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Help:Example sentence

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What is an example sentence?[edit]

An example sentence is a sentence that has the purpose to illustrate the proper use of an expression, and help to understand the meaning of the expression by putting it in a context.

An example sentence can be of two types:

  • a self-made example sentence
in that case, the best is to keep the sentence as simple as possible, and try to create a sentence which makes sense only with the intended meaning, and not with the other meanings of the expression being illustrated (i.e. unambiguity).
  • a citation from a book or another media
Usually the sentences cited from a source are longer than self-made examples, but they have the advantage of giving a proof that the word exists, and also a time when it was used. Do not forget to cite the book title, author, date of publication, chapter(?), etc.

How to annotate an example sentence[edit]

An example sentence is associated to a syntrans (a given expression and a given definition of that expression).

You will find example sentence annotations in the right column in the translation table. In edit mode, click "Annotation >>" then "Plain text" and click the drop-down box, select "example sentence".

You can have as many example sentences as you like for a given syntrans.