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Isn't the meaning "Clothes OF ONE PERSON, considered as a group."? At least in French "habillement" accepts the plural if there are several people and, if it stays at the singular, it means that they are identically or similarly clothed. Example from : "Revêtons-nous d’habillements Conformes à l’horrible fête" (Racine), "Les habillements étaient fort élégants du temps de Henri IV.", but "L’habillement des Égyptiens était fort simple.": here all Egyptians are supposed to have been clothed about the same. It is also the case for ancient Greek ἐσθής, as noted by LSJ:ἐσθής&la=greek#lexicon" : "in pl., of the clothes of several persons, A.Th.872 (anap.)", the example given being Aeschylus, "Seven Against Thebes": 870 "ἰώ, υσαδελφόταται πασῶν ὁπόσαι στρόφον ἐσθῆσιν περιβάλλονται,". (talk) 04:44, 9 April 2015 (CEST)