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Question.png Fa D'ambu
Question.png Fagani
Question.png Faire Atta
Question.png Faita
Question.png Faiwol
Question.png Fala
Question.png Falam Chin
Question.png Fali
Question.png Fali, Baissa
Question.png Fali, North
Question.png Fali, South
Question.png Faliscan
Question.png Fam
Question.png Fanagalo
Question.png Fang (Cameroon)
Question.png Fang (Equatorial Guinea)
Question.png Fania
Question.png Fanti
Question.png Far Western Muria
Question.png Farefare
Question.png Faroese
Question.png Fars, Northwestern
Question.png Fars, Southwestern
Question.png Fas
Question.png Fasu
Question.png Fataleka
Question.png Fataluku
Question.png Fayu
Question.png Fedan
Question.png Fe'fe'
Question.png Fembe
Question.png Fernando Po Creole English
Question.png Feroge
Question.png Fiji Hindi
Question.png Fijian
Question.png Fijian, Western
Question.png Filipino
Question.png Filomena Mata-Coahuitlán Totonac
Question.png finlandssvenskt teckenspråk
Question.png Finland-Swedish Sign Language
Question.png Finnish
Question.png Finnish Sign Language
Question.png Finnish, Kven
Question.png Finnish, Tornedalen
Question.png Finno-Ugrian languages
Question.png Finongan
Question.png Fipa
Question.png Firan
Question.png Fiwaga
Question.png Flemish
Question.png Flemish Sign Language
Question.png Flinders Island
Question.png Foau
Question.png Foi
Question.png Foia Foia
Question.png Folopa
Question.png Foma
Question.png Fon
Question.png Fongoro
Question.png Foodo
Question.png Forak
Question.png Fordata
Question.png Fore
Question.png Forest Enets
Question.png Forest Maninka
Question.png Formosan languages
Question.png Fortsenal
Question.png Francisco León Zoque
Question.png Francoprovençal
Question.png Frankish
Yes.png French
Question.png French Belgian Sign Language
Question.png French Sign Language
Yes.png French, Cajun
See Cajun French
Yes.png French, Middle (ca. 1400-1600)
See Middle French
Yes.png French, Old (842-ca. 1400)
See Old French
Question.png Frisian, Eastern
Question.png Frisian, Northern
Question.png Frisian, Old
Question.png Frisian, Western
Yes.png Friulian
Question.png Fulah
Question.png Fulfulde, Adamawa
Question.png Fulfulde, Bagirmi
Question.png Fulfulde, Borgu
Question.png Fulfulde, Central-Eastern Niger
Question.png Fulfulde, Maasina
Question.png Fulfulde, Nigerian
Question.png Fulfulde, Western Niger
Question.png Fuliiru
Question.png Fulniô
Question.png Fum
Question.png Fungwa
Question.png Fur
Question.png Furu
Question.png Futuna, East
Question.png Futuna-Aniwa
Question.png Fuyug
Question.png Fwâi
Question.png Fwe
Question.png Fyam
Question.png Fyer