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DMM - Reimport GEMET

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WiktionaryZ started with the GEMET data. GEMET is an authoritative source for ecological information. It is continually developed. By importing the original data again to an authoritative database, and then import the latest version of GEMET on top of that, we will be able to assess:

  • The amount of work we have done on the GEMET data
  • The changes that happened at EIONET since we imported the original data

This DMM project concentrates on the import and reimport aspect.


  • Create a new dataset associate it with a special user (GEMET)
  • Import the original data into the new dataset
  • Create mappings between DM's in the public and the GEMET dataset
    • GEMET has been the initial data for our project so for the initial data there should be a record in the community dataset
  • Create some queries that allow us to analyse the changes between the datasets
    • It helps when these queries are generic so that they can also be used for other datasets
  • Import the changes on top of the GEMET dataset
    • This will give us the opportunity to understand where there is a need to revisit the Community data.