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Apertium English wordlist/S

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sabbath sabbatical sabotage saccharide saccharine saccharose saccule sack sacral sacramental sacrament sacred sacrifice sacrilege sacrilegist sacristy sacrum sadden saddler saddle sadism sadistic sadist sadly sadness sadomasochism sadomasochist sad safari safe-conduct safeguard safekeeping safely safe safety saga sage Sahara Saigon sailboat sailing sailor sail saint salad salaried salary sale salicylamide salinity salivary saliva salivation Salma salmonella salmonellosis salmon salt saltworks Salvadorian Salvador salvation samara samarium Samoan Samoa sampler sample sampling Samuel sanatorium sanctuary sandal sandbinder sandblaster sandblast Sandra sand sandstone sandwich sandy sanidine sanitary San Marino Santiago saponite sapphire sapphirine sapric saprolite sapropel saprophagous saprophyte sap sapwood Sara Saray sarcasm sarcastically sarcoidosis sarcolemma sarcomere sarcophagus sarcoplasm sarcosome sardine Sarra satellite satiate satiety satin satire satirical satirist satirize satisfaction satisfactorily satisfactory satisfied satisfy satrap saturation saturator Saturday saturnism Saturn satyr saucepan sauce Saudi Arabia sauna saurian saussurite savage savannah saver save savings account saving sawdust sawmill saw saxicolous saxophone saxophonist saying say scabies scab scalar scalene scale scalp scaly scandal Scandinavian scandium scanner scanning scan scaphopod scapolite scapula scarcely scarce scarecrow scare scarification scarifier scarlet scarp scar scatter scenery scene scenic scenographical scenography scentless scent scepter scepticism sceptic schedule scheelite schematic schematize scheme scherzando schistocyte schistosity schist schizoid schizophrenic scholarly scholar scholarship scholasticism scholastic school sciatica science scientific scientism scientist scintillography sciophilous scissors sclerectomy sclerenchyma scleroderma sclerometer sclerophyllous scleroprotein sclerosis sclerotomy scolding scoliosis scoop scooterist scooter scope scorbutus scorer score scorification scornful scotia Scotland scotoma Scottish scoundrel scourer scourge scour scraper scrape scrap scratch scream screening screensaver screen scree screwdriver screw scribbling scriber scribe script scrollable scrollwork scrotum scrub scruple scuba diving scuffle sculptor sculptural sculpture scupper scutcher scutching seafarer seagull sealing seal searcher search for search sea seasickness seasonality seasonal season seat seawards seaweed Sebastià seborrhea secant secessionism secession seclusion secondary secondly second secrecy secretariat secretary secrete secretion secretly secret section sectorial sector sect secularization secular secure security sedation sedentarism sedentary sedimentology sediment sedition seditious seduce seduction seedbed seed seek seemingly seem seer see segmentary segment segregationism segregationist segregation seguidilla seiche seismicity seismogram seismograph seismologist seismology seism seize seldom selectable selection selective selectivity selector selenite selenium self-centering self-deception self-defence self-depuration self-determination self-imposed self-incrimination selfishness selfless self-lubricating self-portrait self-publishing self-supervision seller sellout sell semanticist semantic semaphore semasiological semasiology semeiotic semeiotics semence semen semester semiannual semi-automatic semicadence semiclosed semiconductor semi-detached semidiesel semidiurnal semifinalist semimicroanalysis seminal seminarist seminar semiologist semiology semiquaver Semitism semitone semitrailer semivocal semolina senate senatorial senator Sence send back sending send in send Senegalese Senegal seneschal senior sensationalism sensationalistic sense sensible sensitive sensitivity sensitization sensitize sensor sensory sensualism sensualist sensuality sensual sentence sentential sentimentalism sentimental sentry Seoul sepal separability separately separate separation sepia sepiolite sepsis september septet septicemia septic septum sequela sequencer sequence sequential seraphim Serbia serenade serenity sergeant serge Sergi serial series seriously now seriously seriously though seriousness serious sermon seroconversion serology serosa serotherapy serotonin serpentine serum servant serve serviceable service servitude servoamplifier servobrake servocontrol servomechanism servomotor servosystem servovalve sesame sesquioxide session sesterce setscrew set setter settlement settle set up seven seventeen seventh seventy several severely severe severity sewerage sewer sewing sew sexagesimal sexer sexless sexologist sexology sex sextant sextet sexuality sexually sexual Seychelles shackle shade shadow shady shaft shake shallow shall shamanism shamanistic shaman shameful shameless shame shapeless shape sharecropper shareholder share shark sharpen sharply sharpness shatter shaver shave shaving shawl shearing shearlegs shear shears she'd shed sheep sheet sheik shelf sheller she'll shell shelter shelving shepherd sherbet sheriff sherry she's shield shift shilling shine shinguard shiny shipowner shipping ship shipwreck shirt shit shiver shock shoddy shoehorn shoemaker shoe shooting shoot shopping shop shortcut shortening shorten shorthand shortly afterwards shortly before shortly shortness short shortstop shotgun shot shoulder shoulder to shoulder shouldn't should should've shout shower show show up showy shrapnel shrewdness shrewd shrimp shrinkage shun shunt shut down shut shutter shyly shy sialolith sialosis Siamese Siam Siberian sibilant Sibil sick sic sideboard side by side sidecar sideric siderite siderocyte siderophiline siderosis siderurgy side sidewards sideways on sideways siding siege Sierra Leone sieving sigh sight sight unseen sigillography sigmatism sigmoid signal signature significance significantly significant signpost sign silence silently silent silhouette silica silicate silicious silicone silicon silicosis siliqua silk sillimanite silly silt silty silverer silver silverware silviculturist similarly similar simile Simon simony simple simpleton simplex simplicity simplification simplify simply simulate simulation simulator simultaneity simultaneously simultaneous sinanthropus sincerely sincere sincerity since since that time since then sindical sine die sine sinew Singapore singer singing single file single singlet sing singularity singular sinister sinkhole sinking sink sinner sin sintering sinusoidal sinusoid sinus sip sirocco sir sirvente sisal sister sit down site sit situate situational situation six sixteen sixth sixty size skateboard skater skate skating skeletal skeleton skeptical sketch skewer skew skidding skid skier skiff skilled skillful skill skimmer skin skirt ski skittle skull skyscraper sky skyward skywards slacken slalom slam slanderer slang slanted slap slat slaughterhouse slaughtering slave Slavic sled sleeplessness sleepless sleep sleet sleeved sleeve slice-by-slice slice slider slide sliding slightly slight slime slim sling slippery slip slipway slogan slope Slovakia Slovenia slow down slowly but surely slowly slowness slow slug slum slurry slyness small smart smash smear smectite smell smelter smile smith smithsonite smog smoke smooth smuggler smuggling snack snail snake snap snatch sneeze sniff sniper snob snore snort snowgauge snow soak soap so as to so be it sober sociable socialism socialist socialization socially social society sociobiology socioeconomic sociogram sociography sociolinguistic sociolinguistics sociolinguist sociological sociologism sociologist sociology sociometry sociophatic socket sock sodalite sodium so far and no further so far so far so good sofa Sofia soften softly softness soft software soil soiree solarimeter solar solder soldier solecism solely solemnly solemn solenoid sole sol-fa solicit solidarity solidification solidify solid solifluction solitaire solitary so little solitude solodization soloist solo solstice solubility soluble solute solution solvable solvation solvent solve Somalia Somali so many soma somatisation somatometry somatopsychic somebody some day somehow or other somehow someone some other way someplace else someplace somersault some something some time or other sometime sometimes somewhat somewhere else somewhere or other somewhere somnambulism so much so much the better sonar sonata song sonneteer sonnet sonogram sonoluminescence sonometer sonority son so often sooner or later sooner soon soot sophism sophisticated sophistics sophist sorcery sore sorites sorosilicate sorption sorrel sorter sort so so that so to speak sotto voce souffle soul soundless soundproofing sound soup source sour South Africa South America southeast southeastwards southern South Pole south southwest southwestwards sovereign sovereignty Soviet sower sowing sow soya soybean spacer space spacing spade Spain spalling spandex spandrel spangle Spaniard Spanish spare sparingly sparkliness sparring sparrow sparse spar spartan spa spate spatial speaker speak specialist speciality specialization specially special speciation species specifiable specifically specification specificity specific specifier specify specimen spectacle spectacularly spectacular spectral spectrin spectrofluorimetry spectrogram spectrographic spectrograph spectrography spectroheliograph spectrometer spectrometry spectrophotometer spectrophotometry spectropolarimeter spectropolarimetry spectroscope spectroscopy spectrum speculation speculative speculator speculum speechless speech speed spelling spell spelt spender spend spermatid spermatocele spermatocyte spermatocytogenesis spermatogenesis spermatogonium spermatophyte spermatozoid spermiogenesis sperm spessartite sphacelus sphagnic sphalerite sphenoidal sphenoidotomy sphenoid spherical spherocyte spherocytosis spheroidal spheroid spherometer sphincter spice spicy spider spigot spiky spill spinach spinal spindle spineless spinel spine spinet spinning spin spiracle spiritism spirit spiritualism spiritualistic spiritualist spirituality spiritualization spiritual spirochaetosis spite spit splanchnocranium splanchnoskeleton splendid splendour splenic splenomegaly splice splint split spodumener spoilage spokesman spokeswoman spondylolisthesis spondylosis sponge spongy sponsoring sponsorship sponsor spontaneously spontaneous spoon sporadically sporadic sporangium spore sporophyte sporting sportive sportsman sport sporulation spotless spot sprain spray spread springboard springer spring sprinkler sprinter sprout sprue spur spurt sputtering spy squandering square squeeze squid stabilization stabilizer stable stabling stacker stacking stadium staff stage by stage stagehand stage stagflation stagnation stainless stain staircase stair stake stalactite stalagmite stallion stall stamen stammer stamping stamp stanchion standardization standardize standard stand stanza stapler starch stare starry star starter start starvation stasis statampere statement state-of-the-art statesman state statics static stationarity station statism statistical statistician statistic stator statue stature status statutory statvolt staunch staurolite stay steadily steak steal steam stearin steatite steatosis steeled steeling steel steelworks steep Stehen stem stencil stenometopic stenosis step by step Stephen step into stepmother steppe stepson step steradian stereobate stereochemistry stereophonic stereophony stereoscope stereoscopy stereotype stereotyping sterility sterilization sterilizer sterling stern sternum steroid stethoscope Steven stew stichtite sticker stick sticky stiffener stiffen stigma stigmatic stigmatization still stimulant stimulate stimulating stimulation stimulator stimulus sting stink stipulate stipulation stir stir up stitching stochastic stockholder Stockholm stocking stock stoichiometric stoichiometry stoicism stole stolidness stomach stoma stomatocyte stomatocytosis stomatologist stomatopathy stomatoplasty stomatoscope stone stoning stop store stork storm stormy story stove stowaway strabismus straight after that straight after this straight ahead straight away straightforward straightness straight off straight through strainer strain strand strangely enough strangely stranger strange strange to say strapping Strasbourg strategically strategic strategist strategy stratification stratify stratigraphy stratocumulus stratopause stratosphere stratus stray streaky streamlining stream streetcar street strengthening strength streptococcus stressed stressful stress stretch striction strictly between ourselves strictly speaking strictly strict strident stridor striker strike string stripe strip striptease stroboscope stroboscopy stroke stroll stroma Strombolian strongly strong strontium strophoid structuralism structuralist structural structure structuring struggle strut stubble stubbornly stubbornness stubborn stub stucco student studio studious study stuffing stuff stupidity stupidly stupid sturgeon stuttering Stuttgart stye style stylistics stylistic stylist sty subalpine subarea subatomic subattribute subcategorisation subchannel subclass subclavian subcommittee subcondition subconsciousness subconsole subcontractor subcontract subcostal subculture subdialect subdirectory subdivision subdomain subduction suberization suberosis subfamily subfunction subgroup subhead subinfeudation subirrigation subjective subjectivism subjectivity subject subjugation subjunctive sublimation sublime subliminal submanifold submarine submerge submicroanalysis subminiaturization submission submissive submit submodule suborder subordinate subordination subordinative subproject subregion subreption subrogation subroutine subscapular subscriber subscription subscript subsequence subsequently subsequent subset subsidiariness subsidiary subsidize subsidy subsociety subsoiler subsoil substance substantiality substantially substantial substantive substantivisation substitute substracter substring substructure subsystem subtask subtenancy subterfuge subtle subtly subtract subtrahend suburban suburb subway successfully successful successive successor success succinct succulent succussion such and such such as such a such sucker suckle suck Sudanese Sudan sudatory suddenly sudden sue suffering suffer suffice sufficiency sufficiently sufficient suffixal suffixation suffix suffocate suffrage suffragist sugar suggestion suggest suicidal suicide suitability suitable suitcase suite suit sulfamethoxazole sulfanilamide sullenness sulphate sulphide sulphonation sulphoricinate sulphurizer sulphurous sulphur Sumerian summability summable summary summer summon sumptuary sum Sunday sunflower sunless sunny sun superbly superb supercharging superclass superconduction superconductive superconductor superelevation supererogation superficial superfluidity superfluid superheater superheterodyne superimpose superimposition superiority superior superlative superman supermarket supernatural supernumerary supersaturate supersaturation superscript supersonic superstition superstratum superstructure supertanker supervise supervisor supervisory supplantation supplementary supplement suppletion supplier supply and demand supplying supply supporter support supposedly supposed suppose supposition suppository suppress supraorbital suprarenal supraspinous supra supremacy supreme supremum sure enough surely sure surface surfacing surgeon surgery surgical Suriname surjection surname surpass surplus surprise surprisingly surprising surreptitious surroundings surrounding surround surveillance survey survival survive survivor Susan susceptance susceptibility susceptible suscriber suspect suspend suspension suspicion suspiciously suspicious sustainable sustain suture Suzanne swab swallow swan swarm swaying sway Swaziland swearing swear swearword sweater sweat Sweden Swedish sweep sweet swelling swell swiftly swift swimmer swimming pool swimming swim swindler swinging swing Swiss switchboard switchgear switch Switzerland sword Sybell Sybill Sybil sycamore syenite syllabic syllable syllepsis syllogism syllogistics syllogistic sylviculture symbiosis symbiotic symbolically symbolic symbolism symbolist symbolization symbolize symbol symmetrical symmetry Symond sympathetic sympathy sympatric symphonic symphonist symphony symphysis symplast symposium symptomatology symptom synaeresis synagogue synaloepha synarthrosis syncanthus synchrocyclotron synchronism synchronization synchronizer synchronize synchronoscope synchrony synchrotron synchysis synclinal syncondrosis syncretism syncytium syndesis syndesmosis syndicalist syndicating syndic syndrome synechia synecology synectics synergetic syngenesis synod synonymity synonymous synonym synostosis syntactic syntagma syntagmatic synthesis synthesizer synthetic Syrian Syria syringe syrup systematically systematics systematic systematization systematize system systole