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Apertium English wordlist/C

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cabbage cabinet cabinetmaker cabinetmaking cable cablegram cabriolet cachexia cacique caciquism cacophonic cacophony cactus cadastral cadastre cadet cadmium caducity caducous caesura cafe caffeine cage cagily Cairo cake calcaneum calcareous calcic calcicolous calcification calcifugal calcimeter calcination calcinosis calcite calcium calculable calculate calculation calculator calendar calender calendering caliber calico California Californian californium caliph calk call call for calligraphy callose callosity callus calm calmly calorie calorimeter calorimetry calque calutron calvaria camarilla camber Cambodia cam camelia camembert camera Cameroon Cameroonian camomile camouflage campaign camp camphor camping campus Canada Canadian canaliculus canalization Canarian Canary Islands Canberra can cancan cancel cancer cancrinite candela Candela candidate candidature candidiasis candle candy cane canine canister cannibal cannibalism cannot cannula canoeing canoeist canon canonical Cantabria cantata can't canteen cantonal canton canvas canyon capability capable capacimeter capacity cap cape caper Cape Verde capillarity capillary capital capitalism capitalist capitality capitalization capitalize capitation capitulation capsid capside capsize capsomer capstan capsule captain captaincy captivate captive captivity capture Caracas carat caravan carbide carbohydrate carbonatation carbonate carbon carbonitriding carbonize carboxylic carboy carbuncle carburation carburettor carburize car carcinoma carcinosis cardamom cardboard card cardia cardiac cardinal cardinality carding cardiocentesis cardioid cardiologist cardiomegaly cardiopathy cardiospasm care careenage career careful carefully careless carer caricature caricaturist cariokinesis Carla Carles Carlota Carme carmine carnallite carnation carnival carnivore carnivorous Carolina carotid carp carpel carpenter carpentry carpet carpus carrack carriage paid Carribean carrier carrion carrot carry cartel cartilage cartilaginous cartload cartogram cartographer cartographic cartography cartology cartometry cartoonist cartridge cartwright caruncle caryatid case casein cash balance cash cashmere cash on delivery casket cassation cassava casserole cassette cassiterite cast caste caster Castile and Leon Castile-La Mancha castilianization casting castle castorite castrate castration casual casually casuistry catabolism catacomb Catalan catalanism catalase catalepsy Catalina catalog cataloging catalogue cataloguer Catalonia catalysis catalyst catalytic catalyze cataphoresis catapult cataract catarrh catastrophe catastrophism cat catcher catchment catchword catechism categorematic categorial categorical categorically categorisation category catena catenary cater Caterina catering caterpillar cathar catharism catharsis cathartic cathedral catheter cathetometer cathode Catholic cation catkin cattail cauliflower causal causality cause causer caustic cauterization cauterize cautious cautiously cavalier cavatina cave cavernous caviar cavity Cayman Islands CD cease Cecil Cecilia Cecily cedar ceiling celebrate celebrated celebration celebrity celery celestial celestine celibacy cellar cellarman cell cellist cellophane cell phone cellphone cellular cellular phone cellular telephone celluloid cellulose celom Celtic cementation cement cementite cementoblast cementoblastoma cementosis cemetery censor censorship cent center centigrade centiliter centimetre centipede Central African Republic Central America central centralism centralist centralization centralize centre centrical centrifugal centrifugation centrifuge centriole centrist centroblast centroblastom centrocyte centrosome centurion century cephalalgia cephalic cephalogram cephalopod ceramic ceramist ceratin cereal cerebellum cerebral ceremony cerium cermet certain certainly certainty certificate certification certify ceruminosis cervical cesium cessation Ceuta Ceylon Chad chain chaining chair chairman chairperson chaise chalcedony chalcography challenge chamaephyte chamber chamfer champagne champignon champion championship chance chancellery chancellor chancre changeable change channel channeling Channel Islands chaos chaotic chapel chapter character character for character characteristic characterization characterize characterologic characterology char chard charge charisma charismatic charitable charity charlatan Charles charleston charm chart chase chassis chat chatter chauffeur chauvinism chauvinist cheap cheapening cheapness cheat check check out checkpoint checkroom cheekbone cheek cheer cheerful cheerfully cheese cheiloplasty chelate chelation chelicera chelone cheluviation chemical chemically chemiionization chemiluminescence chemist chemistry chemist's chemometrics chemosis chemotaxis chemotherapy chemotropism chenille cheque cherimoya chernozem cherry cherub chest chestnut chestnuttree cheviot chevron chew chewing gum chiasm chiasmus chiastolite chick chicken chicory chief chiefly chiffonier chilblain child abuse child-bearing child childhood childish Chilean Chile chill chimaera chime chimerism chimpanzee china China chin Chinese chink chinrest chip chiropter chitin chloasma chlorenchyma chloride chlorination chlorine chlorite chlorofibre chlorofluorocarbon chloroform chloromelanite chlorophyl chloroplast chlorosis chlorotic chocolate choice choke choledochus cholepoiesis cholesterol chondriocont chondriomite chondriosome chondroblast chondrocite chondroclast chondroplast choose choral chord chorea choreographer choreographic choreography chorion chorister chorology choropletic chorus chou Christian Christina Christine Christopher Christpher chromatic chromaticity chromatid chromatin chromatism chromatogram chromatograph chromatographic chromatography chromatopolarography chrome chromic chromite chromium chromization chromoplast chromoscopy chromosomal chromosome chronic chronicle chronicler chronoamperometry chronocoulometry chronograph chronological chronologically chronology chronometer chronopotentiometry chronosequence chronotron chrysalis chrysanthemum chrysolite chrysoprase chuck church churn cicada cicatrization Cicely cigar cigarette ciliary ciliate ciliated cilium cinema cinematics cinematographic cinnabar cinnamon circa circle circuit circular circulate circulation circulator circumcentre circumcision circumference circumflex circumscribe circumspection circumstance circus cirrhosis cirrocumulus cirrostratus cirrus cissoid citadel cite citizen citizenship citriculture citrine citronellal citrus city city council civic civil civilian civilization civilize civilizing clade cladism cladogram claim clam clamour clamp clamping clan clap clapper Clara Clarice clarification clarify clarinet clarinetist clarion class classical classic classicism classification classify classroom clast Clàudia clause claustrophobia clavecin clavecinist clave clavichord clavicle clay clean cleaner cleaning cleanness clear clear-cut clearly clemency clergyman clerical clericalism clerk clerkship clever click client clientele cliff climate climatic climatological climatology climb climber climbing climogram climosequence cline cling clinical clinic clinker clinodactyly clinometer clinosequence clinozoisite clip clipper clipping cliticisation clitoridectomy clitoris cloaca clock clockwise clod clog clone cloning close at hand close by close closely closet close to tears closing closure clot cloth clothes clothing cloudburst cloud cloudiness cloudless clover clown club clumsiness cluster clutch clutching clutter coach coachman coagulability coagulation coagulopathy coal coalescence coalition coarse coarseness coastal coast coast-to-coast coat coating coauthor coaxial cobalt cobra cobweb cocainaddict cocaine coccidiosis cochlea cochlear cochromatography cockloft cocktail coconut cocoon coda cod codder code codex codicil coding codisposal codon coedition coeducation coefficient coelenterate coerce coercitivity coercive coexistence coextrusion coffee coffer cofferdam coffin cogeneration cognition cognitive cognoscibility coguardianship cohabitation cohabit coherence coherent cohesion cohobation coincide coincidence coin coining co-ion coitus colchicum cold cold-short colemanite coleopteron colic colitigant collaboration collaborationist collaborator collage collagenosis collapse collapsible collate collateral collaterality collation colleague collect collection collective collectivism collectivist collectivity collectivization collector college collembolan collenchyma colliculus collide collimation collimator collision colloid colloquial collotype collusion colluvial colluvium collyrium Collys cologarithm Cologne Colombia Colombian Colombo colon colonel colonial colonialism colonialist colonist colonizable colonization colonizing colonnade colophon colophony colorimeter colorimetric colorimetry colossus colostrum colour colourful colourless colpocele columbarium columbium columella columnar column columnist comanagement combat combattant comb comber combinable combination combinatorics combinatory combine combing combustibility combustion come across come back come comedian comedy come hell or high water come in come out comer comfortable comfortably comfort comic command commander commando commensal commensalism commensurable commentator comment commercial commercialism commercialization commercialize commercially commissariat commission commissure commit commitment committee commodity common commonly commonplace Commonwealth communal communicate communication communicative communicator communicology communism communist community commutate commutativity Comoros compact compacter compactification compactness compactometer companion company comparability comparable comparatist comparative comparatively comparator compare comparison compartment compassion compatibility compatible compatriot compensate compensation compensator compensatory compete competent competition competitive competitiveness competitor compile compiler complainant complain complaint complementarity complementary complementation complement complete completely completeness completion complex complexity complexometry complicate complication complicity component comport compose composer composition composting compote compound comprehensibility comprehensible comprehensive compressibility compressor comprise compulsory computability computational computationally compute computer computerization computerize computing comrade concatenate concatenation concave concavity conceal concede conceivable conceive concent concentrate concentration concentrator concentric concept conception conceptual conceptualism conceptualist conceptualize concern concerning concertante concert concerted concertina concerto concessionary conchoid conciliate conciliation conciliatory concise conclude conclusion concomitant con concordat concrete concretion concretize concubinage concurrent condemnable condemnatory condemn condensation condense condiment conditional condition conditioner conditioning condolence condom condominium condonation condone condor conductance conduct conductimeter conductivity conductometry conductor condyle cone confectioner confectionery confederal confederation confer conference conferencing confess confetti confidant confidence confidential confidentiality configuration configurationism configurator configure confine confinement confirm confiscate conflict conflictive conflictivism conformal conform conformism conformist confrerie confront confuse confusion congeal congenital congestion conglomerate Congo Congolese congratulations congregation congress congruence congruent conical conicoid conidium conifer coniferous conjecture conjoint conjugable conjugal conjugation conjunction conjunctival conjunctive conjurer connect connection connectionism connectivity connector connoisseur connotation conoidal conoid conquer conquest consanguine consanguinity conscientious conscious consciously consciousness consecrate consecration consecutive consecutively consensus consent consequence consequent consequently conservation conservatism conservative conservatoire considerable considerably consideration consider consign consist consistency consistent consistently consistorial consistory consolation console consonance consonantal consonant consonantism conspire Constance constant constantly constellation consternation constipation constituent constitute constitutional constitutionalism constitutionality constitutionally constitution constrain constrained constraint constriction construct construction constructivism constructivist constructor consular consulate consul consultant consultation consultative consult consulting consume consumer consummate consumption contactable contact contactor contagion contagious contain container contemplate contemplation contemporaneity contemporary contempt content contention contentious contest context contextual contiguity contiguous continental continentality continent contingency contingent continually continuation continue continuity continuous continuously continuum contortionist contrabass contraception contraceptive contract contractile contracting contractor contractual contracture contradict contradiction contradictory contraindication contrapositive contrapuntist contrary contrary to all appearances contrary to expectations contrary to popular belief contrast contravene contravention contribute contribution contributory contrive control controllable controversial convalescence convection convenient convent conventional conventionalism conventionalist conventionally convention converge convergence convergent conversational conversation conversely conversion convert converted converter convertible convexity convey conveyor convict convince convulsion cook cooker cookie cooking Cook Islands cool cooling coolness cooperage cooperate cooperation cooperative cooper coordinate coordination coordinator copal copartner copartnership cope copier coplanar copolymer copolymerization copper coppersmithing coprecipitation coprocessor coprophagous coprophagy coprostasis copse copula copulation copy copyright coral cordectomy cordial cordotomy corduroy core corectasis corelysis Corfu coriander cork corkscrew corm cornea cornelian corner cornflower cornice corolla corollary coronary coronation coronium coronoidectomy coronoplasty coroutine corporal corporate corporation corporatism corpuscle corpuscular correctable correct correctly correlation correspond correspondence corresponding corroboration corrode corrodent corrosion corrupt corruption Corse cortisone corundum corvette corymb cosecant cosmetic cosmic cosmogony cosmology cosmopolitism cosmos cosmotron cosmovision cosponsorship cost costimulation costly costume cotangent cotonization cottage cotton cotyledon cougar cough coughing couldn't could've coulomb coulombmeter coulombmetry council counsellor countable count counterattack counterbalance counterclaim counterclockwise counter counterculture counterespionage counterexample counterfugue countermark counteroffensive counterpane counterpoint counterprogramming counterpunch countersale countershaft countersignature counterweight countless country countryside county coupé couple coupler coupon courage courageous courbature course court courteously courtier courtship courtyard couscous cousin couvade covalent covariance covariant coverage cover covering coward cowardice cowardly cowboy cow co-wife cowshed coxa coxarthrosis coyote crab crack crackle cradle craft crag cranberry crane cranial craniopharyngioma crankshaft crash crater craton crazy creak cream crease create creation creative creatively creativity creator creature credibility credible credit balance credit card credit creditor creed creek creep cremation crematory Creole crepe crescendo Crestian Crete cretonne crew crewman cricket cricoid cricotomy crime criminal criminalistics criminality criminologist criminology crimp crimping crimson crinophagy cripple crisis Cristian Cristina criterion critical critic criticism criticize Croatia crocidolite crocodile crocodilian crocoite croissant crooked crop croquet croquette crossband crossbar crossbow crossbowman cross crosshead crosslinking crowbar crowd crowfoot crown crucial crucifer crucifix crude cruel cruelly cruelty cruet cruller crumb crumble crumbly crunch crusade crush crusher crustacean crutch cry cryogenic cryoglobulin cryostat cryotron crypt cryptocrystalline cryptogam cryptogram cryptography cryptophyte cryptoportico cryptorchidism crystal crystalline crystallization crystallize crystallography crystalloid Cuba Cuban cube cubic cubism cubital cucumber cul-de-sac culet culmination culprit cult cultivate cultivator cultural centre cultural culture cultured cumbersome cummin cumulative cumulonimbus cumulus cuneiform cunning cunt cupboard cup cupid cupreous cuprite curator curd cure curia curie curing curiosity curious curium curl curler currency current currently curriculum currycomb curry curse cursor curtailment curtain curvature curve curvilinear cusp customary custom customer customs cutaneous cut cuticle cutine cutinization cutireaction cutis cutter cutting cutwater cyanide cyanogen cyanohydrin cyanometer cyanosis cybernaut cyberspace cycle cycling cyclist cyclogenesis cycloid cyclolysis cyclonic cyclosilicate cyclosis cyclostome cyclothymia cyclotomic cyclotron cylcoduction cylindrical cylindroid cymbal cynic cynicism cypress Cypriot Cyprus Cyriac cyst cysteine cysticercosis cystocele cystolith cystoscopy cytocentrum cytodiaeresis cytogenesis cytogenetics cytokinesis cytological cytologist cytology cytolysis cytomegalovirus cytoplasm cytoplasmic cytosine cytoskeleton cytosome cytostatic cytostome cytotoxicity Czechoslovak Czechoslovakia Czech Republic