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Apertium English wordlist/P

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pâté pace pachic Pacific pacification pacifism pacifist pacify pack package packaging packer packet pact pad paddler paddy padlock pagan page pagination pagoda pagodite pain painful painfully painite painless painstaking painstakingly paint painter painting pair pajamas Pakistan palace palaentologist palaeoceanography palaeoclimate palaeoclimatology palaeoecology palaeoethnobotany palaeographer palaeographical palaeography palaeomagnetism palaeontology palaeopathologist palaeosol palaeotropical palatal palatalisation palate palatine palatogram palatograph palatographic palatography palatoplasty palatoschisis pale paleness paleocerebellum paleogeography paleolithic Palestine Palestinian palimpsest palindrome palisade palladium palletization palliative pallium palm palmate palmer palp palpable palpation pampa pamphlet pamphleteer pan panacea Panama Panamanian panchromatic pancreas pancreatic pancreatography pandemia pandora panegyric panegyrist panel panic panicle panmyelopthisis panmyelosis pannier panorama panoramic pantheism pantheon panther panties pantograph pantography pantometer pantomime pants paper paperboard paperwork papilla papillary papilloma papillomatosis Papua New Guinea Papuan papyrus parabolic paraboloid paracentesis parachute parachutist parade paradentosis paradigm paradigmatic paradise paradoxical paradoxically paraffin paragenesis paragoge paragraph Paraguay Paraguayan parahelium parahydrogen parakeet paraketosis paralinguistic paralipsis parallel parallelepiped parallelism parallelogram paralogism paralysis paralyze paramagnetism parameter parametric parametrization paramnesia parangon paranoia paranoiac paraparesis parapet paraphernal paraphrase paraplasm paraplegia paraprotein parapsychology parasitical parasitism parasitosis parasol parasynthesis paratactic parataxis parathyroid parathyroidectomy parcelling parcheesi parchment pardon parenchyma parenchymatous parent parental paresis paresthesia pargasite parietal Paris parish parity park parking parliament parliamentarism parliamentary parody paroemiologist paroemiology paronychia paronym paronymic paronymy parotid paroxysm parquet parricide parrot parsimony parsley part time part way part parthenocarpy parthenogenesis partial partially participant participate participation participle particle particular particularism particularly partition partly partner partnership partridge partway party pascal pass passage passenger passing passion passionately passivation passive passivity passport password past pasteurization pasteurize pastime pastoral pastoralism pasty patching patent paternal path pathogenesis pathogeny pathological pathologist pathology pathophysiology pathos patience patient patiently patina Patrícia patriarch patriarchy patrilineal patrilineality patriot patriotic patriotism patrol patronage patter pattern Pau Paula pauperism pause pave paving pawn pay attention pay payable payer payment payroll PC pea peace peaceful peacefully peacemaker peach peak peanut pear pearlometer peasant peasantry peat peaty pebble pectin pectolite pectoral peculiar pecuniary pecylocyte pedagogical pedagogy pedal pedant pedantic pederast pederastic pederasty pedestrian pediatrician pediatrics pedicel pediculation pediculosis pedicure pedigree pediment pedion pedipalpus pedocal pedogenesis pedology pedophilia pedosphere peduncle peel peephole peer peg pegmatite pejorative Peking pelagic pell-mell pellagra pellet pelosol pelvic pen penal penance pencil pendant pendulum penetrability penetrate penetration penetrometer penguin penicillin peninsula penis pennant Pennsylvania penny pension pentachord pentagon pentagonal pentahedron pentameter pentathlete pentathlon pentode pentose penultimate pepper pepsin peptization per annum per head per se per perceivable perceive percent percentage perception perch percolation percolator percussion Pere peremptory perfect perfection perfectionism perfectionist perfectly well perfectly perforator perforce perform performance performer perfume perfumery perhaps perianth pericardiocentesis pericardium pericarp perichondrium periclinal pericranium peridot peridotite periglacial perihelion perilymph perimeter perimysium perineal perineorraphy perineum perineurium period periodic periodicity periodontosis perionychium periosteum periostosis peripheral periphery periphrasis periphrastic peripteral periscope perishable perissodactyl peristerite peristole perithelium peritoneum peritonization perjury permafrost permanence permanent permanently permanganometry permeability permeable permeance permissible permission permittivity permutable permutation permutional perniosis peroxide perpendicular perpendicularity perpetual perpetually Pers persecution Persia Persian Gulf Persian persimmon persist persistence persistent person, people personal personalism personality personally personification personnel perspective perspectivism perspicacity persuade persuasion persuasively perthite pertinent perturb Peru Peruvian perverse perversion perversity pervert peseta pessary pessimism pessimistic pet petal petalism petalite petanque petechia Peter petiole petrify petrochemical petrodollar petroferric petrogenesis petrography petrol petrology pH phacolysis phacomatosis phacosclerosis phagocyte phagocytolisis phagocytosis phagotype phalangette phallectomy phallic phalloplasty phallus phanerogam phanerophyte phanotron phantasmic pharaoh Pharaonic pharmacologically pharmacologist pharmacology pharmacopoeia pharmacy pharyngectomy pharyngoplasty pharyngospasm pharyngotomy phase phasitron phasor phatic pheasant phenol phenolic phenology phenomenal phenomenalism phenomenology phenomenon phenothiazine phenotype phenylbutazone phenylhydrazine pheocromocytoma pheromone Philip Philippa Philippe Philippine Philippines philistine philological philologist philology philosopher philosophical philosophically philosophize philosophy phimosis phleboclysis phlebography phlebotomy phloem phlogopite phobia phocomelia phonation phone phoneme phonemic phonemics phonendoscope phonetically phonetics phonetist phoniatrician phoniatrics phonic phonogram phonograph phonological phonologisation phonologist phonology phonometry phonostylistic phonostylistics phonosurgery phosphatation phosphate phosphine phospholipid phosphorescence phosphorus phosphorylation photo photocell photochemical photochromy photocolorimeter photocomposition photocopy photodiode photoelectrochemical photoelectrochemistry photoengraving photogrammetry photograph photographer photographic photography photolithographic photolysis photomechanics photometer photometric photometry photon photonic photoperiodism photoreceiver photoresistor photosensitizer phototelegraph phototransistor phototube phototype phototypesetting photovaristor photovoltaic phragmoplast phrase phraseology phreatic phthalamide phthiriasis phthisis phyllosilicate phylogenesis physical physicalism physically physicist physics physiocracy physiological physiologist physiology physiotherapist physiotherapy phytocoenosis phytogeography phytology phytoparasite phytopathology phytophagous phytopharmacology phytoplankton phytosanitary phytosociology phytotoxicity pi piacular piano picaresque pick up pick pickaxe picket pickle pickler pickling picklock pickpocket picnic picofarad picotite pictogram pictographic pictography pictorial picture picturesque piece by piece piece piedmont pieing piemontite piercing Piers piezoelectric piezoelectricity piezometer pig pigeon piggyback piglet pigment pilaster pile pilgrim pilgrimage pill pillage pillory pilot pilotage pimp pin pinch pineapple pinewood pinion pink pinocytosis pint pion pioneer pious pipe pipeline pipette pirate piriform pirouette pisciculture pisciculturist pistil pitch pitching pitiful pittance pituitary pity pityriasis pixel pizzicato place placebo placed placenta placer placing plagiarism plagioclase plaice plain plait plan planar planation plane planet planetary planetology planimeter planimetric planimetry planing planisphere plankton planner planning planosol plant plantation plantigrade planting plasma plasmalemma plasmapheresis plasmid plasmocyte plasmocytosis plasmodesma plasmodium plasmolyse plast plaster plastic plasticity plasticizer plastid plastidome plastification plastoribosome plastron plate plateau platelet platemaker platen plateresque platform platinum platitudinous platonic platonism platykurtic play playboy player playground plea pleasant pleasantly please pleasure pleating plebeian plebiscitary plebiscite plectrum pledgable pledging plenary plenipotence plenipotentiary plenty pleochroism pleocytosis pleonasm pleonastic pleoptics pleura pleural pleurodynia plexus pliers plinthic plosion plot plough ploughing plug plum plumage plumb in the middle plumb plumbery plume plunger pluperfect plural pluralism pluralist plurality plurilingualism plus plutocratic plutonic plutonism plutonium pluvial pluviogram pluviograph pluviometry ply plywood pneumatic pneumatics pneumatoarthrography pneumatoencephalography pneumatomediastinum pneumatopericardium pneumatoperitoneum pneumatosis pneumocele pneumococcus pneumoconiosis pneumologist pneumology pneumonia pocket pod podiatrist podiatry podium podzolic podzolization podzoluvisol poem poet poetic poetics poetry pogrom poikilocytosis poikilothermal poikilothermic point of view point pointed pointlessly poison poisoner poisoning poisonous poker Poland polar polarimeter polarimetry polariscope polarity polarizability polarization polarize polarizer polarogram polarograph polarography pole polecat polemicist police policeman policewoman policy polihedron polish Polish polisher polishing polite politely political politically politician politics politization polje polka poll pollen polleniferous pollination pollinator polling pollinosis pollster pollucite pollutant pollute pollution polonium polyaddition polyamide polyandry polycarbonate polychromator polycrystalline polycyclic polycythemia polydimensional polyester polygamist polygamous polygamy polygenesis polygenetic polygenic polygenism polyglot polygon polygyny polyhedral polyhedron polymer polymerase polymeric polymerization polymorphic polymorphism polynomial polynucleosis polyp polypeptide polyphase polyphonic polyphony polyploid polyposis polysaccharide polysemic polysemy polysome polyspermy polysyllable polysyllogism polysyndeton polytechnical polyteny polytheism polytheist polytheistic polyvalent pomegranate pomologist pomology pomp pontifex pontificate pony poodle pool poor poorly pop poplar poppy popular popularity popularize populate population populism populist porch pork pornography porosity porous porphyria porridge port portal portfolio porthole portico portion portrait Portugal Portuguese pose posit position positional positioner positioning positive positively positivism positivist positron positronium possess possession possessive possessor possibilism possibility possible possibly post office box post postage postal postcard postcondition postediting poster posterior posterity postgraduate posthumous postman postponable postpone postprecipitation postprocessor postproduction postscript postulant postulate posture pot potamology potassium potato potential potentiality potentially potentiometer potentiometry potentiostat pothole potion potocytosis potter pouch pouffe pounce pound pour poverty powder power powerful powerfully powerless Powle practical practically practice practise practitioner praetorium pragmatic pragmatically pragmatism pragmatist Prague praise pram prank praseodymium prawn pray prayer pre-formulated preach preacher preamble precarious precariously precede precedence precedent precentor preceptorial precious precipitant precipitate precipitation precipitator precise precisely preclude precocious precocity predator predatory predecessor predestination predetermine predicable predicate predication predict predictable prediction predictive predilection predisposition prednisone predominance predominant predominantly predominate preeminent preemption prefabricate prefer preferable preferably preference preferential prefix prefixal preform pregnancy prehensile prehistoric prehistory prejudge prejudice prelate preliminary prelude premarital premature premaxilla premeditation première premise premium premolar premonition premotion preparation preparatory prepare preposition prepositional preprogram prerogative presbyter presbytery preschool prescribe prescriptible preselection presence present presentable presentation presenter presentiment preservative preserve presidency president presidential press pressing pressure pressurize pressurizer prestige prestigious prestissimo presto prestress presumable presumably presumption presumptive presumptuous presuppose presupposition pretence pretend pretentious pretext pretonic Pretoria pretty much pretty well prevail prevaricate prevarication prevaricator prevent preventable prevention preventive previous previously prey price priceless pricing prickly pride priest priesthood primacy primarily primary primate prime minister prime priming primitive primogeniture primrose primuline prince princess principal principally principle print printable printer printing prior priorate prioritize priority prism prismatic prismatoid prison prisoner privacy private privately privatization privilege privileged prize pro tempore probabilism probabilistic probability probable probably probe problem problematic proboscis procaryote procedural procedure proceed process procession processor proclaim proclitic proconsul proconsulate procreation procuration procurement prodrome produce producer producible product production productive productively productivity proem proerythroblast profane profession professional professionally professor profile profit profitable profound progenitor prognathism prognosis prograding program programmable programme programmer programming progress progression progressive progressively prohibition prohibitionism prohibitionist prohibitory project projectile projection projectivity projector prolapse prolepsis proletarian proletarianization proletariat proliferate proliferation prolongation promenade prometaphase promethium prominence prominent promise promising promissory promonocyte promontory promote promoter promotion prompt prompter promulgation promyelocyte pronominalisation pronoms personals d'objecte pronoms personals de subjecte pronoun pronounce pronto pronunciation proof prop propaedeutic propaganda propagandist propagate propel propellant propeller propene propensity proper properly property prophase prophet prophylaxis propjet proportion proportional proportionally proportionate proportionately proposal propose propositional propulsion propylaeum prorate proscenium proscription prose proselytism prosencephalon prosody prospect prospective prosperity prostaglandin prostate prostatic prosthesis prostitute prostitution prostration prostyle protagonist protasis protect protection protectionism protectionist protective protector protectorate protege protein proteinuria proteolysis protest Protestant protestantism prothetic prothrombin protide protium protocol protofilament protogenic protohistoric protohistory proton protoplasm protoplasmic protoplast prototype protozoon protrusion protuberance proud proudly proustite provable prove proverb proverbial provide provided that provided providence provider province provincial provincialism provision provisional provisionally provocation provoke prowess proxemics proximal prudence Prudence prudential pruning psalm psalmody psaltery psammite psammophilous psammophyte psephite pseudoacrosome pseudomanifold pseudonym pseudopodium pseudoprime pseudoscientific psilomelane psittacosis psoas psoriasis psyche psychiatric psychic psychism psychodiagnosis psychofarmacological psychogram psychological psychologically psychologist psychology psychometrics psychopatologist psychopedagogics psychophysiologic psychosocial psychosomatic psychotechnical psychotecnics psychrometer pteridophyte pterion pterygium ptilosis ptosis ptyalin ptyalism pub puberty pubic pubis public publication publicity publicly publish publisher publishing pudding puddle Puerto Rico pugilism pull out pull pulley-block pullover pulmonary pulpit pulse pulsojet pultrusion pulverization pump pumper pumping punch punching punctilious punctual punctuation puncture pungency pungent punish punishability punishable punishment Punjab pupa pupil pupillary puppet [[Expression:purée|]] purchase purchaser pure purely purgative purgatory purge purification purism purist puritan puritanism purity purple purportedly purpose purposeful purposeless purposely purpura purse purser pursue pursuit pursuivant push pusillanimous pustule put puzzle pycnometer pyknosis pylorus pyocyte pyralmandite pyramid pyramidal pyranometer Pyrenees pyrenoid pyretotherapy pyrexia pyrgeometer pyrheliometer pyrite pyroclast pyroelectricity pyrolysis pyromaniac pyrometer pyrope pyrophilous pyrophyllite pyrophyte pyrosis pyrotechnics Pythagorean python pyxis