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Darai Dictionary

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Expression Definition is part of theme An entry in a thesaurus or dictionary that is associated with a theme abandoned industrial site Site that cannot be used for any purpose, being contaminated by pollutants. abandoned vehicle A vehicle that has been discarded in the environment, urban or otherwise, often found wrecked, destroyed, damaged or with a major component part stolen or missing. abiotic factor Physical, chemical and other non-living environmental factors.

Darai vowel sounds[edit]

There are 6 Vowel sound in Darai language. दरै भासायँ ६ वटा स्वरबर्न बाटै इ (i) उ (u)

  ए (e)           ओ (o)
     अ (a)
        आ (aa)

Darai Consonants[edit]

 == दरै ब्यन्जनबर्न ==

Bilabial Dental Alveolar Palatal Velar glottal

VI. Vd. VI. Vd. VI. Vd. VI. Vd. VI. Vd. VI. Vd. Stops Unaspirated P b t d t d

c j k g

Aspirated ph bh th dh th dh ch jh kh gh Fricative s h Nasal M n ŋ Lateral l Trill r Flap r Glides W y