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Question.png Baan
Question.png Baangi
Question.png Baatonum
Question.png Baba
Question.png Baba Malay
Question.png Babalia Creole Arabic
Question.png Babango
Question.png Babanki
Question.png Babar, North
Question.png Babar, Southeast
Question.png Babatana
Question.png Babine
Question.png Bable
Question.png Babuza
Question.png Bacama
Question.png Bacanese Malay
Question.png Bactrian
Question.png Bada (Indonesia)
Question.png Bada (Nigeria)
Question.png Badaga
Question.png Bade
Question.png Badeshi
Question.png Bädi Kanum
Question.png Badimaya
Question.png Badui
Question.png Badyara
Question.png Baeggu
Question.png Baelelea
Question.png Baetora
Question.png Bafanji
Question.png Bafaw-Balong
Question.png Bafia
Question.png Bafut
Question.png Baga Binari
Question.png Baga Kaloum
Question.png Baga Koga
Question.png Baga Manduri
Question.png Baga Mboteni
Question.png Baga Sitemu
Question.png Baga Sobané
Question.png Bagheli
Question.png Bagirmi
Question.png Bagirmi Fulfulde
Question.png Bago-Kusuntu
Question.png Bagri
Question.png Bagupi
Question.png Bagusa
Question.png Bagvalal
Question.png Baha Buyang
Question.png Baham
Question.png Bahamas Creole English
Question.png Baharna Arabic
Question.png Bahau
Question.png Bahinemo
Question.png Bahing
Question.png Bahnar
Question.png Bahonsuai
Question.png Bai
Question.png Bai, Central
Question.png Bai, Northern
Question.png Bai, Southern
Question.png Baibai
Question.png Baikeno
Question.png Baima
Question.png Baimak
Yes.png Bainouk-Gunyaamolo
Question.png Bainouk-Gunyuño
Question.png Bainouk-Samik
Question.png Baiso
Question.png Baissa Fali
Question.png Bajan
Question.png Bajau, Indonesian
Question.png Bajau, West Coast
Question.png Bajelani
Question.png Baka (Cameroon)
Question.png Baka (Sudan)
Question.png Bakairí
Question.png Bakaka
Question.png Bakhtiari
Question.png Baki
Question.png Bakoko
Question.png Bakole
Question.png Bakpinka
Question.png Bakumpai
Question.png Bakwé
Question.png Balaesang
Question.png Balangao
Question.png Balangingi
Question.png Balanta-Ganja
Question.png Balantak
Question.png Balanta-Kentohe
Question.png Balau
Question.png Baldemu
Yes.png Bali (island of Bali)
= Balinese
Question.png Bali (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Question.png Bali (Nigeria)
Yes.png Balinese
There are two variants: "Balinese written in Latin", which is currently the most used and "Balinese written in Balinese", which is less and less used.
Question.png Balinese Malay
Question.png Balkan Gagauz Turkish
Question.png Balkan Romani
Question.png Balo
Question.png Balochi, Eastern
Question.png Balochi, Southern
Question.png Balochi, Western
Question.png Baloi
Question.png Balti
Question.png Baltic Romani
Question.png Baluan-Pam
Question.png Baluchi
Question.png Bamako Sign Language
Question.png Bamali
Question.png Bambalang
Question.png Bambam
Question.png Bambara
Question.png Bambassi
Question.png Bambili-Bambui
Question.png Bamenyam
Question.png Bamu
Question.png Bamukumbit
Question.png Bamun
Question.png Bamunka
Question.png Bamwe
Question.png Ban Khor Sign Language
Question.png Bana
Question.png Banam Bay
Question.png Banao Itneg
Question.png Banaro
Question.png Banda (Indonesia)
Question.png Banda Malay
Question.png Banda, Mid-Southern
Question.png Banda, South Central
Question.png Banda, Togbo-Vara
Question.png Banda, West Central
Question.png Banda-Bambari
Question.png Banda-Banda
Question.png Banda-Mbrès
Question.png Banda-Ndélé
Question.png Banda-Yangere
Question.png Bandi
Question.png Bandial
Question.png Bandjalang
Question.png Bandjigali
Question.png Bangala
Question.png Bangandu
Question.png Bangba
Question.png Banggai
Question.png Banggarla
Question.png Bangi
Question.png Bangi Me
Question.png Bangingih Sama
Question.png Bangka
Question.png Bangolan
Question.png Bangubangu
Question.png Bangwinji
Question.png Baniva
Question.png Baniwa
Yes.png Banjar
Yes.png Banjarese
= Banjar
Question.png Bankagooma
Question.png Bankon
Question.png Bannoni
Question.png Bantawa
Question.png Bantayanon
Question.png Bantik
Question.png Bantoanon
Question.png Baoulé
Question.png Bara Malagasy
Question.png Baraamu
Question.png Barai
Question.png Barakai
Question.png Baram Kayan
Question.png Barama
Question.png Barambu
Question.png Baramu
Question.png Barapasi
Question.png Baras
Question.png Barasana-Eduria
Question.png Barbacoas
Question.png Barbareño
Question.png Barclayville Grebo
Question.png Bardi
Question.png Baré
Question.png Barein
Question.png Bareli, Palya
Question.png Bareli, Pauri
Question.png Bareli, Rathwi
Question.png Bargam
Question.png Bari
Question.png Barí
Question.png Bariai
Question.png Bariji
Question.png Barikanchi
Question.png Barok
Question.png Barombi
Question.png Barro Negro Tunebo
Question.png Barrow Point
Question.png Baruga
Question.png Baruya
Question.png Barwe
Question.png Barzani Jewish Neo-Aramaic
Question.png Basa (Cameroon)
Question.png Basa (Nigeria)
Question.png Basa-Gumna
Question.png Basa-Gurmana
Question.png Basap
Question.png Basay
Question.png Bashkardi
Yes.png Bashkir
Question.png Basketo
Question.png Basque
Question.png Basque (family)
Question.png Bassa
Question.png Bassa-Kontagora
Question.png Bassari
Question.png Bassossi
Question.png Bata
Question.png Batad Ifugao
Question.png Batak
Question.png Batak Alas-Kluet
Question.png Batak Angkola
Question.png Batak Dairi
Question.png Batak Karo
Question.png Batak Mandailing
Question.png Batak Simalungun
Question.png Batak Toba
Question.png Batanga
Question.png Batek
Question.png Bateri
Question.png Bathari
Question.png Bati (Cameroon)
Question.png Bati (Indonesia)
Question.png Bats
Question.png Batu
Question.png Batui
Question.png Batuley
Question.png Bau
Question.png Bau Bidayuh
Question.png Bauchi
Yes.png Baure
Question.png Bauria
Question.png Bauro
Question.png Bauwaki
Question.png Bauzi
Yes.png Bavarian
Question.png Bawm Chin
Question.png Bay Miwok
Question.png Bayali
Question.png Baybayanon
Question.png Baygo
Question.png Bayono
Question.png Bayot
Question.png Bayungu
Question.png Bazigar
Question.png Beami
Question.png Beaver
Question.png Beba
Question.png Bebe
Question.png Bebele
Question.png Bebeli
Question.png Bebil
Question.png Bedawiyet
Yes.png Bedik
= Menik
Question.png Bedjond
Question.png Bedoanas
Question.png Beeke
Question.png Beele
Question.png Beembe
Question.png Beezen
Question.png Befang
Question.png Begbere-Ejar
Question.png Beja
Question.png Bekati'
Question.png Bekwarra
Question.png Bekwel
Question.png Belait
Question.png Belanda Bor
Question.png Belanda Viri
Yes.png Belarusian
Yes.png Belarusian (Taraškievica)
Question.png Belhariya
Question.png Beli (Papua New Guinea)
Question.png Beli (Sudan)
Question.png Belize Kriol English
Question.png Bella Coola
Question.png Bellari
Question.png Bemba (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Question.png Bemba (Zambia)
Question.png Bembe
Question.png Bena (Nigeria)
Question.png Bena (Tanzania)
Question.png Benabena
Question.png Bench
Question.png Bende
Question.png Bendi
Question.png Beneraf
Question.png Beng
Question.png Benga
Yes.png Bengali
Question.png Benggoi
Question.png Bengkala Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet supported
Question.png Bentong
Question.png Benyadu'
Question.png Beothuk
Question.png Bepour
Question.png Bera
Question.png Berakou
Question.png Berau Malay
Question.png Berawan, Central
Question.png Berawan, East
Question.png Berawan, West
Question.png Berbice Creole Dutch
Question.png Berik
Question.png Berinomo
Question.png Berom
Question.png Berta
Question.png Berti
Question.png Besisi
Question.png Besme
Question.png Besoa
Question.png Betaf
Question.png Betawi
Question.png Bete
Question.png Bété, Daloa
Question.png Bété, Gagnoa
Question.png Béte, Guiberoua
Question.png Bete-Bendi
Question.png Beti (Côte d'Ivoire)
Question.png Betta Kurumba
Question.png Bezhta
Question.png Bhadrawahi
Question.png Bhalay
Question.png Bharia
Question.png Bhasa, Nepal
Question.png Bhatola
Question.png Bhatri
Question.png Bhattiyali
Question.png Bhaya
Question.png Bhele
Question.png Bhil, Sindhi
Question.png Bhilali
Question.png Bhili
Question.png Bhojpuri
Question.png Bhoti Kinnauri
Question.png Bhoti, Spiti
Question.png Bhoti, Stod
Question.png Bhujel
Question.png Bhunjia
Question.png Biafada
Question.png Biage
Question.png Biak
Question.png Biali
Question.png Bian Marind
Question.png Biangai
Question.png Biao
Question.png Biao Mon
Question.png Biao-Jiao Mien
Question.png Biatah Bidayuh
Question.png Bicolano, Central
Question.png Bicolano, Northern Catanduanes
Question.png Bicolano, Southern Catanduanes
Question.png Bidayuh, Bau
Question.png Bidayuh, Biatah
Question.png Bidayuh, Bukar-Sadung
Question.png Bidayuh, Tringgus-Sembaan
Question.png Bidiyo
Question.png Bidyara
Question.png Bidyogo
Question.png Biem
Question.png Bierebo
Question.png Bieria
Question.png Biete
Question.png Big Nambas
Question.png Biga
Question.png Bijori
Question.png Bikaru
Question.png Bikol
Question.png Bikol, Buhi'non
Question.png Bikol, Libon
Question.png Bikol, Miraya
Question.png Bikol, Rinconada
Question.png Bikol, West Albay
Question.png Bikya
Question.png Bila
Question.png Bilakura
Question.png Bilaspuri
Question.png Bilba
Question.png Bilbil
Question.png Bile
Question.png Bilin
Question.png Bilma Kanuri
Question.png Biloxi
Question.png Bilua
Question.png Bilur
Question.png Bima
Question.png Bimin
Question.png Bimoba
Question.png Bina (Nigeria)
Question.png Bina (Papua New Guinea)
Question.png Binahari
Question.png Binandere
Question.png Bine
Question.png Bini
Question.png Binji
Question.png Binongan Itneg
Question.png Bintauna
Question.png Bintulu
Question.png Binukid
Question.png Binukidnon, Northern
Question.png Binukidnon, Southern
Question.png Binumarien
Question.png Bipi
Question.png Birale
Question.png Birao
Question.png Birgit
Question.png Birhor
Question.png Biri
Question.png Birifor, Malba
Question.png Birifor, Southern
Question.png Biritai
Question.png Birked
Question.png Birri
Question.png Birwa
Question.png Bisa
Question.png Bisaya, Brunei
Question.png Bisaya, Sabah
Question.png Biseni
Question.png Bishnupriya
Question.png Bishuo
Question.png Bisis
Question.png Bislama
Question.png Bisorio
Question.png Bissa
Yes.png Bissau-Bolama Creole
The main dialect of the Guinea-Bissau Creole.
Question.png Bisu
Question.png Bit
Question.png Bitare
Question.png Bitur
Question.png Biwat
Question.png Biyo
Question.png Biyom
Question.png Blaan, Koronadal
Question.png Blaan, Sarangani
Question.png Blablanga
Question.png Blafe
Question.png Blagar
Question.png Blang
Question.png Blin
Question.png Bliss
Question.png Blissymbolics
Question.png Blissymbols
Question.png Bo (Laos)
Question.png Bo (Papua New Guinea)
Question.png Boano (Maluku)
Question.png Boano (Sulawesi)
Question.png Bobo Madaré, Northern
Question.png Bobo Madaré, Southern
Question.png Bobongko
Question.png Bobot
Question.png Bodo (Central African Republic)
Question.png Bodo (India)
Question.png Bodo Gadaba
Question.png Bodo Parja
Question.png Bofi
Question.png Boga
Question.png Bogaya
Question.png Boghom
Question.png Boguru
Question.png Bohtan Neo-Aramaic
Question.png Boikin
Question.png Bokha
Question.png Boko (Benin)
Question.png Boko (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Question.png Bokobaru
Question.png Bokoto
Question.png Bokyi
Question.png Bola
Question.png Bolango
Question.png Bole
Question.png Bolgarian
Question.png Bolgo
Question.png Bolia
Question.png Bolinao
Question.png Bolivian Sign Language
Question.png Bolo
Question.png Boloki
Question.png Bolon
Question.png Bolondo
Question.png Bolongan
Question.png Bolyu
Question.png Bom
Question.png Boma
Question.png Bomboli
Question.png Bomboma
Question.png Bomitaba
Question.png Bomu
Question.png Bomwali
Question.png Bon Gula
Question.png Bonan
Question.png Bondei
Question.png Bondo
Question.png Bondoukou Kulango
Question.png Bondum Dom Dogon
Question.png Bonerate
Question.png Bonerif
Question.png Bonggi
Question.png Bonggo
Question.png Bongili
Question.png Bongo
Question.png Bongu
Question.png Bonjo
Question.png Bonkeng
Question.png Bonkiman
Question.png Bontok
Question.png Bontok, Central
Question.png Bontok, Eastern
Question.png Bontok, Northern
Question.png Bontok, Southern
Question.png Bontok, Southwestern
Question.png Bookan
Question.png Boon
Question.png Boor
Question.png Bor, Belanda
Question.png Bora
Question.png Borana-Arsi-Guji Oromo
Question.png Border Kuna
Question.png Borei
Question.png Borgu Fulfulde
Question.png Borna (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Question.png Borna (Ethiopia)
Question.png Boro (Ethiopia)
Question.png Boro (Ghana)
Question.png Borong
Yes.png Borôro
Question.png Boruca
Question.png Bo-Rukul
Question.png Boselewa
Question.png Bosngun
Yes.png Bosnian
Question.png Bote-Majhi
Question.png Botlikh
Question.png Botolan Sambal
Question.png Bouna Kulango
Question.png Bo-Ung
Question.png Bouyei
Question.png Bozaba
Question.png Bozo, Jenaama
Question.png Bozo, Kɛlɛngaxo
Question.png Bozo, Tiemacèwè
Question.png Bozo, Tiéyaxo
Question.png Bragat
Question.png Brahui
Question.png Braj
Question.png Brazilian Sign Language
Question.png Brek Karen
Question.png Brem
Question.png Breri
Yes.png Breton
Question.png Breton, Middle
Question.png Breton, Old
Question.png Bribri
Question.png Brithenig
Question.png British Sign Language
Question.png Brokkat
Question.png Brokpake
Question.png Brokskat
Question.png Brooke's Point Palawano
Question.png Broome Pearling Lugger Pidgin
Question.png Bru, Eastern
Question.png Bru, Western
Question.png Brunei
Question.png Brunei Bisaya
Question.png Bu
Question.png Bua
Question.png Bualkhaw Chin
Question.png Buamu
Question.png Buang, Mangga
Question.png Buang, Mapos
Question.png Bube
Question.png Bubi
Question.png Bubia
Question.png Budeh Stieng
Question.png Budibud
Question.png Budong-Budong
Question.png Budu
Question.png Budukh
Question.png Buduma
Question.png Budza
Question.png Bugan
Question.png Bugawac
Question.png Bughotu
Yes.png Buginese
Yes.png Bugis
= Buginese
Question.png Buglere
Question.png Bugun
Question.png Buhid
Question.png Buhi'non Bikol
Question.png Buhutu
Question.png Bukar-Sadung Bidayuh
Question.png Bukat
Question.png Bukharic
Question.png Bukit Malay
Question.png Bukitan
Question.png Bukiyip
Question.png Buksa
Question.png Bukusu
Question.png Bukwen
Question.png Bulgarian
Question.png Bulgarian Sign Language
Question.png Bulgarian, Old
Question.png Bulgebi
Question.png Buli (Ghana)
Question.png Buli (Indonesia)
Question.png Bullom So
Question.png Bulo Stieng
Question.png Bulu (Cameroon)
Question.png Bulu (Papua New Guinea)
Question.png Bum
Question.png Bumaji
Question.png Bumbita Arapesh
Question.png Bumthangkha
Question.png Bun
Question.png Buna
Question.png Bunaba
Question.png Bunak
Question.png Bunama
Question.png Bu-Nao Bunu
Question.png Bundeli
Question.png Bung
Question.png Bungain
Question.png Bungku
Question.png Bungu
Question.png Bunoge Dogon
Question.png Bunu, Bu-Nao
Question.png Bunu, Jiongnai
Question.png Bunu, Wunai
Question.png Bunu, Younuo
Question.png Bunun
Question.png Buol
Question.png Burak
Question.png Buraka
Question.png Bura-Pabir
Question.png Burarra
Question.png Burate
Question.png Burdekin, Lower
Question.png Burduna
Question.png Bure
Question.png Buriat
Question.png Buriat, China
Question.png Buriat, Mongolia
Question.png Buriat, Russia
Question.png Burji
Question.png Burmbar
Question.png Burmese
Question.png Burmese, Old
Question.png Burmeso
Question.png Buru (Indonesia)
Question.png Buru (Nigeria)
Question.png Burui
Question.png Burumakok
Question.png Burun
Question.png Burunge
Question.png Burushaski
Question.png Burusu
Question.png Buruwai
Question.png Busa
Question.png Busam
Question.png Busami
Question.png Busang Kayan
Question.png Bushi
Question.png Bushoong
Question.png Businenge Tongo
Question.png Buso
Question.png Busoa
Question.png Bussa
Question.png Busuu
Question.png Butbut Kalinga
Question.png Butmas-Tur
Question.png Butuanon
Question.png Buwal
Question.png Buxinhua
Question.png Buya
Question.png Buyang, Baha
Question.png Buyang, E'ma
Question.png Buyang, Langnian
Question.png Buyu
Question.png Buyuan Jinuo
Question.png Bwa
Question.png Bwaidoka
Question.png Bwamu, Cwi
Question.png Bwamu, Láá Láá
Question.png Bwanabwana
Question.png Bwatoo
Question.png Bwe Karen
Question.png Bwela
Question.png Bwile
Question.png Bwisi
Question.png Byangsi
Question.png Byep