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Apertium English wordlist/H

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habanera haberdasher haberdashery habilitation habitat habit hackling hadron hafnium haggling hagiographer hagiographical hagiography hailstorm hairdresser hairdress hair hairy Haiti hake half half-line half of the way half the time halftone halide halite halitosis hallelujah hall hallucination hallucinogen halogenate halogenation halogen halomorphic halophilic halophyte halter halt hamamelis hamburger Hamburg ham Hamiltonian hamlet hammered hammer hammock hamper hamster hand and foot handball hand handicapped hand in hand handlebar handle hand over fist handsome handsomely handstamp handwritten handy hangar hanged hanger hang hangman hangover Hannover Hanoi Hanover haphazard hapless haplic haploid happen happily happiness happy harbour hard hardly ever hardly hardly worth mentioning hardship hardware hare harem haricot harlequin harmful harm harmonica harmonic harmonious harmonist harmonium harmonization harmonize harmony harp harpist harpoon harrow Harry harsh harvest hasn't haste hasty hatch hate hat hatred haustorium Havana have haven't have to Hawaiian Hawaii hay haystack hazardous haze hazel hazelnut hazy headache headband headcount header headfirst head headhunter head over heels headrest health healthy hear hearing heart attack heart hearth heater heat heathen heathenism heath heating heave heaven heavenly heavenward heavenwards heavily heavy Hebraism hectare hectorite hedgehog he'd heedless heel hegemonic hegemony height Helena Helen helicoidal helicoid helicopter heliodor heliograph heliophilic heliostat heliotechnology heliotherapy heliothermy heliotrope heliozoan heliport helium Hellenic hellenism hellenistic he'll hell hello helmet helminth helminthiasis helmsman helophyte helpful help Helsinki hemachromatosis hemagglutination hemangioma hemarthrosis hematemesis hematimetry hematocrit hematology hematologyst hematoma hematopoiesis hematosis hematuria hemeralopia hemicrania hemicryptophyte hemicycle hemidemisemiquaver hemidesmosome hemihedron hemimembrane hemiparasite hemiparesis hemiplegia hemisphere hemispherical hemistich hemoagglutination hemoblast hemocyte hemocytoblast hemocytology hemodialysis hemodilution hemoglobin hemogram hemolymph hemolysin hemolysis hemopathy hemopericardium hemophilia hemopoiesis hemoptysis hemorrhoid hemosialemesis hemosiderosis hemotherapy hemp henceforth henceforward hence henna Henry heparin hepatic hepatitis hepatization hepatocyte hepatogastric hepatologist hepatology hepatolysis hepatomegaly hepatoscopy heptagon heptameter heptanal heptathlete heptode herald heraldist heraldry herbicide herbivore Hercules herd hereabouts hereafter here and now here and there here below hereby hereditary here hereinafter hereof heretic heretofore hereupon her heritage hermaphrodite hermaphroditism hermeneutics hermetical hermitage Hermitian hernia hero heroic heroine heroin heroism herpes herring herself hers he's hesitate hessonite heteroagglutination heteroantibody heterocyclic heterofibre heterogamy heterogeneity heterogeneous heterojunction heterolysosome heterometric heteronym heteronymy heteropolar heterosexual heterosexuality heterosphere heterosyllabic heterotrophic heterozygote heuristic heuristics Hewrey hexadecimal hexagonal hexagon hexameter hexastyle hexode hexose hexyl hiatus hibernation hide hidrogenosome hidrophyte hierarchical hierarchy hieroglyph high highlight highly high school highway hiking hill hilum himself hinder hinduism hinge hint hip hippocampus hippodrome hippopotamus hippy hire hire out his Hispanic hispanicism histamine histiocyte histiocytosis histochemistry histocompatibility histogram histoincompatibility histologist histology histolysis histone historian historical historically historicity historiographer historiography history hitchhiking hither and thither hitherto hit hittite hoarding hoarfrost hobble hobby hockey hodgepodge hodman hodograph hoist holder hold holding hole holiday holism Holland hollow holmium hologram holograph holography holohedron holomorphism holotype holster holy homage home homeland homeomorph homeomorphism homestead homework homicide hominid homoeopath homoeopathy homofibre homogeneity homogenization homogenize homograph homography homojunction homologation homologous homology homomorphic homomorphism homonym homonymy homopause homophone homophony homopolar homopolymer homosexual homosexuality homosphere homothetic homotopic homotopy homozygote Honduran Honduras honest honestly honesty honey Hong Kong honor Honor honourable honour hood hook hooligan hoop hoopoe hopeful hopefully hope hopelessly hopper horizon horizontal horizontally hormone hornblende horned horn horoscope horrible horror horse horse riding horseshoe horticultural horticulture horticulturist hospice hospitable hospital hospitalization hostage hostel hostess host hostile hostility hotel hot hour after hour hour housecoat household house housing Houston hovercraft hover however how howitzer howl how long how many how much huge hugely Hugh Hugo human being human humanism humanist humanistic humanitarian human race humble humbly humerus humic humid humidifier humidimeter humidity humiferous humification humiliation humility humin humoral humor humorist humorous humour Humphrey hump humus hundred Hungarian Hungary hungry hunter hunt hunting hurricane hurry husband hussar hut hyacinth hyalinosis hyalite hyaloplasm hybrid hybridization hybridoma hydatidosis hydrant hydrarthrosis hydratation hydrate hydraulic hydraulics hydrazine hydrazone hydride hydrobiology hydrocarbon hydrocephalus hydrodynamic hydrodynamics hydroelectric hydroextracting hydroextractor hydrofluoric hydrofugous hydrogenate hydrogenation hydrogen hydrogeography hydrogeomorphology hydrograph hydrographic hydrography hydrological hydrologist hydrology hydrolysis hydrolytic hydrometallurgy hydrometeor hydrometeorology hydrometer hydromorphic hydronephrosis hydropericardium hydrophilic hydrophobic hydroplane hydropneumatic hydroseeding hydrostatic balance hydrostatic hydrostatics hydrotherapy hydroxyde hyena hygiene hygrogram hygrograph hygrometer hygrometry hygrophilous hygrophyte hygroscope hygroscopic hygroscopicity hygroscopy hymen hymenopteron hymn hyoid hyperbaton hyperbola hyperbole hyperbolic hyperboloid hypercapnia hyperemesis hyperemia hyperhidrosis hypermarket hypermedia hypermenorrhea hyperon hyperonym hyperonymy hyperostosis hyperparathyroidism hyperplasia hyperpnea hyperpyrexia hypersplenism hypertelorism hyperthermia hyperthyroidism hypertrichosis hypervitaminosis hypha hyphen hypnoanalysis hypnosis hypnotherapy hypnotic hypoacusis hypocaust hypochondria hypochondriasis hypochondrium hypocicloid hypocoagulability hypocoristic hypocrisy hypodermoclysis hypoesplenism hypogastric hypogastrium hypogeum hypokinesia hyponym hyponymy hypoparathyroidism hypophysis hypopituitarism hypoplasia hyposensitization hypospadias hypostasis hypostyle hyposystole hypotactic hypotaxis hypotension hypotenuse hypothalamus hypothenar hypothermia hypothesis hypothetical hypothetically hypothyroidism hypovolemia hypoxia hypsobatimetry hypsographic hypsography hypsometer hypsometry hyssop hysteresis hysteria hysterically hysteroptosis hysterorrhexis