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Apertium English wordlist/M

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macadam Macedonia machete Machiavellian machinable machination machine machinery mackerel macroanalysis macrocephaly macroclimate macrocomponent macrocrystalline macrocyte macroglia macroglossia macrograph macroinstruction macrometeorology macromolecule macronucleus macrosclereid macroscopic macrosociology macroworld macula Madagascar madarosis Madeira mad madman Madrid madrigal maduration mafia magazine Magdalena magenta magically magician magic magistrate magistrature magma magnanimity magnanimously magnesite magnesium magnetic magnetisation magnetism magnetite magnetization magnetize magnet magnetoacoustics magnetochemistry magnetoconductivity magnetoelasticity magnetohydrodynamics magnetometer magneton magnetophone magnetosphere magnetostatics magnetostriction magnetron magnificently magnificent magnitude magpie mahogany Mahometan maiden mailing mail mainly main mainstream maintain maintenance Mainz majestically majesty Majorcan majority major make maker make-up Malabo malachite malacia malacology maladjusted maladjustment malaria malathion Malawian Malawi Malaysia Malaysian Maldives malefactor male malevolence malformation malice maliciousness malignancy malignant Mali Malin malleability malleabilization malleable malleolus mallow malnutrition Malta Maltese malt maltose maltreatment mammalian mammal mammary mammillary mammography mammoplasty mammoth manacle manageable manage management managerial manager Managua mandator mandibular mandoline Manel mane manganese mangrove mania manicure manicurist manifestly manifest Manila manipulate manipulation manipulator mankind man manna mannerism manner manoeuvre manometer manostat mantissa mantle manually manual manufacture manufacturer manufacturing manumission manuscript many a time many many's the time many times Maoism maple map mapping maquis maraca marathon marbled marble marcasite march Marc mare Margalida Margarete Margaret Margarida margarine Margery marginalization marginally marginal margin Margry Maria Antònia Maria del Carme Maria del Mar Maria Magdalena Maria Marian Marie marinade Marina marine Mario Mariona Marion marital maritime marked marketing market mark Mark Mar marquee marquetry marriage married marry Marseilles Marshall Islands marshal Mars marsupialization marsupial marsupium Marta marten martensite martial Martí Martina martingale Martinique Martin martyrdom martyr marvellous Marxism Marxist Mary mascara masculine masculinity maser mash masking mask masochism masochistic masochist masonry massacre massage masseter massively massive mass mastectomy master masterpiece mastication mastic mastiff mastocyte mastodon mastoidectomy mastopathy mastoptosis masturbation match mate materialism materialist materiality materialization materialize material maternal mathematical mathematician mathematics math maths Mathye Matilda mat matriarchy matricide matrilineality matrilineal matrimonial matrix matron matter Matthew mattress mature maturity matutinal Maude Maud Maurice Mauritania Mauritanian Mauritius mausoleum maverick maxillary maxilliped maximalist maximal maximization maxim maximum maxwell maybe may mayonnaise mayor mead meadow meal meander meaningful meaning mean means meantime meanwhile measurable measure measurement measurer measuring meatball meat meatus mechanical mechanic mechanism mechanization mechanize meconium medallion medal mediaeval medial media mediastinum medically medical medication medicinal medicine medieval mediocre meditation Mediterranean medium medlar medullary meeting meet megabit megacolon megakaryoblast megakaryocyte megalithic megalith megaloblast megalocephaly megalocyte megalokaryocyte megalomania megalopolis megaphone megaphony megasigmoid megohmmeter meiosis meiotic melagocytosis melamine melancholic Melanesia melange melanin melanite melanocyte melanoderma melanoma melanosis Melilla melisma mellow melodic melodious melodist melodrama melodramatic melody melomaniac melon melt member membership membrane membranous memorandum memorization memorize memory menarche mendelevium mend menhir meningocele meniscus menopause menorrhagia menstruation mentality mentally mental menthol mention menu meralgia mercantile mercenary mercerize merchandise balance merchandising merciless mercury mercy merely mere merge merger meridian meridional meristematic meristem merit meromorphic merotomy merry mersalyl Meryell mesencephalon mesenchymatous mesenchyme mesenteric mesenteriolum mesentery mesh mesoanalysis mesoappendix mesocardium mesocarp mesocolon mesocracy mesodermal mesoderm mesolite mesometeorology meson mesophilous mesophyte mesorectum mesosphere mesotendineum mesothorium message messenger messianism mess metabolic metabolism metabolite metacarpial metacarpus metacartography metacentric metachromatic metalanguage metalinguistic metallic metallize metallochromy metallography metalloid metallurgical metallurgist metallurgy metal metamorphic metamorphism metamorphosis metamyelocyte metaphase metaphilosophy metaphorical metaphor metaphosphate metaphysical metaphysician metaphysics metaphysis metascience metastable metastasis metatarsus metathalamus metathesis meteoric meteorite meteor meteorograph meteorologist meteorology methanol methionine methodical method methodological methodology meticulously metonymic metonymy metope metopic metopion metre metric metrics metrology metronome metropolis metropolitan metroptosis metrorrhagia Mexican Mexico mezzanine miasm micelle Michael microanalysis microbalance microbarograph microbe microbiological microbiologist microbiology microcephaly microcinematography microcircuit microclimate microclimatology microcomponent microcomputer microcomputing microcontroller microcrystalline microcutting microcyte microencapsulation microestructure microfibril microfilament microfilm microfiltration microglia microinjection microinstruction microlanguage microlaryngoscopy microlithic micromanometer micrometeorology micrometer microminiaturization micromodule micromorphologist micromorphology Micronesia micronization micron micronucleus microorganism micropalaeontology microphone microphotometer micropluviometer micropositioning microprocessor microprogram microprogramming micropropagation micropyle microscope microscopic microscopy microsecond microsociology microsome microspike microstate microswitch microteaching microtelephone microtom microtomy microtrace microtractor microtron microtubule microwave microworld midday Middle East middle midnight midway midwife might migraine migrant migration balance migration migratory Milan mildew mildly mild Mildred mile miles better miles from anywhere milestone militarily militarisation militarism militaristic militarist military militia milker milking milkmaid milk milky millenarism millennium millet milliampere Millicent milliequivalent milligramme milligram millilitre millimeter millimetre milliner milling millionaire million millipede millisecond millivolt mill mimosa minaret mince minder mind mine mineralization mineral mineralogist mineralogy miner minesweeper miniature miniaturization minibus minicomputer minidisk minifundist minifundium minimal minimization minim minimum minion ministerial minister ministry minoritary minority minor minotaur Minsk mint minuend minuet minus minute miosis Miquel Àngel Miquel mirabilite miracle miraculously mirage Mireia mirror misalignment misanthrope misanthropy miscellanea miscible miserable misfortune misgovernment misogyny misology missile missionary mission miss Miss Missouri mistake mistletoe mist mistral misunderstanding misuse mitigate mitigation mitochondrial mitochondrion mitoribosome mitosis mitotic mitre mitten mixed mix mixture mnemonic moan mobile mobile phone mobile telephone mobility mobilization mob mockery mock modal modeller modelling model modem mode moderately moderate moderation modernism modernist modernization modern modestly modest modesty modifiable modification modifier modify modiolus modularisation modularity modular modulation modulator module moiré moistener moistening molality molarity molar molasse molasses moldable moldavite mold Moldova molecular molecule molehead mole mollisol mollusc momentary moment Monaco monadic monad monarchic monarchism monarchist monarch monarchy monaural Monday Monégasque‎‎ monel moneme monetarism monetarist monetary monetization money Mongolia Mongolian mongrel monism monitoring monitor monitory monkey monk monoblast monochord monochromatic monochromator monochrome monocle monoclinic monocotyledon monocracy monoculture monocyclic monocyte monocytosis monody monogamist monogamy monogenesis monogenism monogram monograph monolingualism monolingual monolithic monolith monologue monomer monomial monomorphism mononucleosis mononucleotid monophthongisation monoploid monopole monopolistic monopolist monopolization monopolize monopoly monorail monorchidism monosaccharide monosemic monosemy monosialsol monospermy monostable monosyllabic monosyllable monotheism monotheistic monotone monotonously monotreme monotype monoxide Monrovia monsoon monster monstrosity Montenegro Montevideo monthly month Montpellier Montreal Montserrat monumentally monumental monument mood moonlighting moon mooring moor moped moraine morality moralize morally moral moratorium more and more more closely still more more often than not more or less moreover more precisely more than ever more than morganatic morganite morisco morning Moroccan Morocco morpheme morphemic morphine morph morphogenesis morphogenetic morphologically morphological morphology morphometric morphometry morphophoneme morphophonology morphosyntactic morse mortality mortally mortal mortarboard mortar mortgage mortify mortise mortising morula morulation Morys mosaic Moscow mosque moss mostly most motel motet motherhood mother moth motionless motion motivate motivational motivation motorbike motorcycle motorcycling motoring motorise motorist motorization motor mould mountaineering mountaineer mountain mountainous mounting mount mouse moussaka moustache mouth movable movement move movie Mozambican Mozambique mtorolite much ado about nothing much better much longer much mucilage mucin mucocele mucoprotein mucosa mucus muddy mud muffle muff mulch mule multicentric multilinearity multilingualism multilingual multimedia multimeter multinational multinomial multiple multiplet multiplexer multiplex multiplicand multiplicity multiplier multiply multiprocessing multiprocessor multitasking multivibrator mummification mum mummy mumps mundane Munich municipal muon Murcia murderer murder Muriel murmur muscle muscovite muscular musculature muse museum mushroom musicality musical musician music musicologist musicology musketeer musk Muslim mussel mustard must mutant mutation mutilation mutter mutualism mutualistic mutualist mutuality mutual muzzle myalgia myasis mycoplasma mycosis mydriasis myelencephalon myelin myeloblast myelocyte myelofibrosis myeloma myelomatosis my myoblast myocardium myocardosis myofibril myofilament myoglobin myoma myopathy myope myopia myriad myriapod myringoplasty myringotomy myrrh myself mysteriously mysterious mystery mysticism mystic mythical myth mythological mythology myxedema myxoma myxomatosis myxomycete