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Apertium English wordlist/O

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oak oasis obedience obelisk obesity obey obituary objection objectivation objectively objective objectivism objectivity object objector obligation obliterate obliteration oboe oboist obscene obscenity obscure obscurity observable observance observational observation observatory observe observer obsession obsessive obsidian obsolescence obsolete obstacle obstetrics obstetrist obstinacy obstinately obstructionism obstruction obstructive obstruct obstruent obtainable obtain obtrusive obtuse obverse obviously obvious ocarina occasionalism occasionally occasional occasion occidental occident occipital occiput occlusion occultism occupant occupational accident occupational occupation occupy occur occurrence Oceania oceanic oceanity ocean oceanographic oceanography ocellus ocelot ochre ochronosis o'clock octagon octahedral octahedron octal octant octave octet Otober octogenarian octopus octosyllable ocular oculistics oculist oddity oddly enough odd ode odeon odontoblast odontogenesis odontogram odontolite odontologist odontology odontopathy odontoplasty odourless oenologist oenology oersted oestrogen offal off and on off campus off duty offence offend offensive offerer offer office officer officiality officially official officious off limits off line off-line off off/on offprint offset off sick off the air off the record of often ogival ogive ogre Ohio ohmic ohmmeter ohm oiler oiling oil ointment old-fashioned old olefin oleodynamics oleoplast Olever olfaction olfactometer olfactometry olfactory Olga oligarchical oligarch oligarchy oligoclase oligodendria oligodendrocyte oligodendroglia oligomer oligopolist oligopoly oligosaccharide oligotrophic oliguria olivary olive Oliver olivine olympic Olympus Olyver Omani Oman ominous omissible omission omit omnibus omnipotent omnivorous once again once and for all once in a blue moon once in a while once once only once or twice once upon a time oncogenesis oncoming one-dimensional oneiric oneirism one onerous onion on-line only for a moment only once only only then only this way only too well on/off onomasiological onomasiology onomastic onomastics onomatopoeia onomatopoeic on ontogenesis ontogeny ontological ontology onto onward onwards onychomycosis onychophagy onychosis onychrogryphosis oocyte oogamy oogenesis oogonium oophorsalpingectomy opacity opalescence opal opaque opener opening openly open operable operand opera operate operatic operating operational operationism operation operative operator operculum operetta ophtalmologist ophthalmia ophthalmic ophthalmology ophthalmometer ophthalmometry ophthalmopathy ophthalmorrhexis ophthalmoscope ophthalmoscopy ophthalmotomy opinion opisometer opium opotherapy opponent opportunism opportunity opposable oppose opposite opposition opprobrium opsonization optical optician optics optimality optimism optimistic optimize optimizer optimum optional option optocoupler optoelectronical optoelectronics optometer optometry optomyometer opt optotype oracle oral orangeade orange orangutan orator oratory orbital orbitonometry orbit orbitotomy orchard orchestral orchestra orchestration orchidectomy orchid orchiectomy ordeal order ordinal ordinarily ordinate Oregon organdie organelle organicism organic organisation organism organist organization organize organizer organogenesis organogeny organ organosol orgasm orgastic orgeat orgy oriel orientalism oriental orientation orifice oriflamme originality originally original originate originator origin orle ornamental ornament ornithologist ornithology orogenesis orogeny orographic orography orophyte or orphanage orphan or so or thereabouts orthicon orthic orthite orthocenter orthochromatic orthoclase orthodontics orthodox orthodrome orthoeducation orthoepy orthognathic orthogonality orthogonalization orthogonal orthographical orthohydrogen orthonormal orthopaedics orthopantomography orthopedist orthophotograph orthophotomap orthopteron or vice versa or wherever oscillator oscillatory oscillogram oscillograph oscillometer oscillometry oscilloscope osculation osier Oslo osmium osmolarity osmometer osseous ossification ostein ostentation osteoblast osteocele osteoclast osteocondromatose osteocyte osteolysis osteomalacia osteomucoid osteonecrosis osteopetrosis osteophyte osteoplasty osteoporosis osteopsathyrosis osteosarcoma osteosclerosis osteosis osteosynthesis ostiole ostracism ostrich otalgia other others other things being equal otherwise otologist otology otomycosis otoplasty otorhinolaryngologist otorhinolaryngology otosclerosis otoscope otoscopy Ottawa otter ottoman ouabain ounce our ours outcome outcrop outdoor outer out here outlay outline out of all fairness out of breath out of commission out of condition out of context out of control out of debt out of doors out of earshot out of effect out of favor out of favour out of hand out of harm's way out of luck out of nowhere out of office out of out of place out of position out of season out of spite out of step out of the blue out of thin air out of turn out of use out outport output outrage outrigger outright outside outsourcing outstanding out there out to sea outward outwards ovalocyte oval ovarian ovary ovation oven over age overall over and over again over and over overcome overcompression overcurrent overdeepening overdetermined overdose overdraft overemployment overestimate overexcitation overexploitation overexposure overfishing overgrazing overhead overheat overinsurance overlap overlapped overlapping overlearning overlook overnight over overpopulation overpressure overprinting overproduction overpunching overriding overseas oversight overtaking over there overthrow overthrust overtone overtraining overturn overvaluation overvoltage overwhelming overwhelm oviduct oviparous ovocyte ovogenesis ovogonium ovoid ovoviviparous ovulation ovule owe owing to owner Owner ownership own Oxford oxidant oxidation oxidation-reduction oxide oxidimetry oxidoreductase oxychlorination oxydisol oxygen oxymoron oxytocin oyster ozone