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DefinedMeaning talk:is made of (862691)

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This article (is made of (862691)) needs attention because:
Definition not in sync with expression(s)
It has been added to this category for attention. Thank you for your patience.

I see a potential for semantic drift here. "Is made of" and "was produced of" is likely not the same, and so appear some translations inconsistently to interpret it:

was created, by man or machinery, from … such as in: "This house was made of stone.", "CDs are made of acryl.", or
consists of …, was created, by gods will, or by natural forces, from … such as in: "The planet earth was made of mostly clay, not green cheese.", "This bad thought was made of grievance, mischief and revenge, my friend!", etc.

So what exacly is meant? --Purodha Blissenbach 08:00, 20 March 2009 (EDT)