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DefinedMeaning talk:know (6004)

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"to know" is not just to be sure! Although Aristotle was probably sure of the spontaneous generation, he didn't "know" that: he was wrong. Many of us experienced having being sure of something which turned out to be false. This is neither science nor knowledge. I propose as definition: "To have the conviction, squaring the reality, [that or about]" (in French: "Avoir la conviction, correspondant à la réalité, [que ou à propos de]"). I'm not sure whether we should split this definedMeaning into 2:

  • "know that" (+ a fact), as in "I know John is guilty.",
  • "know" (+ indirect interrogative clause) as in "I know who is guilty.".

Are there languages where the 2 use a different verb? (talk) 22:51, 20 March 2013 (CET)