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Colorado is not one of the states ever included in the (U.S.) Midwest.

Here's how it is described by the Mobil travel guide: "The Midwest region of the U.S. stretches from north of the Ohio River and southern border of Missouri and Kansas to the northern border of the U.S, and west to the Rocky Mountains."

States that can be described as midwestern would be Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Colorado would more typically be described as being located in the Rocky Mountain region. Or it could be called a Western state (though that makes the West as a locating term pretty large; of course, Fort Worth, Texas, is known as "where the West begins" and that's pretty much right in the middle; in that regard, the "West" begins at the point where the rainfall is less than 30 inches per year and hence insufficient to sustain most trees). Then a state like California would be in the Far West.

The problem with using "midwest" here (and "mideast" elsewhere; used with Arkansas, IIRC) is that these aren't neutral locating terms in U.S. English, but terms associated with specific regions.

-- Rsperberg 08:15, 29 May 2007 (EDT)