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Apertium English wordlist/U

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Ugandan Uganda ugly Ukraine Ukrainian ulceration ulcer ultimately ultimate ultimatum ultrapure ultrasonic ultrasound ultraviolet umbel umbilical umbrella unable unacceptable unacceptably unambiguously unambiguous unanchored unanimity unanimously unanimous unappealable unashamedly unavailable unavoidable unawares unaware unbelievably unbidden unblocking unblock uncertainty uncertain unchain unchanged uncle uncoiling uncomfortable unconditional unconformity unconnected unconsciousness unconstitutional uncontrolled uncultured uncus undecagon undecided undemonstrable under age under an alias under construction under contract under control under cover underdeveloped underdevelopment under discussion under duress underemployment underflow under full sail undergraduate under guard under house arrest underlet under licence under license underline under lock and key undermine underneath under no circumstances under no condition under oath under ordinary circumstances under preparation under review under sail under scrutiny under separate cover understanding understand under suspicion undertake undertaking under the circumstances under the counter under the influence under the present circumstances under the same roof under undervaluation undervalue undervoltage underwater underwear undesirable undisciplined undoubtedly undoubted undo undress undue uneasily uneconomic unemployment unequal unevenly uneven unexpectedly unexpected unfairly unfair unfit unforeseen unforgivable unfortunately unfounded ungrammaticalness ungrammatical ungulate unguligrade unhappiness unhappy unicellular unicolored unicorn unidirectional unification uniformitarianism uniformity uniform unify unijunction unilaterally unilateral unilineality unilineal unimodular unimportance uninhabited uninsurable unintelligence unintelligent unintelligibility unintelligible unintentionally unintentional uninterruptible union unipolar unipotent uniquely uniqueness unique unitarianism unitary United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States of America United States unit univalve univariant universalism universally universal universe university univocal univocity unkind unknowable unknown unless unlikely unlike unlocking unlucky unmark unmask unmodifiable unnatural unnecessarily unnecessary unnoticed unobserved unofficial unpack unpleasant unplug unpopular unpredictable unpremeditation unprotected unquestionable unquestionably unreadable unreality unreal unrecognizable unrelated unrest unripe unroll unsatisfactory unsatisfied unscrew unseen unsociability unsolvable unstable unsteadiness unsteeling unsuitable unsure unsurprisingly unsuspecting until further notice until further orders until successful until then until untransferable UN unusually unusual unwelding unwillingly unwilling unwisely unworthy up and down update up for grabs up for sale up here upholster upholstery upland upon request upon uppermost upper upraising uprising up-river upriver uproar upsetter upsetting upset upstage upstairs upstream upstrem upswing up there up till now up to a point up-to-date up to here and no further up to here up to now up to schedule up to the present up to there up to up until now up until then up upwards upward upwind uranium uranoplasty uranoplegy Uranus urbanization urban ureopoiesis ureter urethral urethra urgency urgently urgent urge uricolysis urine urn urobilinogen urologist urology uropoiesis Ursula Uruguayan Uruguay usable usage USA useful useless user use usually usual usufructuary usufruct usurp usury U.S. utensil uterine uterocele utilitarism utility utilization utopian utopia utterance utterly uvarovite uvula uxoricide uxorilocality Uzbekistan