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Apertium English wordlist/R

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Rabat rabbi rabbit rabies race rachis racial racing racism racist raclette radar radial radiance radian radiant radiation balance radiation radicalism radically radical radicand radication radicle radioactivity radiochemistry radiocommunication radioconference radioelement radiogram radiographic radioimmunelectrophoresis radioimmunoassay radioisotope radiologist radiology radioluminiscence radiometallography radiometeorology radiometer radiometry radionuclide radiophony radio radioscopy radiosensitivity radiosonde radiotelegram radiotelegraph radiotelegraphy radiotelephone radiotelephony radiotherapy radiotransmission radium radon rad radula Rafel Raffe raffia Raff raft rage raging railcar rail railroad railway rainfall raingauge rain raise raisin rake rale Ralf rally Ralph ramie ramification ramjet Ramon rampart rancher ranch randomization randomly randomness random range ranker rank rape rapidity rapidly rapid rapist rappel Raquel rarely rare rascal raspberry raster rateen rate rather rather than raticide rationalism rationalist rationality rationalization rational rationing ration ratio ratiovitalism rat rattle Rauffe Rauff Rauf Raulin Raúl ravine ravioli raw rayon ray razor reach for reach reactance reactant reaction reactivate reactivity reactor react readability readable reader readily reading readjustment readjust read-only read ready ready to operate reafforestation reagent real estate realise realism realistic reality realization realize reallocation really realm real ream reanimation reappear rearrangement rear reasonable reasonably reasoning reason reassure rebellion rebellious rebel rebounder rebound rebuke recalculation receipt receive recently recent receptacle receptionist reception receptor recession recessivity recess reciprocal reciprocity recirculation recitative recite recklessly reckless reckon recoding recognition recognizable recognize recombination recombing recommendation recommend reconciliation reconfiguration reconsider reconstituent reconstruction reconstruct reconversion reconvert recording record recoverable recover recovery recreation recrimination recruitment recruit rectal rectangle rectangular rectilinear rector rectorship rectum recurrent recursivity recycleable recycle recycling reddish redeem redefine redesign redhibition rediffusion redirect rediscount redistribution red reduce reducibility reducible reduction redundancy redundant redyeing reedbed reeler reel reentrant reference referendum referential referent refer refill refinance refinement refiner refinery refining reflation reflectance reflection reflectivity reflectometer reflector reflect reflexivity reflexology reformatory reformat reformer reformism reformist reform refraction refractivity refractometer refractor refractory refrigerant refrigerator refugee refundable refusal refuse refutabilism refutation regalism regarding regardless regard regency regenerate regeneration regent regicide regiment Reginald regionalisation regionalism regional region registering register registration reglet regosol regression regret regrettable regularity regularization regularly regular regulate regulation regulator regulatory rehearsal Reichstag reification reign reimbursement reincarnation reinforce rein reinstate reinsurance reinsurer reintegration reinvest reism reiteration reject rejoinder rejuvenate relate relational relation relationship relatively relative relativism relativistic relativity relaunching relaxation relax relay relearning release releaser relentless relevance relevant reliability reliable relictrelic relief relieve religion religiousness religious relocatable relocate reluctantly reluctant reluctivity remaining remain remains remanence remanent remarkable remarkably remark remedial remedy remember remex reminder remind reminiscence remit remnant remorseless remorse remote remould removable removal remove renaissance renal rename renaming rendzine renewable renewal renew rennet renown rentier rent reopening reorganization reorganize reorient repairable repair repatriation repayable repayment repeatedly repeat repellent repel repercussion repertoire repetition rephonologisation replacement replace replenish replication reply repopulation reportedly reporter report reposition repotting representable representation representativeness representative represent repression reprieve reprint reprisal reproach reproduce reproducer reproducible reproduction reprofiling reprography reproval reptile reptilian republicanism republican republic republising repudiation repulsion repurchase reputation request requiem requirement require requirer requisition reread rescheduling rescission rescissory rescript rescue researcher research reseeding resemble resentment reservation reserve reservist reset residence residential resident residual residue resign resinous resin resistance resistant resistivity resistor resist resolution resolutory resolvent resolve resonance resonant resonator resorting resort resource respectability respectable respectfully respectful respectively respective respect respiratory response responsibility responsible responsibly responsory restart restate restaurant restitution restlessness restless restoration restore restrain restraint rest restriction restrict restructure restructuring resultant result resumption resurgence resurrect retailer retailing retail retainer retain retarded retard reticle reticular reticulocyte reticulocytosis reticulosis retinaculum retina retinoblastoma retinography retinopathy retirement retire retort retouching retouch retractable retractation retract retreat retrieve retroactive retroactivity retrocession retrofitting retrograde retropulsion retroreflection retrospective retroversion retrovirus retrusion retting returnable return reusable reuse revalidate reveal revenue reverberation reverence reverend reverie reverse reversible reversionary reviewing review revisionism revisionist revision revitalization revival revive revocability revocable revocatory revoke revolt revolutionary revolutionize revolution revolver revolving reward rewind rewrite rewriting Reykjavik Reynard Reynold rhapsodist rhapsody rheme rhenium rheology rheostatic rheostat rhesus rhetorical rhetoric rheumatism rheum rhexistasy rhinoceros rhinologist rhinology rhinopathy rhinoplasty rhinoscope rhinoscopy rhizolysis rhizome rhizopod Rhodesia rhodic rhodium rhododendron rhodolite rhodonite rhombic rhombohedral rhombohedron rhomboidal rhomboid rhombus rhotacism rhpasodic rhubarb rhyme rhythmical rhythm ribosome rice Richard rich rickettsiosis riddle ride rider ridger ridicule ridiculous riding rid rifle rift right and left right at the beginning right at the end right at the top right away right from the cradle right-handed right-hand right here right in front right in the middle rightly right now right off right right through right through the middle rightwards rigidity rigid rigorous rigour rimaye rim ringer ring rinsing riot ripe ripper ripple rip rise risk risky rite ritualism ritualistic ritual rival rivalry riverboarding rive river riveting rivet rivière road accident road roadstead roar roast Roberto Robert robin robotic robot robustness robust Rocio rocket rock rococo rodent roebuck rogatory Roger role roller rolling roll romance Romania roman romanticism romantic Rome rondo roof room rooting root rope ropeway roquefort Rosa rosary rosebay roseola rose Rose rosette rotafriction rotary rotation rotatory rotogravure rotor rot rouble rouge roughly roughly speaking roughness rough roulette roundabout round and round roundly round off round round the clock route router routine routing routinization rower Rowland row royalism royal rubber rubbish rubble rubefaction rubella rubellite Ruben rubidium rub rucksack rudder rudeness rude rudimentary rue rugged rugometer ruin ruled ruler rule rumble rumiant rumour rump rum runic runner running run rupee rupestrian rupicolous ruralisation rural rurban rush Russian Russia rust ruthenium ruthless rutile rut Rwanda rye