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Help:Correcting a mispelling

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How to correct a mispelling[edit]

Unlike other wikis (Wikipedia, Wiktionary), we do not use the "move" button to correct a mispelling.

Let's assume we want to correct "spellin" to "spelling". Here is how:

If you can modify existing data[edit]

  1. Go to the page involved, (you are probably already there since you've seen the mispelling)
  2. Edit the page
    • either in the Expression: namespace (by clicking on the edit tab) or the DefinedMeaning: namespace (by clicking on the right next to the definition)
    • editing in the DefinedMeaning: namespace should be the preferred method, as it is faster and more convenient.
  3. Remove the existing translation that is mispelled by clicking the checkbox next to it on the leftmost column
  4. Add the new correctly spelled translation, at the bottom
    • select a language in the combobox
    • write the word in the text field
  5. Click save
    • if you edited in the DefinedMeaning: namespace, you'll see again the list of translations and can check that it is now correct
    • if you edited in the Expression: namespace, the word you corrected will not appear anymore on that page. You'll have to look at the page with the correct spelling to check that it has moved there.

If you cannot modify existing data[edit]

Then you can add the correct spelling as explained above, but you cannot remove the existing mispelled word (step 3 above). Therefore, you'll need to either: