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Question.png Da'a Kaili
Question.png Daai Chin
Question.png Daantanai'
Question.png Daasanach
Question.png Daba
Question.png Dabarre
Question.png Dabe
Question.png Dacian
Question.png Dadibi
Question.png Dadiya
Question.png Daga
Question.png Dagaare, Southern
Question.png Dagaari Dioula
Question.png Dagara, Northern
Question.png Dagba
Question.png Dagbani
Question.png Dagik
Question.png Dagoman
Question.png Dahalo
Question.png Daho-Doo
Question.png Da-Hua Miao
Question.png Dai
Question.png Dai Zhuang
Question.png Dair
Question.png Daju, Dar Daju
Question.png Daju, Dar Fur
Question.png Daju, Dar Sila
Question.png Daka, Samba
Question.png Dakaka
Question.png Dakka
Yes.png Dakota
Question.png Dakpakha
Yes.png Dalmatian
Question.png Daloa Bété
Question.png Dama
Question.png Damakawa
Question.png Damal
Question.png Damar, East
Question.png Damar, West
Question.png Dambi
Question.png Dameli
Question.png Dampelas
Question.png Dan
Question.png Danaru
Question.png Danau
Question.png Dandami Maria
Question.png Dangaléat
Question.png Dangaura Tharu
Question.png Dani, Lower Grand Valley
Question.png Dani, Mid Grand Valley
Question.png Dani, Upper Grand Valley
Question.png Dani, Western
Question.png Danish
Question.png Danish Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet supported.
Question.png Danish, Traveller
Question.png Dano
Question.png Dao
Question.png Daonda
Question.png Dar Daju Daju
Question.png Dar Fur Daju
Question.png Dar Sila Daju
Question.png Darai
Question.png Darang Deng
Question.png Dargwa
Question.png Dari
Question.png Dari, Zoroastrian
Question.png Darling
Question.png Darlong
Question.png Darmiya
Question.png Daro-Matu Melanau
Question.png Dass
Question.png Datooga
Question.png Daur
Question.png Davawenyo
Question.png Dâw
Question.png Dawawa
Question.png Dawera-Daweloor
Question.png Dawida
Question.png Dawro
Question.png Day
Question.png Dayak, Malayic
Question.png Dayi
Question.png Daza
Question.png Dazaga
Question.png Deccan
Question.png Dedua
Question.png Defaka
Question.png Defi Gbe
Question.png Deg
Question.png Degaru
Question.png Degema
Question.png Degenan
Question.png Degexit'an
Question.png Dehu
Question.png Dehwari
Question.png Dek
Question.png Dela-Oenale
Question.png Delaware
Question.png Delaware, Pidgin
Question.png Delo
Question.png Dem
Question.png Dema
Question.png Demisa
Question.png Demta
Yes.png Dena'ina
also called "Tanaina".
Question.png Dendi (Benin)
Question.png Dendi (Central African Republic)
Question.png Dene Suline
Question.png Deng, Darang
Question.png Deng, Geman
Question.png Dengese
Question.png Dengka
Question.png Dení
Question.png Deno
Question.png Denya
Question.png Deori
Question.png Dera (Indonesia)
Question.png Dera (Nigeria)
Question.png Desano
Question.png Desiya
Question.png Dewoin
Question.png Dezfuli
Question.png Dghwede
Question.png Dhaiso
Question.png Dhalandji
Question.png Dhangu
Question.png Dhanki
Question.png Dhanwar (Nepal)
Question.png Dhao
Question.png Dhargari
Question.png Dhatki
Question.png Dhimal
Question.png Dhivehi
Question.png Dhodia
Question.png Dhofari Arabic
Question.png Dholuo
Question.png Dhundari
Question.png Dhurga
Yes.png Dhuwal
Question.png Dia
Question.png Dibabawon Manobo
Question.png Dibiyaso
Question.png Dibo
Question.png Dibole
Question.png Dicamay Agta
Question.png Dida, Lakota
Question.png Dida, Yocoboué
Question.png Didinga
Question.png Dido
Question.png Diebroud
Question.png Dieri
Question.png Digaro-Mishmi
Question.png Digo
Question.png Dii
Question.png Dijim-Bwilim
Question.png Dilling
Question.png Dima
Question.png Dimasa
Question.png Dimbong
Question.png Dime
Question.png Dimili
Question.png Dimir
Question.png Dimli (individual language)
Question.png Dimli (macrolanguage)
Question.png Dineor
Question.png Ding
Question.png Dinka
Question.png Dinka, Northeastern
Question.png Dinka, Northwestern
Question.png Dinka, South Central
Question.png Dinka, Southeastern
Question.png Dinka, Southwestern
Question.png Dirari
Question.png Dirasha
Question.png Diri
Question.png Diriku
Question.png Dirim
Question.png Disa
Question.png Ditammari
Question.png Ditidaht
Question.png Diuwe
Question.png Diuxi-Tilantongo Mixtec
Question.png Divehi
Question.png Dixon Reef
Question.png Dizin
Question.png Djambarrpuyngu
Yes.png Djamindjung
Question.png Djangun
Question.png Djauan
Question.png Djawi
Question.png Djeebbana
Question.png Djimini Senoufo
Question.png Djinang
Yes.png Djinba
Question.png Djingili
Question.png Djiwarli
Question.png Dobel
Question.png Dobu
Question.png Doe
Question.png Doga
Question.png Doghoro
Question.png Dogon, Ampari
Question.png Dogon, Ana Tinga
Question.png Dogon, Bondum Dom
Question.png Dogon, Bunoge
Question.png Dogon, Dogul Dom
Question.png Dogon, Donno So
Question.png Dogon, Jamsay
Question.png Dogon, Mombo
Question.png Dogon, Nanga Dama
Question.png Dogon, Tebul Ure
Question.png Dogon, Tene Kan
Question.png Dogon, Tiranige Diga
Question.png Dogon, Tomo Kan
Question.png Dogon, Toro So
Question.png Dogon, Toro Tegu
Question.png Dogon, Walo Kumbe
Question.png Dogon, Yanda Dom
Question.png Dogosé
Question.png Dogoso
Question.png Dogri (individual language)
Non.png Dogri (macrolanguage)
Yes.png Dogrib
Question.png Dogul Dom Dogon
Question.png Doka
Question.png Doko-Uyanga
Yes.png Dolgan
Question.png Dolpo
Question.png Dom
Question.png Domaaki
Question.png Domari
Question.png Dombe
Question.png Dominican Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet supported by UTF-8.
Question.png Dompo
Question.png Domu
Question.png Domung
Question.png Dondo
Question.png Dong
Question.png Dong, Northern
Question.png Dong, Southern
Question.png Dongo
Question.png Dongotono
Question.png Dongshanba Lalo
Yes.png Dongxiang
Question.png Donno So Dogon
Question.png Doondo
Question.png Dorig
Question.png Dori'o
Question.png Doromu-Koki
Question.png Dororo
Question.png Dorze
Question.png Doso
Question.png Doutai
Question.png Doyayo
Question.png Drents
Question.png Drung
Yes.png Drukpa
= Dzongkha
Question.png Duala
Question.png Duano
Question.png Duau
Question.png Dubli
Question.png Dubu
Question.png Dugun
Question.png Duguri
Question.png Dugwor
Question.png Duhwa
Question.png Duke
Question.png Dulbu
Question.png Duli
Question.png Duma
Question.png Dumagat, Remontado
Question.png Dumbea
Question.png Dumi
Question.png Dumpas
Question.png Dumun
Question.png Duna
Question.png Dungan
Question.png Dungmali
Question.png Dungra Bhil
Question.png Dungu
Question.png Dupaninan Agta
Question.png Dura
Question.png Durango Nahuatl
Question.png Duri
Question.png Duriankere
Question.png Duruma
Question.png Duruwa
Question.png Dusner
Question.png Dusun Deyah
Question.png Dusun Malang
Question.png Dusun Witu
Question.png Dusun, Central
Question.png Dusun, Sugut
Question.png Dusun, Tambunan
Question.png Dusun, Tempasuk
Yes.png Dutch
Question.png Dutch Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet supported by UTF-8.
Question.png Dutch, Middle (ca. 1050-1350)
Question.png Dutch, Old
Question.png Dutton World Speedwords
Question.png Duungooma
Question.png Duupa
Question.png Duvle
Question.png Duwai
Question.png Duwet
Question.png Dwang
Question.png Dyaabugay
Question.png Dyaberdyaber
Question.png Dyan
Question.png Dyangadi
Question.png Dyirbal
Question.png Dyugun
Question.png Dyula
Question.png Dza
Question.png Dzalakha
Question.png Dzando
Question.png Dzao Min
Question.png Dzodinka
Yes.png Dzongkha
Question.png Dzùùngoo