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bodily function

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  •  Language: English
      • Substantive
        •  bodily function[Edit] : A physiologic activity taking place in the body.
          •  Lexical annotations
            example sentence... the mind holds an intermediate part between the two bodily functions of perceiving and doing, ... Robert Mudie. 1839. Man, in his intellectual faculties and adaptations - Page 187.
            example sentenceThe Christian is the only religion, old or new, in which individuals and nations can dispense, by another's permission, with their bounden duties : such are fasts, curtesies, crosses, genuflexions, processions, and other bodily functions.Walter Savage Landor - 1826. Imaginary conversations of literary men and statesmen, Volume 1.
            example sentenceIt is now a scientific fact that different colors and sounds produce even in dogs a marked change in circulation, respiration, and other bodily functions. Daniel Edward Phillips - 1913. An elementary psychology; suggestions for the interpretation of human life.
            word classsubstantive
          •  Definition
            CastilianActividad fisiológica que se lleva a cabo en el cuerpo.
            EnglishA physiologic activity taking place in the body.
            FrenchActivité physiologique ayant lieu dans l'organisme.
            ItalianAttività fisiologica che ha luogo nel corpo.
            TurkishVücutta olan bir fizyolojik faaliyet.
          •  Synonyms and translations