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    Language: English
      •  Yeyi[Edit] : A Bantu language spoken in Botswana.
        •  Definition
          CastilianLengua bantú hablada en Botsuana.
          DutchEen Bantutaal uit Botswana.
          EnglishA Bantu language spoken in Botswana.
          FrenchLangue bantoue parlée au Botswana.
          SwedishEtt bantuspråk som talas i Botswana.
        •  Synonyms and translations
           Castilianyeyishow ▼
           DutchYeyishow ▼
           Frenchyeyishow ▼
           Swedishyeyishow ▼
        •  Collection membership
          CollectionSource identifier
          ISO 639-3 codesyey