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Apertium English wordlist/V

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vacancy vacation vaccination vaccine vacillation vacuole vacuome vagabond vaginal vagina vain Valencian valency Valentine validate validation valid valley valorization valorize valuable valuation value vampire vamp vanadium vandalic vandalism vandal vanilla vanity van vaporization vaporizer vaporous varactor variability variable variance variation variator varied variegated variety varimeter variolation various variscite varistor varnisher varying vary vascular vase vasodilation vassalage vassal vastness vast Vatican vat vectorial vector vegetable vegetal vegetarian vegetation vegetative vehement vehicle veil velarisation velocimeter velocipede velocity velodrome velum velvet vendor venerable Venetan Venetian Venezuelan Venezuela venial venous ventilation ventricle venture venue venule Venus veranda verbalism verbalization verbal verbose verbosity verb vergence vermicomposting vernacular versatile verse version vertebral vertebrate vertebra vertically vertical very early in the morning very much in the future very much very soon very vesical vesicle vestibular vesuvianite vetch veteran veterinarian veterinary vexation viable viaduct via vibration vibrator vibrograph vibrometer vicariant vicarious vicar vice versa vice vicinity vicious victimization victimology victim Victorian victoriate Victoria Victòria victorious Víctor victory videocassette videoconference videodisk videography videoplayer videotext video vidicon Vienna Vietnamese Vietnam viewer viewing view vigorous vigour vile village villa villosity vinaigrette vincamine vinegar vine vineyard vintager vintage vinyl viola violence violent violet violinist violin virgin virilism virilocality virology virosis virtually virtual virtue virtuosity virulence virus visa visceroptosis viscose viscosimeter viscosity viscous visibility visible visibly vision visitor visit visor visualization visual vitalist vitality vital vitamin vitelline viticultural viticulture vitrectomy vitrification vituperation vivacity vivid viviparous vivisection vizier vocabulary vocalic vocalism vocalist vocalization vocal vocational vocation vocative vodka voice volatile volatility volatilization volatilizer volcanic volcano volemie volleyball voltage voltameter voltammetry voltmeter volt volumeter volumetric volumetry volume voluntarily voluntarism voluntarist voluntary volunteering volunteer vomit vorticity vote voyeurism vulcanian vulcanism vulcanologist vulcanology vulgar vulnerability vulnerable vulture vulva vulvectomy Vyncent