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Help:Development/WikiLexicalData Software Manual

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OmegaWiki Software Structure
OmegaWiki Default Application Special Pages Web API
WikiLexicalData Default Application PHP API classes and functions

Currently, we lack documentations about the OmegaWiki Software. Hopefully this will be remedied soon.


See: MediaWiki documentation


Default Application[edit]

Class DefaultWikidataApplication[edit]

Location : OmegaWiki/Wikidata.php

PHP API[edit]

Classes and functions[edit]


Default Application[edit]

Class OmegaWiki[edit]

Location : OmegaWiki/OmegaWiki.php
Extends : DefaultWikidataApplication

This class handles the Expression Namespace.

Class DefinedMeaning[edit]

Location : OmegaWiki/DefinedMeaning.php
Extends : DefaultWikidataApplication

This class handles the DefinedMeaning Namespace.

Special Pages[edit]

Web API[edit]

See Help:OmegaWiki_API