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young mouse

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  •  Language: English
    •  Approximate meanings
      •  young mouse[Edit] : A young mouse.
        •  Definition
          BelarusianМалады мыш.
          BosnianMlad miš.
          BulgarianМлада мишка.
          CastilianRatón joven.
          CroatianMlad miš.
          CzechMladá myš.
          EnglishA young mouse.
          FrenchJeune souris.
          PolishMłoda mysz.
          PortugueseRato jovem.
          RussianМолодая мышь, детеныш мыши.
          Serbian (Cyrillic script)Млад миш.
          Serbian (Latin script)Mlad miš.
          SlovakMladá myš.
          SlovenianMlad miš.
          UkrainianМолода миша, дитинча миші.
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