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Apertium English wordlist/N

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nacre nacreous Nàdia nadir nag Naiara nailing nail Nairobi naïve naked nakedness namely name Namibia nanny nanotrace napalm nape Napierian napkin Napoleonic napping narcissism narcissistic narcissist narcissus narcolepsy narcosis narcotic narrative narrator narrowing narrow narthex nasalisation nasality nasalize nasal nasion Nassau nasty Natàlia natality natal Nathaniel nationalism nationalist nationality nationalize nationally national nation native nativism naturalistic naturalize naturally natural nature naughty nausea nautical naval Navarra navel nave navigable navigation navigator navy Nazareth Nazism nearby nearly near neatly neat nebula nebulization nebulizer nebulosity necessarily necessary neck necrobiosis necrocytosis necrophagous necrosis nectar nectary needle needlessly needless to say need negation negative negatron neglect negligence negligent negotiable negotiate negotiation negotiator neighbourhood neighbouring neighbourly neighbour neither nematicide nematode neobehaviourism neoclassicism neocolonialism neocriticism neodymium neoevolutionism neofascism neofascist neoliberalism neologism neologistical neology neonatal neon neophyte neoplasia neopositivism neotechnics neotectonics Nepalese Nepal nephelometer nephelometry nephew nephrectomy nephrite nephrolithiasis nephrolysis nephron nephroptosis nephrosclerosis nephrosis nepotism neptunism neptunium Nerea nerve nervously nervous nervousness nesosilicate nesting nest NetherlandsAntilles Netherlands net nettle network neuralgia neural neurasthenia neurectomy neurilemma neuroblast neurocranium neurocyte neuroepithelium neurofibril neurofibroma neurofibromatosis neurofilament neuroglia neurohypophysis neurologist neurology neuromuscular neuron neurophysical neuropsychology neuropteron neurorrhaphy neurosis neurotransmitter neurula neurulation Neus neuter neutralism neutralist neutrality neutralization neutralize neutral neutronics neutron neutropause neutropenia neutrophile neutrosphere never nevertheless nevus newborn New Caledonia newcomer New Delhi Newfoundland New Jersey newly new New Orleans news balance newscast news newspaper newton New York New Zealand next Nibelung Nicaragua Nicaraguan nice niche Nicholas Nichole Nichol nickel nickname nick Nicolas Nicolau Nicole nicotine niece Nigeria Nigerian Niger night after night night and day nightclub nightingale nightmare night nihilism nihilistic Nikosea Nile nilpotent nimbostratus nimbus nine nineteen nine times out of ten ninety ninth niobium niter nitrate nitric nitride nitriding nitrification nitrile nitrite nitrocellulose nitrogen nitrogenous nitroglycerine nitrophilous nivation Noa nobelium nobility noble nobody no choice nocturnal nocturne node nod no doubt nodule Noelia Noemi no end nogging noise noisily noisy no longer nomadic nomadism nomad no matter how little nomenclature nominalism nominate nomination nomogram no more than nomothetical nonagon non-alignment nonappearance none the less nonetheless nonexistence non-existent non-functionally non no nonpareil nonretroactivity nonsense nontronite noodle noology no one noon noose Nora noria normality normalization normalize normally normal Normandy normative normoblast normocyte nor North America northeast northeastwards Northern Ireland northern north North Pole northwest northwestwards Norway Norwegian nose nosing nostalgia nostril nota bene notable notably notarial notarize notary notation notching notch notebook note not even nothing noticeably notice notify notion not less than not notochord notoriety notoriously notorious not quite not yet nourishment nourish novation novelesque novelistic novelist novel novelty november nowadays now and again now and then nowhere now nozzle nuance nuclear nucleation nuclein nucleocapsid nucleolus nucleonium nucleon nucleoplasm nucleoside nucleotide nucleus nude nudism nuisance nullity numbering numberless number numeral numerator numerically numerical numerous numismatist nunciature nuncupation nuptial Núria nurse nurseryman nut nutrient nutritionist nutrition nutritious nyctalopia nylon nymph nymphomaniac nymphomania nystagmograph nystagmus