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Apertium English wordlist/T

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tabacosis table tablet tableware tabloid tab tabular tabulate tabulation tacheometry tachograph tachometer tachymeter tachyphylaxis tacit tacking tackle tactfully tactical tactics tactile tadpole taekwondist taeniasis taenia tailcoat tailor tailpiece tail Taiwanese Taiwan Tajikistan take advantage of take away take care taken altogether take off take out takeover take part take place take talc talent tale talisman talk tallow tall tamarellar tambourine tamer tamper tampon tamp tandem tangency tangential tangent tangible tank tantalum tan tantrum Tanzania tanzanite Taoism tao taper tapestry tape tap tarantula target tarpaulin tarsorrhaphy tarsus tartan tartar task tassel tasteless taste tautology tautomerism tautophonic tautophony tautosyllabic taut taxation taxer taxi driver taximeter taxi taxonomist taxonomy taxpayer tax teacher teaching teach teak team tear teaspoon tea teat technically technical technician technique technocrat technoenvironmental technologically technological technology technostructure tecnetron tectonics tedder tedding tedious teenager teenage tektite telangiectasis teleclub telecommunication teleconferencing teleconnection telecracy teledetection telediffusion telefilm telegram telegraphic telegraph telegraphy telematic telemetering telemotor teleologism teleology teleoperator teleorder teleost telepathy telephone telephonic telephonist telephony telepresence teleprinting teleprocessing teleprompter telerreceptor telescope telescopic teleshopping telesignalling teleswitch teletext teletype teletypewriter televise television teleworker telex tell telluric tellurium telson temperament temperature tempering temper temple temporarily temporary temptation tempt tenant tench tendency tenderly tenderness tender tend Tenerife tenesmus tennis tennist tenodesis tenor tensammetry tense tensiometer tension tensor tentacle ten tenth ten to one tent tepal teratoma terbium tercet terminal terminism terminological terminologist terminology termite termocell term ternary terrace terracing terrain terrestrial terrible terribly terric terrific terrify territoriality territorial territory terrorism terrorist terror tertiary tesla testability testamentary testator testicle testicular testification testing test tetanus tetany tetartohedral tetartohedron tetartoidal tetrad tetragonal tetragon tetrahedral tetrahedron tetrahexahedron tetrarch tetrarchy tetravalent Texas textile text textual texture texturing Thailand Thai thalamus thalassocracy thallus Thames thanatology thankfully thankless thanks to thank than that is to say that's why that that very instant thaw theater theatre theatrical the day after the day after tomorrow the day before the day before yesterday the evening before last the evening before theft theirs their theism theist thematic theme themselves then and there thenar thenceforth thenceforwards thenceforward thence then theocracy theocratic theodicy theodolite theologian theological theology theorem theoretically theoretical theorize theory theosophy therapeutics therapeutic therapist therapy thereabouts thereafter there again there and back there and then thereby therefore thereof there're there's there thereunder thermalization thermal thermionic thermistance thermistor thermobalance thermocauterization thermochemistry thermochromism thermocoagulation thermocouple thermodynamics thermodynamic thermoelectricity thermoelectric thermoelectronic thermofixing thermoforming thermogram thermograph thermography thermogravimetry thermohygrometer thermoluminescence thermolysis thermometer thermometric thermometry thermonuclear thermoplastic thermoregulator thermoresistance thermoretraction thermosequence thermosetting thermosphere thermostable thermostat thermosyphon therm therophyte thesaurismosis thesaurosis thesaurus thesis the they all they'd they'll they're they've thickener thicken thicket thicknesser thickness thick thief thimble thing thinker thinking think thinning thin thirdly third thirteen thirty this thistle thixotropy Thomasine Thomas Thomasyn Thomism thoracic thoracocentesis thorium thoron thoroughly thorough thoughtful though thought thousand threaded threading thread threatening threat three-dimensional three threshold thrice thriller thrilling thrill throat thrombin thrombocyte thrombocytosis thrombopathy thrombopoiesis thrombosis thromboysis thrombus throne through and through throughout through thick and thin through through word of mouth throw thrust thulium thumbtack thumb thunderbolt thunder Thursday thus far thus thymecthomy thyme thymocyte thymus thyratron thyristor thyroidectomy thyroid thyrotomy thyrotoxicosis thyroxine tibial tibia ticket ticking tick tic tide tie tiger tighten tightly tightness tight tigrolysis tilde tile tillite till lately tiltable time after time time and again time and time again timekeeper timely timer timetable time timidity tinction tinder tinkle tin tiny tip tirade tired tireful tireless tire tissue titanite titanium titin title titrimetry titularity to a certain degree to a certain extent to a degree toad to a high degree to a large extent to a large measure to a limited extent to all appearances to and fro to a small extent toaster toast tobacco to be exact to be fair to be frank to be more precise to be on the safe side to be perfectly frank to be precise to be serious to be strictly accurate to capacity tocology to cut a long story short to date today of all days today toe to excess toga together together with Togo toilet Tokyo tolerate to little avail toll to make matters worse Tomas Tomàs tomato tombola tomography tomorrow to my mind tonal toneless toner tone Tonga tongue tonic tonight toning tonnage tonne to no effect tonofilament tonoplast tonsil ton toolholder tooling tool too many too much to one side toothed toothless toothpaste toothpick tooth too topazolite to perfection topical topic topmast topographer topographical topography topoisomerase topological topology toponymic toponym toponymy toposequence topping top to put it mildly torment tornado toroid torpedo torrefaction torrential torrent torsiometer torticollis tortuous torture to save space to say the least of it to say the least to scale to size to some degree to some extent to spare to start off with to start with totalitarianism totalitarian totally total to tell the truth totemism totem to the brim to the day to the east to the ends of the earth to the ends of the world to the end to the extent of to the fore to the front to the ground to the hilt to the kind attention of to the maximum to the minute to the north-east to the north-west to the outside to the south-east to the south-west to the test to this day to this very day to touch toughen tough tourism tourist tourmaline tournament tourniquet tour towards evening towards midnight towards morning towards toward towboat towel tower to what extent to whom it may concern to wit town council town hall town tow toxicant toxicologist toxicology toxicosis toxic toxigenic toxin toxoid toxoplasmosis toy trabecula traceable trace back trace tracheal tracheide tracheostomy tracheotomy trachoma track traction tractive tractor trade balance trademark trader trade trading traditionalism traditionalistic traditionalist traditionally traditional tradition traffic accident traffic tragedy tragically tragic tragus trailer trailing trainer training train tramcar tramp tram tramway tranquillizer transactional transaction transact transatlantic transcategorisation transceiver transcendence transcendentalism transcendental transconductance transcriber transcribe transcription transcytosis transfection transfer transformationalism transformational transformation transformer transform transfusion transgression transgressor transgress transhipment transhumance transient transistor transition transitivity transitory translate translation translator translocation translucent transmission transmissive transmittance transmit transmutation transnational transparency transparent transpiration transplantation transplant transportation transport transpose transposition transposon transudation transvection transversal transvestism trapeze trapezohedron trapezoidal trapezoid trap traumatic traumatism traumatologist traumatology trauma traveller travelling travel traverse treacherous tread treasonable treasurer treasure treasury treatable treatment treat treaty treble tree trek trellis tremble trembling tremendous tremolite tremor trench trend trephnation triacylglyceride triadic trial balance trial triangle triangular triangulation tribal tribe triboelectricity triboluminiscence tribometer tribune tribute trichiasis trichinosis trichomoniasis trichomycosis trichonosis trichosis trichotomy trichroism trick tricky triclinic tricolour tricycle trifle trigger triglyceride trigonal trigonometry trihedral trilateration trillion trill trilogy trimer trimeter trimetry trimming trinomial triode trio triphthong triple Tripoli trip triptych trirectangular trisection trismus trisoctahedron trisomy tritanomaly tritium triton triumph triumvirate trivial trivium trochanter trochiter trochoid troika Trojan trolleybus trombone trophectoderm trophoblast trophocyte trophonucleus trophozoite trophy tropical tropic tropism tropopause troposphere trot trouble trousers trousseau trowel truce truck true truly truncate truncation trunk trust truthful truth trypanosomiasis try tsarism tsarist tuba tubercle tuberculosis tuberosity tuber tube tubular tubulature tubule tubulin tuck Tuesday tulip tumor tumult tuna tundra tuner tune tunic tuning Tunisia Tunis tunnel turban turbidimeter turbidimetry turbidity turbine turboalternator turbocompressor turbomotor turbopump turbot turbulence turbulent tureen Turkey Turkish turncoat turner turnery turning turn into turnip turn off turn out turnover turntable turn turn up turpentine turquoise turret turtle tuxedo TV twelve twenty twice a day twice a month twice a week twice a year twice twice-weekly twinaxial twin twist two abreast two by two twofold two-phase two tycoon tylose tympanic tympanometry tympanomplasty tyndallization typescale type typhoon typhus typically typical typification typist typological typology tyrannical tyranny tyrant tyre tzar