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Apertium English wordlist/F

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fabric fabulation fabulist façade face facet face to face facial facile facilitate facilitation facility facing facsimile fact faction factitious factor factorial factorization factory fade faecal fail failure fainting fair and square fair fairly fairy faith faithful faithless fakir Falangist falconry Falkland Islands fallacious fallacy fall down fall fallible fallow falsability false falsely falsify falsity fame familiar familiarity familiarize family famous fanatical fanatically fanaticism fancy fan fanfare fang fantasize fantastically fantastic fantasy farad faradmeter far afield far back in the past far behind farce far far from here far into the night farmer farm farming farmyard Faroese fart far too long far too soon fascia fascicle fasciculation fascination fascioplasty fasciotomy fascism fascist fashionable fashion fast fatal fatalism fatalistic fate fateful fat father fathomless fatten fattening fault fauna faun favor favorite favourable favour favourite favouritism fawn fear fearless fearsome feasibility feasible feast feather feature febrifuge February feces federal federalism federalistic federation feeble feeder feed fee feel feeling feinter feldspar feldspathoid Felice felicitous feline fellow fellowship felon felt felting female feminine feminism feminist feminity femur fence fencer fencing fender fenestration fennel fermentation ferment fermion fermium Fernando fern ferric ferrite ferritin ferroelectricity ferromagnetism ferrous fertile fertility fertilization fervent festival festive festoon fetal fetid fetishism fetishist fetishistic fetoscopy fetter fetus feudal feudalism feudatory fever feverish feverishly fewer few fiancé; fiasco fiberscope Fibonacci fibre fibric fibril fibrillation fibrillolysis fibrin fibrinogen fibrinolysin fibrinolysis fibroadenoma fibroadenomatosis fibroblast fibroblastic fibrocyte fibroepithelioma fibroma fibromatosis fibrosis fibrous fibula fibular fiction fictionism fictitious fideicommissary fiduciary field fierce fiercely fifteen fifth fifty fighter fight fighting figure Fiji filament file filial filigree filing fillet fill filling film filmlet filmsetter filter fimbria fimbriated final finalism finalist finally finance financial financially financier finder find finding find out fine fine-tune finger finish finishing finite Finland Finnish fiord firearm firebucket fire fire-resistant firewood fir firmament firm firmly firmness firn first and foremost first and last first first instance firstly first of all fiscal fish fishing fishmonger fishplate fissiochemistry fission fissuration fistula fit fitter five fivefold fixed fix flaccid flaccidity flagellum flag flagrant flail flaky flame flammability flammable flange flannel flap flare flash flashing flat flatly flattener flattening flatter flatulence flautist flavanthrene flavonoid flavoprotein flavor flavour flawless flawlessly flea flee fleet fleeting Flemish flenser flesh fleshy fleuron flex flexibility flexible flexographic flight flint flip float floating flocculate flocculation flocculus flock flood floor flora floral Florence Florens floriculture floriculturist florist flotation flotilla flour flower-bed flower flowering flowerpot flowery flow flowmeter fluctuate fluctuation fluently fluff flu fluid fluidics fluidity fluidize fluorescein fluorescence fluorescent fluoridation fluoride fluorimeter fluorimetry fluorine fluorite fluorosis flute flutter fluvial flyer fly flying foal foam focal focus foil foilist folder fold folding foliage foliation folio Folke folklore folklorist follicle follicular folliculosis follow following follow-up folly fond fondly fondue fontanelle food fool foolish foolishly foolishness footballer football foot footpath footprint footrest footstool footwear forbid force forceful forceps forcing fore and aft forearm forecast foreign balance foreigner foreign forensic foresee forester forest forever for forget forgive fork formaldehyde formal formalist formalize formally formant format formation formative formatting former formerly form formidable forming Formosa formula formulate formulation formulism formwork fornicotomy forte fort forthcoming forth forthwith fortify fortissimo fortnight fortnightly fortress fortunate fortunately fortune forty forum forwarder forward fossil fossilization foster foundational foundation foundry fountain four fourteen fourth fovea foxglove fractional fractionate fractionation fraction fracture fragiaquic fragic fragile fragmentation fragment fragrant frame framework France Francesca Francesc Francesc Xavier Frances franchisee franchise franchisor Francis frank Frankfurt franklin frankly frankness frantically frantic fraternal fratricide fraud fraudulence fraudulent fraudulently free access freedom free freelance freely freemasonry free of charge free of interference freethinker freewill freeze freezer freight French French Polynesia frenectomy frenetically frenoplasty frenotomy freon frequency frequencymeter frequent frequently fresco freshen fresh freshly freshness freudian freudianism friability friable friar fricassee frication fricativisation frictional Friday fridge friend friendliness friendly friendship fries frieze frigate frighten fright frightful frigidity fringe frivolous frivolously frock frog from frontal front frontis frontispiece frontogenesis frontolysis frosted frost frown fruit fruitful fruitless frustrate frustration fry fucking fuel fugitive Fujairah fulcrum fulfil fulguration full blast full fulling full stretch full time fully fulminate fumigant fumigation functional functionalism functionalist functionality function functioning fundamental fundamentalism fundamentalist fundamentally fund funding funeral fun fungible fungicide fungus funicular funiculus funnel funny furan furcation fur furious furiously furnish furniture furrier further furthermore furthfullness fury fuselage fusible fusion fusospirechetosis fuss futile future futurism futuristic fuzzy