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    Language: English
      • Proper noun
        •  Allah[Edit] : God, in Islamic context.
          •  Lexical annotations
            example sentence1998, Anne Rice, The Vampire Armand, New York: Knopf, ISBN 9780679454472, OL 354828M, page 273: We are too much men and women; we are yet formed in the image of the Creator, and what can we say of Him with any certainty except that He, whoever He may be—Christ, Yahweh, Allah—He made us, did He not, because even He in His Infinite Perfection could not bear to be alone.
            usageWhile the Arabic الله is used generically to refer to God in Jewish, Christian, and Islamic contexts, current English usage almost always restricts the corresponding term Allah to Islamic contexts only. Various newspaper style manuals recommend translating the Arabic word in English as God, as this better reflects Arabic usage, but the term is often left untranslated in Islamic contexts. Thus either “Allah is great” or “God is great” may be seen. (from Wıktıonary)
            EnglishArabic الله (allāh), contraction of اَل (al) + إِلَه (ʾilah, “ilāh”); cognate with the Aramaic אלה (aláh) and אלהא (aláhâ), and Hebrew אֵל (él), אֱלוֹהַּ \ אֱלֹהַּ (elóah) and אֱלוֹהִים \ אֱלֹהִים (elohím); ultimately from Proto-Semitic *ʾil-.
            word classproper noun
          •  Definition
            CastilianDios, en el contexto islámico.
            EnglishGod, in Islamic context.
            FrenchDieu, dans le contexte islamique.
            ItalianDio, nel contesto islamico.
            Turkishİslamî bağlamda, Tanrı.
          •  Synonyms and translations
             CastilianAláshow ▼
             FrenchAllahshow ▼
             ItalianAllahshow ▼
             TurkishAllahshow ▼
          •  Semantic annotations
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