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Apertium English wordlist/G

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gabion Gabon Gabriela Gabriel gadolinium Gaelic gain gaiter galactopoiesis Galapagos Islands galaxy gale Galicia gallery gall gallicism gallium gallon gallop galvanic galvanize galvanizing galvanometer galvanotechnics Gambia gamble gambling game gamete gametocyte gametogenesis gametophyte gammaglobulin gammagraphy gamopetalous ganglion gangrene gangster gangway gaoler gap garage garbage garbled gardener garden gardening gargle gargoyle garlic garnet garnish garret garrigue garrotte gas gasification gasifier gasify gasoline gasometry gasserectomy gassing gasteropod gastralgia gastric gastroptosis gastroscopy gastrula gastrulation gate gather gauge gauss Gaussian Gauwyn gay gaze gazelle gazette GDP gear gearing Geerardt gelatinous gelifruction gelling gemination Gemma gemmation gemmologist gemology gender genealogical genealogist genealogy gene general generality generalization generalize generally generally speaking generate generation generativism generativist generator generic generosity generous generously genesis genetically genetic genetics genetist genial genic genicular genital genitalia genitive genitor genius genocide genogram genome genotype gentian gentile gentle gentleman gently genuine genuinely geobotany geochemistry geochronology geodesic geodesist geodesy geodynamics Geoffrey geographer geographically geographic geography geoid geological geologically geology geomagnetic geomagnetism geometer geometrical geometrically geometry geomorphic geomorphological geomorphology geophysics geophyte geopolitical George Georgetown Georgia geostrategy geostrophic geosynonym geotextile geothermal geothermics geranium Gerard geriatrics geriatrist German Germanic germanism germanium Germany germ germinal germinate germination germinator gerontology gerund gestation gesticulation gestosis gesture get geyser Ghana ghost giant Gibraltar Gibraltarian giddiness gifted gift gigantic gigantism giggle gilbert Gilbert gilder gild gilding Giles gilt ginger gingival gingivoplasty gingivosis ginglymus ginning Gipsy giraffe girlfriend girl give back give gizzard glabella glacial glaciation glacier glaciology gladden glad gladiator gladly glance gland glans glare glass glassmaker glassware glassy glaucoma glaze glia glide glider glimpse glisten global globalization globally globe globin globoid globular globule globulin Glòria glorification glorious gloriously glory glossary glossectomy glossematics glosseme gloss glossocele glottalisation glottochronology glove glow glucagon glucide glucocorticoid gluconeogenesis glucose glue glumly glutamine gluten gluttony glycine glycocoll glycogenesis glycogen glycol glycolipid glycoprotein glycosome glyoxysome glyptogenesis gnathion gnathology gnathoplasty gneiss gnome gnomon gnomonics goal goat go back goblin goddess godfather Godfrey god go down godson go go in goitre golden gold goldsmithing gomphiasis gomphosis gonad gondola gong goniometer gonion gonioscopy goniotomy gonna good afternoon goodbye good-for-nothing good good morning goodness good night go on goose go out Gordian gorge gorilla gossip gothic Gothic gouge go up gourmet gout govern governmental government governor grace Grace graceless gradation grade grader gradient gradual gradually graduate grafter Grail grain gram grammage grammar grammarian grammatical grammaticalisation gramme gramophone grandchild granddaughter grandfather grandmother grandparent grandson grandstand granite granodiorite grant granular granulate granulation granulator granule granulite granulocyte granulocytopenia granuloma granulometry granulopoiesis grapefruit grape graph graphic graphics graphite graphologist graphology graphometry grapnel grasp grass grassland grateful grater gratitude gratuitousness grave gravely gravestone gravimeter gravimetry gravitational gravitation graviton gravity graze grazier grease greaser greasy Great Britain great greatly greatness Greece greed Greek greenfinch green greengrocer greengrocery greenish Greenland greet greeting gregale Gregorian gremial Grenada Grenadian grenadier grenadine grey greyhound grid griffin Griffin grille grimace grim grinder grin grip gripper grisaille grit groceries groin grooved groove groover gross grosso modo grossular ground groundless grouper group grouping groveler grow growl growth grudge Guadeloupe guaiacol guanaco guanine guarantee guarantor guard Guatemala Guatemalan guerrilla guess guest guesthouse guidance guide guideline guilder guild Guillem guillotine guilty Guinea-Bissau Guinea Guinean guise guitar guitarist Gulf of Mexico gully gullying gum gummosis gunboat gun gunite gunnel gunpowder guttural Guyana Guyanese guy Guy Gyles gymnasium gymnast gymnastic gymnastics gymnosperm gynaecologist gynaecology gynarchy gynecomastia gyrodyne gyroscope gyroscopic