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Question.png Caac
Question.png Cabécar
Question.png Cabiyarí
Question.png Cacaloxtepec Mixtec
Question.png Cacaopera
Question.png Cacgia Roglai
Question.png Cacua
Question.png Caddo
Question.png Cafundo Creole
Question.png Cagua
Question.png Cahuarano
Question.png Cahuilla
Question.png Cajamarca Quechua
Question.png Cajatambo North Lima Quechua
Question.png Cajonos Zapotec
Yes.png Cajun French
Question.png Caka
Yes.png Cakchiquel
Question.png Cakchiquel-Quiché Mixed Language
Question.png Cakfem-Mushere
Question.png Calamian Tagbanwa
Question.png Calderón Highland Quichua
Question.png Callawalla
Question.png Caló
Question.png Caluyanun
Question.png Cameroon Mambila
Question.png Cameroon Pidgin
Question.png Camling
Question.png Campalagian
Question.png Campidanese Sardinian
Question.png Camsá
Question.png Camtho
Question.png Camunic
Question.png Cañar Highland Quichua
Question.png Candoshi-Shapra
Question.png Canela
Question.png Canichana
Question.png Cao Lan
Question.png Cao Miao
Question.png Capanahua
Question.png Capiznon
Question.png Cappadocian Greek
Question.png Caquinte
Question.png Car Nicobarese
Question.png Cara
Question.png Carabayo
Question.png Caramanta
Question.png Carapana
Question.png Carian
Question.png Carib, Galibi
Question.png Carib, Island
Question.png Caribbean Hindustani
Question.png Caribbean Javanese
Question.png Carijona
Question.png Carolina Algonquian
Question.png Carolinian
Question.png Carpathian Romani
Question.png Carrier
Question.png Carrier, Southern
Yes.png Casamance Creole
50.000 speakers.
Question.png Cashibo-Cacataibo
Question.png Cashinahua
Question.png Casiguran Dumagat Agta
Yes.png Castilian
Question.png Casuarina Coast Asmat
Yes.png Catalan
Question.png Catalan Sign Language
sign languages are not supported yet
Question.png Catawba
Question.png Cauca
Question.png Cavineña
Question.png Cayubaba
Yes.png Cayuga
Question.png Cayuse
Question.png Cebaara Senoufo
Yes.png Cebuano
Question.png Celtiberian
Question.png Cemuhî
Question.png Cen
Question.png Central Asmat
Question.png Central Atlas Tamazight
Question.png Central Awyu
Yes.png Central Aymara
Question.png Central Bai
Question.png Central Berawan
Question.png Central Bicolano
Question.png Central Bontok
Question.png Central Cagayan Agta
Question.png Central Dusun
Question.png Central Grebo
Question.png Central Hongshuihe Zhuang
Question.png Central Huasteca Nahuatl
Question.png Central Huishui Hmong
Question.png Central Huishui Miao
Question.png Central Kanuri
Question.png Central Khmer
Yes.png Central Kurdish
= Sorani
Question.png Central Maewo
Question.png Central Malay
Question.png Central Masela
Question.png Central Mashan Hmong
Question.png Central Mashan Miao
Question.png Central Mazahua
Question.png Central Melanau
Question.png Central Mnong
Question.png Central Nahuatl
Question.png Central Nicobarese
Question.png Central Ojibwa
Question.png Central Okinawan
Question.png Central Palawano
Question.png Central Pame
Question.png Central Pashto
Question.png Central Pomo
Question.png Central Puebla Nahuatl
Question.png Central Sama
Question.png Central Siberian Yupik
Question.png Central Sierra Miwok
Question.png Central Subanen
Question.png Central Tagbanwa
Question.png Central Tarahumara
Question.png Central Tunebo
Question.png Central Yupik
Question.png Central-Eastern Niger Fulfulde
Question.png Centúúm
Question.png Cerma
Question.png Chachapoyas Quechua
Question.png Chachi
Question.png Chácobo
Question.png Chadian Arabic
Question.png Chadian Sign Language
Question.png Chadong
Question.png Chagatai
Question.png Chaima
Question.png Chak
Question.png Chakali
Question.png Chakma
Question.png Chala
Question.png Chaldean Neo-Aramaic
Question.png Chalikha
Question.png Cham, Eastern
Question.png Cham, Western
Question.png Chamacoco
Question.png Chamalal
Question.png Chamari
Question.png Chambeali
Question.png Chambri
Question.png Chamicuro
Question.png Chamorro
Question.png Chané
Question.png Chang Naga
Question.png Changriwa
Question.png Changthang
Question.png Chantyal
Question.png Chara
Question.png Chatino, Eastern Highland
Question.png Chatino, Nopala
Question.png Chatino, Tataltepec
Question.png Chatino, Western Highland
Question.png Chatino, Zacatepec
Question.png Chatino, Zenzontepec
Question.png Chaudangsi
Question.png Chaungtha
Question.png Chaura
Question.png Chavacano
Question.png Chayahuita
Question.png Chayuco Mixtec
Question.png Chazumba Mixtec
Question.png Che
Question.png Chechen
Question.png Chehalis, Lower
Question.png Chehalis, Upper
Question.png Cheke Holo
Question.png Chemakum
Question.png Chenapian
Question.png Chenchu
Question.png Chenoua
Question.png Chepang
Question.png Chepya
Question.png Cheq Wong
Question.png Cherepon
Yes.png Cherokee
Question.png Chesu
Question.png Chetco
Question.png Chetti, Wayanad
Question.png Chewa
Question.png Chewong
Question.png Cheyenne
Question.png Chhattisgarhi
Question.png Chhintange
Question.png Chhulung
Question.png Chiangmai Sign Language
sign languages not yet supported
Question.png Chiapanec
Question.png Chibcha
Question.png Chicahuaxtla Triqui
Question.png Chichewa
Question.png Chichicapan Zapotec
Question.png Chichimeca-Jonaz
Question.png Chichonyi-Chidzihana-Chikauma
Question.png Chickasaw
Question.png Chicomuceltec
Question.png Chidigo
Question.png Chiduruma
Question.png Chiga
Question.png Chigmecatitlán Mixtec
Question.png Chilcotin
Question.png Chilean Quechua
Question.png Chilean Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet supported
Question.png Chilisso
Question.png Chiltepec Chinantec
Question.png Chimakum
Question.png Chimalapa Zoque
Question.png Chimariko
Question.png Chimborazo Highland Quichua
Question.png Chimila
Question.png Chin, Asho
Question.png Chin, Bawm
Question.png Chin, Bualkhaw
Question.png Chin, Chinbon
Question.png Chin, Daai
Question.png Chin, Falam
Question.png Chin, Haka
Question.png Chin, Khumi
Question.png Chin, Khumi Awa
Question.png Chin, Mara
Question.png Chin, Mro
Question.png Chin, Mün
Question.png Chin, Ngawn
Question.png Chin, Paite
Question.png Chin, Senthang
Question.png Chin, Siyin
Question.png Chin, Tawr
Question.png Chin, Tedim
Question.png Chin, Thado
Question.png Chin, Zotung
Question.png China Buriat
Question.png Chinali
Question.png Chinantec, Chiltepec
Question.png Chinantec, Comaltepec
Question.png Chinantec, Lalana
Question.png Chinantec, Lealao
Question.png Chinantec, Ojitlán
Question.png Chinantec, Ozumacín
Question.png Chinantec, Palantla
Question.png Chinantec, Quiotepec
Question.png Chinantec, Sochiapam
Question.png Chinantec, Sochiapan
Question.png Chinantec, Tepetotutla
Question.png Chinantec, Tepinapa
Question.png Chinantec, Tlacoatzintepec
Question.png Chinantec, Usila
Question.png Chinantec, Valle Nacional
Question.png Chinbon Chin
Question.png Chincha Quechua
Non.png Chinese
Macro-language. See Mandarin.
Question.png Chinese Pidgin English
Question.png Chinese Sign Language
Question.png Chinese, Gan
Question.png Chinese, Hakka
Question.png Chinese, Huizhou
Question.png Chinese, Jinyu
Question.png Chinese, Late Middle
Question.png Chinese, Literary
Yes.png Chinese, Mandarin
See Mandarin.
Question.png Chinese, Min Bei
Question.png Chinese, Min Dong
Yes.png Chinese, Min Nan
See Min Nan.
Question.png Chinese, Min Zhong
Question.png Chinese, Old
Question.png Chinese, Pu-Xian
Question.png Chinese, Wu
Question.png Chinese, Xiang
Question.png Chinese, Yue
Question.png Chinook
Question.png Chinook jargon
Question.png Chipaya
Question.png Chipewyan
Question.png Chipiajes
Question.png Chippewa
Question.png Chiquián Ancash Quechua
Question.png Chiquihuitlán Mazatec
Question.png Chiquitano
Question.png Chiripá
Question.png Chiru
Question.png Chitimacha
Question.png Chitkuli Kinnauri
Question.png Chittagonian
Question.png Chitwania Tharu
Question.png Choapan Zapotec
Question.png Chocangacakha
Question.png Chochotec
Question.png Choctaw
Question.png Chodri
Question.png Chokri Naga
Question.png Chokwe
Yes.png Chol
Question.png Cholón
Question.png Chong
Question.png Choni
Question.png Chontal, Highland Oaxaca
Question.png Chontal, Lowland Oaxaca
Question.png Chontal, Tabasco
Question.png Chonyi-Dzihana-Kauma
Question.png Chopi
Question.png Chorasmian
Question.png Chorote, Iyojwa'ja
Question.png Chorote, Iyo'wujwa
Yes.png Chortí
Question.png Chothe Naga
Question.png Chrau
Question.png Chru
Question.png Chuang
Question.png Chuanqiandian Cluster Miao
Question.png Chuave
Question.png Chug
Question.png Chuj
Question.png Chuka
Question.png Chukot
Question.png Chukwa
Question.png Chulym
Question.png Chumburung
Question.png Churahi
Yes.png Church Slavic
Question.png Church Slavonic
Question.png Chut
Question.png Chuukese
Question.png Chuvantsy
Question.png Chuvash
Question.png Chuwabu
Question.png Ci Gbe
Question.png Cia-Cia
Question.png Cibak
Question.png Cicipu
Question.png Cimbrian
Question.png Cinda-Regi-Tiyal
Question.png Cineni
Question.png Cinta Larga
Question.png Cisalpine Gaulish
Question.png Cishingini
Question.png Citak
Question.png Citak, Tamnim
Question.png Ciwogai
Question.png Clallam
Question.png Classical Armenian
Question.png Classical Mandaic
Question.png Classical Mongolian
Yes.png Classical Nahuatl
Question.png Classical Nepal Bhasa
Question.png Classical Newari
Question.png Classical Quechua
Yes.png Classical Syriac
Question.png Classical Tibetan
Question.png C'lela
Question.png Coahuilteco
Question.png Coast Miwok
Question.png Coastal
Question.png Coastal Kadazan
Question.png Coastal Konjo
Question.png Coatecas Altas Zapotec
Question.png Coatepec Nahuatl
Question.png Coatlán Mixe
Question.png Coatlán Zapotec
Question.png Coatzospan Mixtec
Question.png Cocama-Cocamilla
Question.png Cochimi
Question.png Cocopa
Question.png Cocos Islands Malay
Question.png Coeur d'Alene
Question.png Cofán
Question.png Cogui
Question.png Col
Question.png Colombian Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet supported
Question.png Colonia Tovar German
Question.png Colorado
Question.png Columbia-Wenatchi
Question.png Comaltepec Chinantec
Question.png Comanche
Question.png Comecrudo
Question.png Como Karim
Question.png Comorian, Maore
Question.png Comorian, Mwali
Question.png Comorian, Ndzwani
Question.png Comorian, Ngazidja
Question.png Comox
Question.png Con
Question.png Congo Swahili
Question.png Cook Islands Maori
Question.png Côông
Question.png Coos
Question.png Copainalá Zoque
Question.png Copala Triqui
Question.png Coptic
Question.png Coquille
Question.png Cora, El Nayar
Question.png Cora, Santa Teresa
Question.png Cori
Question.png Cornish
Question.png Cornish, Middle
Question.png Cornish, Old
Question.png Corongo Ancash Quechua
Yes.png Corsican
Question.png Costa Rican Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet supported
Question.png Cotabato Manobo
Question.png Cotoname
Question.png Cowlitz
Question.png Coxima
Question.png Coyaima
Question.png Coyotepec Popoloca
Question.png Coyutla Totonac
Question.png Cree
Question.png Cree, Moose
Question.png Cree, Northern East
Question.png Cree, Plains
Question.png Cree, Southern East
Question.png Cree, Swampy
Question.png Cree, Woods
Question.png Creek
Question.png Creole Arabic, Babalia
Question.png Creole Arabic, Sudanese
Question.png Creole Dutch, Berbice
Question.png Creole Dutch, Skepi
Question.png Creole English, Antigua and Barbuda
Question.png Creole English, Bahamas
Question.png Creole English, Fernando Po
Question.png Creole English, Grenadian
Question.png Creole English, Guyanese
Question.png Creole English, Hawai'i
Question.png Creole English, Islander
Question.png Creole English, Jamaican
Question.png Creole English, Nicaragua
Question.png Creole English, Sea Island
Question.png Creole English, Tobagonian
Question.png Creole English, Trinidadian
Question.png Creole English, Turks And Caicos
Question.png Creole English, Vincentian
Question.png Creole English, Virgin Islands
Question.png Creole French, Guadeloupean
Question.png Creole French, Guianese
Question.png Creole French, Karipúna
Question.png Creole French, Louisiana
Question.png Creole French, Réunion
Question.png Creole French, Saint Lucian
Question.png Creole French, San Miguel
Question.png Creole French, Seselwa
Question.png Creole Hindi, Andaman
Question.png Creole Malay, Malaccan
Question.png Creole Malay, Sri Lankan
Question.png Creole Portuguese, Korlai
Question.png Creole Portuguese, Malaccan
Question.png Creole, Afro-Seminole
Question.png Creole, Cafundo
Question.png Creole, Haitian
Question.png Creole, Torres Strait
Question.png Crimean Tatar
Question.png Crimean Turkish
Question.png Crioulo, Upper Guinea
Question.png Croatia Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet supported
Yes.png Croatian
Question.png Cross River Mbembe
Question.png Crow
Question.png Cruzeño
Question.png Cua
Question.png Cuba Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet supported
Question.png Cubeo
Question.png Cuiba
Question.png Cuicatec, Tepeuxila
Question.png Cuicatec, Teutila
Question.png Culina
Question.png Cumanagoto
Question.png Cumbric
Question.png Cumeral
Question.png Cun
Question.png Cuneiform Luwian
Question.png Cung
Question.png Cupeño
Yes.png Curassese
Also called Curaçoleño, the most studied Papiamento dialect.
Question.png Curonian
Question.png Curripaco
Yes.png Cusco Quechua
Question.png Cutchi-Swahili
Question.png Cuvok
Question.png Cuyamecalco Mixtec
Question.png Cuyonon
Question.png Cwi Bwamu
Question.png Cypriot Arabic
Yes.png Czech
Question.png Czech Sign Language