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Help:Editing annotations

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Three types of annotations[edit]

There are three types of annotations.

3 types of annotations
There are three types of annotations.
1 - Lexical annotations
They are annotations about the word itself, here "Gugelhupfform", and will indicate its part of speech, gender, pronunciation, etymology, etc.
2 - Lexical annotations of the synonyms and translations
Annotations like "1", providing a quick way to access the annotations for synonyms and translations without clicking on the word.
3 - Semantic annotations
They are annotations about the concept itself, its topic (here: "cooking"), images for illustrating the concept, its relations (e.g. "Gugelhupfform" is "used to make" => "Gugelhupf"), links to Wikipedia about that concept, etc.

Editing annotations 1 and 3[edit]

To edit annotations 1 and 3, it is done the standard wiki way:

  1. click on the top of the page on "edit"
  2. add and modify the annotations
  3. click on the bottom of the page on "save"

Editing translation annotations 2[edit]

To edit annotations 2, a dynamic editing is used. You can edit directly from the "view" mode and don't need to edit the entire page.

Open the annotation panel by clicking the "show/hide" button. Click on "edit" on the panel

Add your annotations, click on "save" on the panel (there is a button on top and at the bottom) or cancel.

If you saved, your annotations should now appear.