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Children's Dictionary

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This is the workspace for the Children's Dictionary, where of course, you may co-operate.

A Very Short History[edit]

At the very beginning, back in 2006, we were working on the OLPC Children's Dictionary. It had quite some success and grew for a certain period of time. Then at a stage, too much was added which makes it more a kind of a general dictionary. At a certain stage work stopped there. For some years we have been working offline on terminology data for children. This data now is present in tables and needs to be uploaded here.

People who contributed[edit]

-List to be added-

To Do[edit]

  • delete all words that are "too much" from the collection (not from OW obviously)
  • add OW-IDs to the tables
  • upload data
  • collect further translations in more, mainly less resourced, languages

Present language sets[edit]

20% are far from being complete, but first steps are done, so why not go ahead with more steps?

  • bar
  • bul
  • ces
  • ckb
  • csk
  • dan
  • deu
  • din
  • dyo
  • ell
  • est
  • fin
  • fra
  • gsw-Blienschwiller
  • gsw-Mulhouse
  • hrv
  • hun
  • ita
  • kmr
  • lav
  • lit
  • lpd
  • mlt
  • nap
  • nap-Bari
  • nld
  • nob
  • nno
  • pes
  • pms
  • pol
  • por
  • rus
  • slk
  • slv
  • sma
  • sme
  • smj
  • smm
  • sms
  • spa
  • sqi
  • swa
  • swe
  • udm
  • ukr
  • vep
  • vmf
  • wol