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in the English section, litter and waste are synonyms, but only for one sense (defined meaning) of litter. Another defined meaning of litter is what is put down for animals to lie on or a very special kind of litter is used indoors for cats to do their duty. So the English definition is wrong.

This is a result of inaccurate data in GEMET. The GEMET entry for "litter" [1] defines "Unrat", "affald" etc. as valid translations of "Straw, hay or similar material used as bedding by animals". It also categorizes it as the theme "waste" related to the broader term "municipal waste".
My importer was actually too smart for its own good. When importing the theme "waste" as a new lexical item, it looked up the available translations of that theme. This included the inaccurate translations of "litter" and hence, "waste" was connected to "litter". I'll have to be more careful in assuming the accuracy of the GEMET data. Because GEMET only has one concept per word, there are sometimes mismatches across languages.
One interesting result of the way the importer works is that we do have the (correct) synonym "waste" for "litter", which GEMET itself doesn't have. If we had editing, the error could be fixed relatively easily by changing the meaning texts to describe "waste" and adding a new meaning for "litter" for which we don't yet have any translations.--Admin 03:43, 28 December 2005 (CET)