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Apertium English wordlist/W

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wafer waffle wage Wagnerian Wagnerism wail wainscot waistband waistcoat waist waiter waitress wait Wales walkie-talkie walking walk Walles wallet wall walnut walrus Walter wander wand wanton want to want wardite wardrobe warehouse warily Warin warming warmongering warmth warm warning warn warp warranty warrior Warsaw warts and all wart war wary washbowl Washington washing wash wasn't wasteful waster waste watchdog watchmaker watchmaking watchtower watch water balance watercolour waterfall watering watermelon waterproof water wattmeter watt wave way back when way down below way over waystation way up wayward way weakening weaken weakling weakness weak we all wealth weaning weapon wearily wear weathercock weather permitting weather weaving website web wedding Wednesday we'd weeding week after week week by week weekend week in week out weekly week weep weevil weightlifting weight weigh weird welcome weldability welding well enough Wellington well in hand well on the way we'll well Welsh Wenefride weren't we're west wettability we've whaler whale whatever the case may be whatever the cost whatever what is more what's more what wheat wheelbase wheel whence whenever possible whenever when the time comes when the time is right when where appropriate where possible wherever possible wherever where whether which one which while whim whip whisky whisper whistle whitewasher white whiting whitish wholeheartedly wholesaler wholesale whole wholly whom whore whose who's who why widely widening widen widespread wide widower widowhood widthways width wife wildlife wild wilful Wilham willemite williamsite William willingly willingness willing Willmott will willy nilly willy-nilly wilting Winchester winding window windscreen windwards windward wind wine cellar winery wine shop wine wing wink winner Winnifred winnover winter win wiper wipe wiredrawing wire wisdom wisely wise wish witchcraft witch with abandon with a bang with a clear conscience with a frown with a heavy hand with a laugh with all due care with all due respect with all possible speed with any luck with arms akimbo with a smile with a view to with certain reserves with difficulty with dignity withdrawal withdraw with due respect with each passing day with every convenience with flying colors with good intentions with good intent with good reason with great dificulty with great ostentation with great reluctance with hindsight with impunity within a given time within a matter of minutes within earshot within gunshot within minutes within reason within seconds within sight within the bounds of probability within the realms of probability within walking distance within with luck with no conditions with no interferences with no strings attached with one accord with one mind with one thing and another with one voice with open arms with ostentation without a break without a doubt without charge without dispute without doubt without exception without fail without further ado without hesitation without more ado without notice without prejudice without prior notice without question without reservation without rhyme or reason without trace without with reference to with regard to the contents with regard to with reservation with some reservations with supreme indifference with suspicion with the best of intentions with the best will in the world with the correct timing with the exception of with the passing of time with the passing of years with the whole family with this end in view with time with witless witness wit wizard wobble wollastonite woman wonderfully wonderful wonder won't wooden wood woody wool word for word word work accident workbench worker workforce working work out workshop work world-wide world worm worrisome worry worsen worshipper worship worthwhile worthy wouldn't would've would wound wrapping wrap wrinkle wristband wrist write-only writer write writing wrongly wrong side out wrongside out wrong wry wulfenite