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Question.png E
Question.png Early Tripuri
Question.png East Ambae
Question.png East Berawan
Question.png East Damar
Question.png East Futuna
Question.png East Kewa
Question.png East Limba
Question.png East Makian
Question.png East Masela
Question.png East Nyala
Question.png East Tarangan
Question.png East Yugur
Question.png Eastern Abnaki
Question.png Eastern Acipa
Question.png Eastern Apurímac Quechua
Question.png Eastern Arrernte
Question.png Eastern Balochi
Question.png Eastern Bolivian Guaraní
Question.png Eastern Bontok
Question.png Eastern Bru
Yes.png Eastern Canadian Inuktitut
We have Eastern Canadian Inuktitut (Latin script) and Eastern Canadian Inuktitut (Inuktitut syllabics)
Question.png Eastern Cham
Question.png Eastern Egyptian Bedawi Arabic
Question.png Eastern Frisian
Question.png Eastern Gorkha Tamang
Question.png Eastern Gurung
Question.png Eastern Highland Chatino
Question.png Eastern Highland Otomi
Question.png Eastern Hongshuihe Zhuang
Question.png Eastern Huasteca Nahuatl
Question.png Eastern Huishui Hmong
Question.png Eastern Huishui Miao
Question.png Eastern Karaboro
Question.png Eastern Katu
Question.png Eastern Kayah
Question.png Eastern Keres
Question.png Eastern Krahn
Question.png Eastern Lalu
Question.png Eastern Lawa
Question.png Eastern Magar
Question.png Eastern Maninkakan
Question.png Eastern Mari
Question.png Eastern Maroon Creole
Question.png Eastern Meohang
Question.png Eastern Mnong
Question.png Eastern Muria
Question.png Eastern Ngad'a
Question.png Eastern Nisu
Question.png Eastern Ojibwa
Question.png Eastern Oromo
Question.png Eastern Parbate Kham
Question.png Eastern Penan
Question.png Eastern Pomo
Question.png Eastern Qiandong Miao
Question.png Eastern Tamang
Question.png Eastern Tawbuid
Question.png Eastern Xiangxi Miao
Question.png Eastern Xwla Gbe
Yes.png Eastern Yiddish
Question.png Ebira
Question.png Eblan
Question.png Ebrié
Question.png Ebughu
Question.png Ecuadorian Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet supported.
Question.png Ede Cabe
Question.png Ede Ica
Question.png Ede Idaca
Question.png Ede Ije
Question.png Ede Nago, Kura
Question.png Edera Awyu
Question.png Edo
Question.png Edolo
Question.png Edomite
Question.png Edopi
Question.png Edwas
Question.png Efai
Question.png Efate, North
Question.png Efate, South
Question.png Efe
Question.png Efik
Question.png Efutop
Question.png Ega
Question.png Eggon
Question.png Egypt Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet supported.
Question.png Egyptian (Ancient)
Yes.png Egyptian Arabic
Question.png Ehueun
Question.png Eipomek
Question.png Eitiep
Question.png Ejagham
Question.png Ejamat
Question.png Ekajuk
Question.png Ekari
Question.png Ekegusii
Question.png Eki
Question.png Ekit
Question.png Ekpeye
Question.png El Alto Zapotec
Question.png El Hugeirat
Question.png El Molo
Question.png El Nayar Cora
Question.png Elamite
Question.png Eleme
Question.png Elepi
Question.png Elip
Question.png Elkei
Question.png Elotepec Zapotec
Question.png Eloyi
Question.png Elpaputih
Question.png Elseng
Question.png Elu
Question.png Elymian
Question.png E'ma Buyang
Question.png Emae
Question.png Emai-Iuleha-Ora
Question.png Eman
Question.png Embaloh
Question.png Emberá, Northern
Question.png Emberá-Baudó
Question.png Emberá-Catío
Question.png Emberá-Chamí
Question.png Emberá-Tadó
Question.png Embu
Question.png Emem
Question.png Emerillon
Question.png Emilian
Question.png Emok
Question.png Emplawas
Question.png Emumu
Question.png En
Question.png E'ñapa Woromaipu
Question.png Enawené-Nawé
Question.png Ende
Question.png Enets, Forest
Question.png Enets, Tundra
Question.png Enga
Question.png Engenni
Question.png Enggano
Yes.png English
Question.png English, Liberian
Yes.png English, Middle (1100-1500)
Middle English.
Yes.png English, Old (ca. 450-1100)
Old English.
Question.png Enrekang
Question.png Enu
Question.png Enwan (Akwa Ibom State)
Question.png Enwan (Edu State)
Question.png Enya
Question.png Epena
Question.png Epie
Question.png Epigraphic Mayan
Question.png Epi-Olmec
Question.png Eravallan
Question.png Erave
Question.png Ere
Question.png Eritai
Question.png Erokwanas
Question.png Erre
Question.png Erromintxela
Question.png Ersu
Question.png Eruwa
Yes.png Erzya
Question.png Esan
Question.png Ese
Question.png Ese Ejja
Yes.png Eshtehardi
Question.png Esimbi
Yes.png Esperanto
Constructed language
Question.png Esselen
Question.png Estado de México Otomi
Yes.png Estonian
Question.png Estonian Sign Language
Question.png Esuma
Question.png Etchemin
Question.png Etebi
Question.png Eten
Question.png Eteocretan
Question.png Eteocypriot
Question.png Ethiopian Sign Language
Question.png Etkywan
Question.png Eton (Cameroon)
Question.png Eton (Vanuatu)
Question.png Etruscan
Question.png Etulo
Question.png Evant
Question.png Even
Question.png Evenki
Question.png Ewage-Notu
Question.png Ewe
Question.png Ewondo
Question.png Extremaduran
Yes.png Eyak