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      • Substantive
        •  cyprine[Edit] : Liquid secreted by the Bartholin's glands at the opening of the vagina when a woman is sexually aroused.
          •  Lexical annotations
            example sentenceIn the present homiletic advice or "charm" the vaginal lubricant is to replace the woman's natural pre-coital fluid or cyprine, apparently insufficient with the slow-starting lover, or which has been rubbed of ("burned away") with his fumbling or delay. Vance Randolph, G. Legman - 1992 . Blow the Candle Out - Page 674
            example sentence... while the narrator's evocations of fluidity will be principally in reference to the living body's productions (milk, urine, cyprine) ... Milena Santoro - 2003 / Mothers of Invention: Feminist Authors and Experimental Fiction in France. Page 168
            example sentence...but like a prolonging in the water, a fluid continues along its course my love as visible as cyprine to the sense of touch which triggers desire... Nicole Brossard, Fiona Strachan - 1989. Surfaces of sense - Page 14."cyprine%E2%80%8E"
            EnglishFirst used in the 1970s. Derived from Aphrodite's names. The word is attributed to Monique Wittig: "Une agitation trouble l'ecoulement de la cyprine eau fluide transparente." The citation is from the leventh prose poem of the french original of Le corps Lesbien (The Lesbian Body), which celebrates "cyprine" as the theme. Namascar Shaktini - 2005. On Monique Wittig: Theoretical, Political, and Literary Essays
            word classsubstantive
          •  Definition
            EnglishLiquid secreted by the Bartholin's glands at the opening of the vagina when a woman is sexually aroused.
            FrenchLiquide sécrété par les glandes de Bartholin situées de chaque côté du vagin, lorsque la femme est en état d'excitation sexuelle.
            GermanFlüssigkeit, die von den Bartholin-Drüsen produziert wird, wenn eine Frau sexuell erregt ist.
            ItalianLiquido secreto dalle ghiandole di Bartolini situate su ciascun lato della vagina quando la donna è in uno stato di eccitazione sessuale.
            TurkishKadının cinsel uyarımı sonucu, vajinanın iki yanındaki Bartholin bezleri tarafından salgılanan sıvı.
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          •  Semantic annotations
            hypernymbody fluid
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