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Apertium English wordlist/D

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dacite dacryolithiasis dactyl dactylogram dactyloscopy dad daddy dagger daily Dakar daltonism damage damascene damascening Damascus damask damned damnification dampen damper damping danburite dance dancer dancing dandy danger dangerous dangerously dangerousness Daniela Daniel Danish dare dark darken darkness darling darning dasymetric database data datagram dataphone date dating datolite daughter David daw day after day day and night day by day day day in day out dazzle deacon deactivation dead deadlock dead person deaf deafening deaf-mute deaf-mutism deafness deal dealer deal with dean deanship dearly death debatable debate debit balance debit debt debtor debug debugger debunch deburring debut decade decadence decadent decaffeinate decagon decalcification decalcomania decantation decant decanter decapitation decarbonatation decarbonize decarburization decarburize decasyllable decathlon decatizing decay decease deceit deceive decelerate december decency decent decentralization dechlorinate decibel decide decidua decile decimal decimate decipherment decision decisive decisively decking declaim declarant declaratory declare declassing declination decline declining declutch declutching decoction decode decoder decoding decolonization decolonize decompile decompose decomposer decomposition decompress decompression deconcentration decontaminate decontamination decorate decoration decorative decorator decorous decouple decoupling decoy decrease decreasing decree decrescendo decurion decury deduce deductible deep deep down deepen deep into the night deeply deer defeat defeated defeatism defeatist defective defence defenceless defend defensive deferential defibrillation defibrination deficient deficit definable define definite definitely definition definitively deflation deflator deflector deflocculation defoliant defoliation deforest deform deformity defraudation defraud defroster defy degas degasifier degeneration deglutition degradation degrade degrease degreasing degree dehardening dehydrate dehydration dehydrogenation deindustrialisation deionization dejection dekatron delabialisation delation delator delay delegate delegation deliberate deliberately deliberation delicacy delicate delicatessen delicious delight delightful delimitable delimitation delimit delimiter delinquency delinquent deliver delivery delta deltoid demagogic demagogy demand demantoid demarcate demarcation demeanour demineralization demineralize demise demisemiquaver demobilization democracy democrat democratically democratic democratization democratize demodulate demodulation demodulator demographer demographical demographically demography demolition demon demoniac demonstrate demonstrator demultiplexer demultiplication demultiplicator denationalize dendrite dendrochronology dendrogram dendrology denervation denial denigration denigratory denitrification Denmark Dennis denominate denomination denominator denotation denote denouement denounce denouncer dense densely densimeter densimetry densitometer densitometry density dental dentalisation dent denticle dentil dentine dentinogenesis dentist dentition denture denudation denumerability denumerable deny Denys deodorization deontological deontology depalatalisation departamental department departure depend dependency dependent depersonalize dephonologisation dephosphorization depict depilate depilation deplete deplorable deploy deployment depolymerization depopulation deportation deport depose deposit depository depranocyte depravation depreciable depreciate depreciation depressant depress deprivation deprive depth deputation derail derailment de-rating derision derivable derivative derivatograph derive dermatologist dermatology dermatosis dermoreaction derogate derogation derogatory derusting desalinisation desaturation descendant descend descent describable describe description descriptionism descriptionist descriptivist descriptor desecrate deselect desensitization desensitize desert deserter desertification desertion desertization deserve desexualization deshumanization desiccant desiccation desiccator designation designator design designer desinence desinential desinvestment desirable desire Desirée| desirous desk desmoglein desmoralization desmotubule desolation desolvation desorption despair desperate desperately despise despite despot despotism desquamation dessert destination destined destitute destitution destroy destroyer destruction destructive destructively desulphurization desulphurize detachable detachment detail detailing detect detective detector deter detergent deterioration determinable determinant determinate determination determine determinism deterministic deterrence detest detonant detonate detonation detonator detour detoxicate detoxication detoxification detribalization detrital deuterium deuteron devaluate devaluation devastate devastation develop developer development deverbative deviationism device devise devitalization devote devotion dew dewlap dexter dextrose diabolical diachronic diachrony diacritic diadem diagenesis diagnose diagnosis diagnostic diagonal diagonally diagram diakinesis dial dialectalism dialect dialectic dialectics dialectologist dialectology diallage dialogue dialysis diamagnetism diameter diametral diametrically diamond diapason diapedesis diaper diaphoresis diaphragmatic diaphysis diapirism diarrhea diary diaspora diastasis diastema diastole diastrophism diastyle diathermancy diathermy diathesis diatonic diazotization dichotomous dichotomy dichroism dichroite dichromat dichromatism dichromatometry dicotyledon dicrotism dictate dictation dictator dictatorial dictatorship dictionary diction dictyokinesis didactic die Diego dielectric dielectrometry diencephalon diesel dietary diet diffeomorphism differ difference different differentiable differential differentiation differentiator differently difficult difficulty diffluence diffraction diffuse diffusionism diffusivity digastric dig digester digestion digestive digger digital digitalization digitally digit digitigrade digitizer dignatary dignify dignity digraph digression dihedral dilatation dilatometer dilatometry dilatory dilemma dilettante diligent dill diluent dilute dilution dimensional dimension dimensioning dimer dimethylformamide diminish diminishing dimorphism din dinner dinosaur diocese diode Dionisia dioptase dioptre diorama diorite dioxide dioxin dip diphosphate diphtheria diphthong diphthongisation diplococcus diploic diploid diplomacy diploma diplomat diplomatically diplomatic diplosome dipole dipper dipsomania dipteral dipteron diptych direct directional direction directive directivity directly director directory dirt dirty disability disabled disable disadvantaged disadvantage disagree disagreement disappearance disappear disappoint disappointing disappointment disapproval disarmament disarm disarticulation disassemble disaster disastrous disastrously disburse disc discharge disciple disciplinary disciplined discipline disclose disclosure discomfort disconcerting disconcertingly disconnecter disconnection disconnector discontent discontinue discontinuity discontinuous discord discotheque discountable discount discourage discourse discover discovery discreet discrepancy discretionary discretion discriminant discrimination discriminatory discuss discussion disdain disease diseconomy disembarkment disenchantment disengagable disequilibrium disforestation disgruntled disgust disgusting disharmony dish dishonest dishonesty dishonour dishwasher disillusion disillusionment disinfectant disinfect disinfection disinheritance disinherit disintegrate disintegration disjoint disjunction disk diskette dislike dislocation disloyal dismantlement dismay dismissal dismiss dismountable dismutation disobedience disorder disordered disparity dispatch dispatcher dispel dispensary dispensation dispenser dispermy disperse disphenoid displace displacement displayable display disposal dispose disposition disprivatization disproportionate disproportionately disproportionation disproportion dispute disqualification disquisition disregard disruption disruptor dissaccharide dissatisfaction dissaving dissect dissection disseminate dissemination dissent dissertation dissidence dissident dissimilation dissimulation dissipate dissipation dissociate dissociation dissolution dissolve dissolvent dissonance dissonant dissyllable distance distant distend distention disthene distillate distillation distill distinct distinction distinctive distinctly distinguish distinguished distort distortion distract distraction distribute distributional distributionalism distribution district distrust disturb disuse disyllabic dithyramb ditto diuresis diurnal divan dive diver diverge divergence divergent diverse diversification diversity divert diverticulosis diverticulum divide dividend divine divinity divisibility divisional division divorce divulging Djibouti DNA docile dock docker dockyard doctorate doctor doctrine docudrama documentalist documentary documentation document dodecagon dodecahedron dodecasyllable do doesn't dog dogma dogmatic dogmatism dogmatist doline dollar doll dolphin domain dome domestication domestic domicile domiciliary domiciliation dominant dominate domination Dominica Dominican don't doom door dopamine dope doping Doric dormer dormitory town Dorothy dorsal dose dosimetry dossier dot double doublet doubly doubt doubtful doubtless Douce doughnut dovecot down below down downfall downpipe downstairs downstream down the middle down there downtown downward downwards dowry dozen drachma draft draftsmanship drag dragline dragon dragonfly drainage drain drama dramatically dramatic dramatist drastically drastic draught draughtsperson dravite draw drawee drawer drawing dreadful dream dredge dredger dregs dress dresser dressing Drew dribble dribbler drift drink drip drive drive-in driver driveway driving drizzle dromedary drone drop droplet dropper dropsy drosometer drought drown drug drugstore drum drunkard drunk drunkenness drupe drupel dry dryer drying dryness dual dualism duality Dubai dubbing dub Dublin ductile ductility due due east duel due north due south duet due to duettist due west duke dull dumb dumbness dumortierite dump dumper dumping dune dungeon duodecimal duodenal duolineal duotone dupe duplicate duplication durability durable duramen during durometer dusk dust duster dustpan Dutch dutiful duty DVD dwarfism dyadic dye dyeing dyke dynamically dynamic dynamics dynamism dynamite dynamometer dynast dynastic dynasty dyne dynode dysentery dysfunction dyskeratosis dyslexia dysmenorrhea dysmorphism dyspepsia dysplasia dyspnea dysprosium dystopy dystrophic dystrophy