Darussalam brush Brussels brutal brutality brutally Bryan bryophite bubble buccal buccaneer Bucharest bucket buckwheat Budapest Buddhist budgetary budget Buenos Aires buffet buffoonery build building bulbous Bulgaria Bulgarian bulky bull bulldozer bullet bulletin bulletproof bullying bumblebee bump bumper buna bun bunch bundle bungalow bung bungler bunion bunk bunker burble burden bureaucracy bureaucrat bureaucratic bureaucratization buret burgeon burgling burial Burkina Faso burlap Burma Burmese burn burned burner burnig burnish burnisher burnishing burst Burundi bury bus bush business businessman businesswoman bustard bust bustle busy but butcher butter butterfingers buttock button butyl buy buyer buzz buzzer by Byelorussia Byelorussian by-product byte Byzantine