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Question.png Ga
Question.png Gaa
Question.png Gaam
Question.png Ga'anda
Question.png Gabri
Question.png Gabrielino-Fernandeño
Question.png Gadaba, Bodo
Question.png Gadaba, Mudhili
Question.png Gadaba, Pottangi Ollar
Question.png Gadang
Question.png Ga'dang
Question.png Gaddang
Question.png Gaddi
Question.png Gade
Question.png Gade Lohar
Question.png Gadjerawang
Question.png Gadsup
Yes.png Gaelic
See Scottish Gaelic
Question.png Gaelic, Hiberno-Scottish
Yes.png Gaelic, Scottish
See Scottish Gaelic
Question.png Gafat
Question.png Gagadu
Yes.png Gagauz
Question.png Gagnoa Bété
Question.png Gagu
Question.png Gahri
Question.png Gaikundi
Question.png Gail
Question.png Gaina
Question.png Gal
Question.png Galambu
Question.png Galatian
Question.png Galela
Question.png Galeya
Question.png Galibi Carib
Question.png Galice
Yes.png Galician
Question.png Galindan
Question.png Gallurese Sardinian
Question.png Galo
Question.png Galoli
Question.png Gamale Kham
Question.png Gambera
Question.png Gambian Wolof
Question.png Gamilaraay
Question.png Gamit
Question.png Gamkonora
Question.png Gamo
Question.png Gamo-Ningi
Question.png Gan Chinese
Question.png Gana
Question.png Ganang
Question.png Ganda
Question.png Gane
Question.png Ganggalida
Question.png Ganglau
Question.png Gangte
Question.png Gangulu
Question.png Gants
Question.png Ganza
Question.png Ganzi
Question.png Gao
Question.png Gapapaiwa
Question.png Garasia, Adiwasi
Question.png Garasia, Rajput
Question.png Garawa
Question.png Garhwali
Question.png Garifuna
Question.png Garig-Ilgar
Question.png Garo
Question.png Garre
Question.png Garus
Question.png Garza
Question.png Gata'
Question.png Gaulish, Cisalpine
Question.png Gaulish, Transalpine
Question.png Gavar
Question.png Gavião Do Jiparaná
Question.png Gavião, Pará
Question.png Gawar-Bati
Question.png Gawwada
Question.png Gayil
Question.png Gayo
Question.png Gazi
Question.png Gbagyi
Question.png Gbanu
Question.png Gbanziri
Question.png Gbari
Question.png Gbati-ri
Question.png Gbaya (Central African Republic)
Question.png Gbaya (Sudan)
Question.png Gbaya, Northwest
Question.png Gbaya, Southwest
Question.png Gbaya-Bossangoa
Question.png Gbaya-Bozoum
Question.png Gbaya-Mbodomo
Question.png Gbayi
Question.png Gbe, Ayizo
Question.png Gbe, Ci
Question.png Gbe, Defi
Question.png Gbe, Eastern Xwla
Question.png Gbe, Gbesi
Question.png Gbe, Kotafon
Question.png Gbe, Maxi
Question.png Gbe, Saxwe
Question.png Gbe, Tofin
Question.png Gbe, Waci
Question.png Gbe, Weme
Question.png Gbe, Western Xwla
Question.png Gbe, Xwela
Question.png Gbesi Gbe
Question.png Gbii
Question.png Gbiri-Niragu
Question.png Gboloo Grebo
Question.png Ge
Question.png Geba Karen
Question.png Gebe
Question.png Gedaged
Question.png Gedeo
Question.png Geez
Question.png Geji
Question.png Gejia
Question.png Geko Karen
Question.png Gela
Question.png Gelao
Question.png Gelao, Green
Question.png Gelao, Red
Question.png Gelao, White
Question.png Geman Deng
Question.png Geme
Question.png Gen
Question.png Gende
Question.png Gengle
Question.png Georgian
Question.png Georgian, Old
Question.png Gepo
Question.png Gera
Question.png Gergiko
Yes.png German
Question.png German Sign Language
Question.png German, Colonia Tovar
Question.png German, Hutterite
Question.png German, Low
Yes.png German, Middle High (ca. 1050-1500)
cf. Middle High German
Question.png German, Middle Low
Yes.png German, Old High (ca. 750-1050)
cf. Old High German
Question.png German, Pennsylvania
Question.png German, Swiss
Question.png Geruma
Question.png Geser-Gorom
Question.png Gey
Question.png Ghadamès
Question.png Ghale, Kutang
Question.png Ghale, Northern
Question.png Ghale, Southern
Question.png Ghanaian Sign Language
Question.png Ghanongga
Question.png Ghari
Question.png Ghayavi
Question.png Gheg Albanian
Question.png Ghera
Question.png Ghodoberi
Question.png Ghomálá'
Question.png Ghomara
Question.png Ghotuo
Question.png Ghulfan
Question.png Giangan
Question.png Gibanawa
Question.png Gichuka
Question.png Gidar
Question.png Giiwo
Question.png Gikuyu
Question.png Gikyode
Question.png Gilaki
Yes.png Gilbertese
= Kiribati
Question.png Gilima
Question.png Gilyak
Question.png Gimi (Eastern Highlands)
Question.png Gimi (West New Britain)
Question.png Gimme
Question.png Gimnime
Question.png Ginuman
Question.png Ginyanga
Question.png Girawa
Question.png Giryama
Question.png Gitonga
Question.png Gitua
Question.png Gitxsan
Question.png Giyug
Question.png Giziga, North
Question.png Giziga, South
Question.png Gizrra
Question.png Glaro-Twabo
Question.png Glavda
Question.png Glio-Oubi
Question.png Gnau
Question.png Goan Konkani
Question.png Goaria
Question.png Gobasi
Question.png Gobu
Question.png Godié
Question.png Godwari
Question.png Goemai
Question.png Gofa
Question.png Gogo
Question.png Gogodala
Yes.png Goguryeo
Ancient language.
Question.png Gokana
Question.png Gola
Question.png Golin
Question.png Gondi
Question.png Gondi, Northern
Question.png Gondi, Southern
Question.png Gone Dau
Question.png Gongduk
Question.png Gonja
Question.png Goodenough, West
Question.png Gooniyandi
Question.png Gor
Question.png Gorakor
Question.png Gorap
Question.png Gorontalo
Question.png Gorovu
Question.png Gorowa
Question.png Gothic
Question.png Goundo
Question.png Gourmanchéma
Question.png Gowlan
Question.png Gowli
Question.png Gowro
Question.png Gozarkhani
Question.png Grangali
Question.png Grass Koiari
Question.png Great Andamanese, Mixed
Question.png Grebo
Question.png Grebo, Barclayville
Question.png Grebo, Central
Question.png Grebo, Gboloo
Question.png Grebo, Northern
Question.png Grebo, Southern
Question.png Greek Sign Language
Yes.png Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
Question.png Greek, Cappadocian
Yes.png Greek, Modern (1453-)
Question.png Greek, Mycenaean
Question.png Green Gelao
Yes.png Greenlandic 
= Kalaallisut
Question.png Grenadian Creole English
Question.png Gresi
Question.png Groma
Question.png Gronings
Question.png Gros Ventre
Question.png Gua
Question.png Guadeloupean Creole French
Question.png Guahibo
Question.png Guajá
Question.png Guajajára
Question.png Guambiano
Question.png Guana (Brazil)
Question.png Guana (Paraguay)
Question.png Guanano
Question.png Guanche
Question.png Guanyinqiao
Non.png Guarani
Question.png Guaraní, Ava
Question.png Guaraní, Eastern Bolivian
Question.png Guaraní, Mbyá
Yes.png Guaraní, Paraguayan
Question.png Guaraní, Western Bolivian
Question.png Guarayu
Question.png Guarequena
Question.png Guatemalan Sign Language
Question.png Guató
Question.png Guayabero
Question.png Gudanji
Question.png Gude
Question.png Gudu
Question.png Guduf-Gava
Yes.png Guerrero Amuzgo
Question.png Guerrero Nahuatl
Question.png Guevea De Humboldt Zapotec
Question.png Gugadj
Question.png Gugu Badhun
Question.png Gugu Warra
Question.png Gugubera
Question.png Guguyimidjir
Question.png Guhu-Samane
Question.png Guianese Creole French
Question.png Guibei Zhuang
Question.png Guiberoua Béte
Question.png Guibian Zhuang
Question.png Güilá Zapotec
Question.png Guinea Kpelle
Non.png Guinea-Bissau Creole
It has several dialects. The main dialect is "Bissau-Bolama Creole".
Question.png Guinean Sign Language
Question.png Guiqiong
Yes.png Gujarati
Question.png Gujari
Question.png Gula (Central African Republic)
Question.png Gula (Chad)
Question.png Gula Iro
Question.png Gula'alaa
Question.png Gulay
Question.png Gule
Question.png Gulf Arabic
Question.png Guliguli
Question.png Gumalu
Question.png Gumatj
Question.png Gumawana
Question.png Gumuz
Question.png Gun
Question.png Gundi
Question.png Gungabula
Question.png Gungu
Question.png Guntai
Question.png Gunwinggu
Question.png Gunya
Question.png Gupa-Abawa
Question.png Gupapuyngu
Question.png Guragone
Question.png Guramalum
Question.png Gurani
Question.png Gurdjar
Question.png Gureng Gureng
Question.png Gurgula
Question.png Guriaso
Question.png Gurinji
Question.png Gurmana
Question.png Guro
Question.png Gurung, Eastern
Question.png Gurung, Western
Question.png Guruntum-Mbaaru
Question.png Gusan
Question.png Gusii
Question.png Gusilay
Question.png Guwamu
Question.png Guya
Question.png Guyanese Creole English
Question.png Guyani
Question.png Gvoko
Question.png Gwa
Question.png Gwahatike
Question.png Gwamhi-Wuri
Question.png Gwandara
Question.png Gweda
Question.png Gweno
Question.png Gwere
Question.png Gwichʼin
Question.png Gyele
Question.png Gyem