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Development/Preferred translation

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What is wanted[edit]

A way to indicate, when a word has several translations in a language, (e.g. Expression:horsepower) which translation should appear on the headerline (blue), or when linked via annotations.

In this particular example, it would be desired to have "metric horsepower" for the first definition and "mechanical horsepower" for the second definition. In my French interface, it is "cheval" that is selected for both, which is not the most common expression to represent this concept and should be corrected.

To implement[edit]

I see two ways of doing it:

  1. Indicating THE preferred translation
    • for example, with a "radio box"-like button in front of each translation. When clicked on it, it says "this is the preferred translation in that language" and desactivates any other radiobox in translations of that language.
    • in the database, this could be done with a new binary variable added in the syntrans table
  2. Ordering the different translations.
    • for example, in the interface, there would be arrows to move up and down the translations, or numbers to indicate the rank.
    • in the database, this could be done with a new int variable added in the syntrans table, indicating a rank, or a floating point field allowing practically unlimited numbers of insertions between any two existing values without reordering.