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Apertium English wordlist/L

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labeling label labialisation labial labiodental labiovelarisation labium lab laboratory laboriously labor labour labradorescence labradorite Labrador labrocyte labyrinth lace lacking lack lacquer lacrimal lacrimotomy lactation lactiferous lactose lacustrine lad lady lagooning lagophthalmos Lagos Laia laicism lake Lamarckism lambda lamb lame lamellibranch lamely laminate lampholder lamp lampshade lance lancet landfall landing land landlord landscape landwards lane language lantern lanthanide Laos laparoscopy laparotomy lapidarian lapidation Laplacian lap lapper lapping lapse laptop Lara larch lard large largely larghetto largo lark larva laryngectomy laryngofissure laryngography laryngologist laryngology laryngoparalysis laryngoscope laryngoscopy laryngospasm laryngostomy laryngotomy lasciviousness laser last but by no means least last but not least lasting last lastly last night latch late at night late in the afternoon late in the morning late in the night late lately latent late on in the afternoon late on in the morning lateral laterite later later on lathe latifundist latifundium Latin America latinist latinization Latin latitude latrine lattice Latvia Latvian laughingstock laugh laughter launch Laura laurel Laurence lauryl Lausanne lava lavender lawful lawfulness law lawn Lawrence lawyer layering layer layman layout lazily laziness lazulite lazurite lazy leader leadership leading lead lead to leaf leaflet league leakproof lean leap learning learn lease leasing leather leave Lebanese Lebanon lechatelierite lectin lecture lecturer leek leeward left-handed lefthand left leftwards legalism legalization legalize legal legally legation legend legionary legion legislate legislation legislative legislator legislature legist legitimacy legitimate legitimately leg leishmaniasis leisure leitmotiv lemma lemniscus lemonade lemon lemur lender lend length lengthwise lengthy lens lenticel lentil Leonard leonine leontiasis leopard lepidocrocite lepidolite lepidopteron leprologist leprosarium leprosy leptokurtic lepton leptospirosis lesbianism lesbian Lesotho less and less frequently less and less less and less often lesser less lesson less than ever less than lethal lethargy Letitia let letter lettuce leucine leucocyte leucoplast leukaemia leukocytopoiesis leukocytosis leukoderma leukopenia leukopoiesis leukosis levanter level levigation levitation levodopa lewd Lewis lexematic lexeme lexicalisation lexical lexically lexicographer lexicographical lexicography lexicological lexicologist lexicology lexicon liability liable liane liar liberality liberalization liberalize liberal liberator Liberia Liberian libertarianism libertarian libidinous libidinousness libido librarian librarianship library Libya Libyan licence license licit licking lick licorice Lídia lid Liechtenstein lie lieutenant lifeguard life lifter lift ligament ligamentopexis ligand lighter lightface lighting light lightly lightning light-sensitive lightweight ligniculture lignification lignin lignite ligroin ligthful like a bolt from the blue like an avalanche like a shot like clockwork like it or not like likely like magic like this likewise lilac lily Lima limestone limitation limiter limit limnimeter limnology limonite limousine limp linden lineage linear line linen linesman line up lingerie linguagram lingual linguistically linguistic linguistics linguist lining linker link linneon linoleum linotypist lintel lion lipase lipid lip lipodystrophy lipogranuloma lipoid lipoma lipomatosis lipoprotein liposome lipstick liquefaction liquefy liquidity liquid liquor Lisbon listener listen listing list litany literacy literal literally literary literate literature liter lithiasis lithification lithium lithogenesis lithographer lithographic lithography lithologic lithology lithosequence lithosphere lithotripsy Lithuania Lithuanian litigious litotes litre litter little by little little littoral liturgical liturgy live lively liver livestock living living room lixiviation lixiviator lizard llama Llorenç Llúcia Lluc Lluís Lluna loaded load loafer lo and behold loan lobule lobulet localism local locally locate location locative lock lockout locksmithery locksmith lockup locomotion locomotive locus lodge loess loft logarithmic loge logical logically logicism logic logistical logistics logopedist logotype lo London lonely longevity longhand longingly longitudinal long longnosed longshore longways look for look like look loom loop lord lordosis Lorena Lorraine lorry lose loser loss lossy lotion lots of lottery lotus loudly louse lovable love lovely lover loving lowercase lower low loxodromy loyal Luanda lubricant lubricate Lucas Lucie luckily luck lucky lucre Lucy luggage Luke lumbago lumbar lumberjack luminance luminescence luminescent luminous lump lunar lunatic lunch lune lung lupus lust luteinization lutein lute lutetium luvisol luxation Luxembourg luxmeter luxury lymphadenopathy lymphangiectasis lymphatic lymph lymphoblast lymphocyte lymphocytosis lymphogranuloma lymphogranulomatosis lympholisis lymphoma lymphomatosis lymphopoiesis lymphosarcoma lynching lynch lyophilization lyre lyricism lyric lysimeter lysis lysosomal