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Apertium English wordlist/E

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each each time eager eagerly eagerness eagle eardrum ear earl earlier early early in the morning earn earnestly earnings earring earth earthernware earthly earthquake earthy ease easily east eastern eastward eastwards easy eat eavesdropper ebullient ebullioscope eccentric eccentricity ecchymosis ecclesiastical echelon echinoderm echo echography echoppe eclampsia eclectic eclecticism eclipse ecliptic eclogue ecological ecologically ecologist ecology ecomanagement economical economically economic economics economism economist economizer economy ecosystem ecotoxicology ecotype ecstasy ectodermal ectoderm ectodermosis ectodynamomorphic ectoplasm Ecuador Ecuadorian ecumene eczema edaphic edaphology edaphon eddy edema Eden edge edible edict Edinburgh editable edit Edith edition editor editorial editorialist Edmond Edmund Eduard educable educate educational educationally education educative educator Edward eel effect effective effectively effectiveness effector effervescence efficiency efficient efficiently efflorescence effluent effort effortlessly egalitarian egalitarianism eggcup egg eggplant egocentric egocentrism egoist egoistic egotism egotist egotistic Egypt Egyptian Egyptologist eiderdown eider eighteen eight eighth eighty einsteinium either ejaculation ejector elastance elastic elastin elastomer elbow elder elderly Eleanor elect election electoral electorate electret electrical electricity electroanalysis electrocardiography electrochemical electrochemistry electrocution electrode electrodialysis electrodynamic electrodynamics electrodynamometer electroencephalography electroerosion electrogalvanism electrogenerator electrography electrogravimetry electrokinetics electroluminescence electrolysis electrolyte electrolytic electromagnet electromagnetic electromagnetism electromechanical electromechanics electrometallurgy electrometer electromotive electromotor electronegativity electron electronically electronic electronics electrophoresis electrophorus electroplating electropump electroscope electroshock electrostatic electrostatics electrostriction electrotechnics electrotype electrotyping electrovalve electrum Ele elegance elegant elegantly elegy elementary element Elena elephant elephantiasis elevate elevation elevator eleven eligibility eligible eliminate elimination eliminatory elite elitism elitist elixir Elizabeth elk ell Ellen ellipse ellipsoid elliptical elliptocyte elliptocytosis Ellyn elm elocution elongation else elsewhere eluate elucidate eluent elution elutriation eluviation elver Elyn Elynor elytron e-mail email emanate emanation emancipation embalm embark embarrass embarrassment embassy embellishment ember embezzle embezzlement emblem embody embolism embossing embourgeoisement embrace embrasure embroidery embryo embryogenesis embryologist embryology embryonic emerald emergency emergent emery emigrant emigrate emigration eminence eminent emirate emir emission emissivity emittance Emma emmental emotional emotionality emotionally emotion emotiveness empathic empathy emphasis emphasize emphatically emphaticalness emphatic emphysema emphyteusis emphyteutic empire empirical empiricism empiricist employee employ employer employment empower empowering empty empyema emulate emulation emulator emulsifier emulsify emulsion enable enamel enantiomer enantiometer enantiomorphism en bloc encapsulation encephalon encephalopathy encipher enclitic enclosed enclose encounter encourage encouragement encrypt encryption encyclopedic endemical endemism end Enderbury ending endive endless endocarp endocrine endocrinologist endocrinology endocytosis endoderm endodontics endodontist endodontology endodynamogenic endogamy endolymphatic endometriosis endometrium endometry endomitosis endomorphism endophyte endoplasm endorse endorsement endorser endoscope endoscopy endoskeleton endosome endosperm endothelium endothermic endotoxin end to end end-to-end endways endwise enema enemy energetically energetic energize energy enervate enforce engage engagement engine engineer engineering England English engraver engraving enhance enhancement enharmonic enjoy enjoyment enlarger enlistment enmity enormous enormously enough enquiry Enric enrichment enrol ensiling ensure entelechy entente enter enterocyte enterovirus enterprise entertain entertainer entertainment enthalpy enthronement enthusiasm enthusiast enthusiastically enthusiastic entire entirely entitle entity entomologist entomology entrance entrapment entropy entrust entry enucleation enumerable enumerate enumeration enuresis envelope environmental environmentalist environmentally environment envy enzymatic enzyme enzymology eosin eosinophile eosinophilia epenthesis epenthetic epexegesis ephemeral ephemeris epicanthus epicardium epicarp epicentre epic epicureanism epicycloidal epicycloid epidemic epidemiologist epidemiology epididymis epidometry epigastric epigastrium epigone epigram epigraphical epigraphist epigraphy epilepsy epileptic epilogue epimorphism epinephrine epineurium epipedon Epiphany epiphysis epiquerem epirogeny episcopalian episode epistasis epistaxis epistemic epistemological epistle epitaph epithalamium epithelium epithet equal equality equalize equalizer equally equanimity equate equation equator equatorial equidirectional equidistance equidistant equilateral equilibrist equilibrium equinoctial equipment equipollent equitation equity equivalence equivalent equivocal equivocity eradicate eradication era erasable erase Erasmus erbium erect erection ergativity ergatoplasm ergodic ergograph ergonomical ergonomics ergotherapy Eric Erika eristic Eritrea Eritrean erlang ermine erode Eros erosion erotism erroneous error eructation eruption erysipelas erythroblast erythroblastosis erythrocitosis erythrocyte erythrocytoblast erythrocytolysis erythropoiesis erythrosis erythrosome erytrosine escalope escape escarole escarpment eschatology escritoire escrow Esmour esophagoscopy esophagus esoteric esoterism espadrille especially esperantist Esperaunce espionage essay essayist essence essential essentially establish establishment estate esteem Estela ester esterification Esther estimate estimator estivation Estonia Estonian estragon estrus estuary et cetera etching eternal eternity ethanol Ethelbert Ethelred ethereal ether ethical ethically Ethiopia Ethiopian ethmoidal ethmoidectomy ethnically ethnic ethnicity ethnoarchaeology ethnocentrism ethnocide ethnographer ethnographic ethnography ethnohistory ethnolinguistics ethnological ethnologist ethnology ethnomethodology ethnopsychology ethology ethylamine ethylcellulose ethylendiamine ethyl etiology etioplast etruscology etymological etymologist etymology etymon eucalyptus eucaryote Euclidean eudiometer eugenics eunuch euphemism euphemistic euphony euphoretic euphoria euphoric eurobond eurocredit eurodollar euro European European Union Europe europium euryene Eustace eustatism eutectic euthanasia euthyscope eutrophication eutrophic eutrophy evacuate evacuation evade Eva evaluate evaluation evaluator evangelic evangelist evaporate evaporation evapotranspiration Evelyn even evening even less even more even now event eventual eventuality eventually ever after ever evermore ever since eversion everybody everyday every everyone everything everywhere eviction evidence evident evidential evidently evil evisceration evocation evoke evolute evolutionary evolution evolutionism evolve evolvent ex abrupto exacerbate exact exaction exactly exactly the same way ex aequo exaggerate exaggeration exaltation exam examination examinee examine examiner example exarch exasperation ex cathedra excavate excavation exceed exceedingly excellence excellent except except for exceptional exception excess excessive excessively exchangeable exchange exchanger excitation excitedly excitement exclaim exclamation exclave exclude exclusion exclusive exclusively excrecence excrement excrescence excretion exculpatory excursion excuse executable execute executive exegesis exemplary exemplification exemplify exemption exequatur exercise exeresis exert exfoliation exhalation exhale exhaust exhaustible exhaustive exhibit exhibition exhibitionism exhibitor exhort exhumation exigible exile existence existent existential existentialism exist exitance exit exocentric exocytosis exodontia exodontist exodus exogamy exoneration exophthalmos exorcist exorheism exoskeleton exosphere exostosis exothermic exotic exotoxin expandable expander expand expansionary expansion expansionism expansionist expatriation expectancy expectation expect expectoration expedition expel expendable expenditure expense expensive experience experimental experimentation experiment expert expertise expiation explainable explain explanation explanatory explantation explant explicit explicitly explode exploitation exploit exploration exploratory explore explosion explosive exponent exponential exporter export exporting exposed expose exposure express expressible expression expressionism expressionist expressive expropriation expulsion exquisite exsurgence extend extensibility extensible extension extensive extensively extensograph extensometer extent extenuating exterior exterminate extermination exterminator external externalism externality externalization extinguisher extirpation extort extortion extortionist extract extraction extracurrent extradition extrados extra extraneous extraordinarily extraordinary extrapolate extrapolation extraterrestrial extraterritoriality extravagant Extremadura extreme extremely extremism extremist extremity extruder extrusion exuberance exudate exudation eyebolt eyebrow eye eyelet