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Question.png Jabutí
Question.png Jad
Question.png Jadgali
Question.png Jah Hut
Question.png Jahanka
Question.png Jair Awyu
Yes.png Jakalteko
Question.png Jakati
Question.png Jakun
Question.png Jalapa De Díaz Mazatec
Question.png Jalkunan
Question.png Jamaican Country Sign Language
Question.png Jamaican Creole English
Question.png Jamaican Sign Language
Question.png Jamamadí
Question.png Jambi Malay
Yes.png Jaminjung
cf. Djaminjung
Question.png Jamiltepec Mixtec
Question.png Jamsay Dogon
Question.png Jandavra
Question.png Jangkang
Question.png Jangshung
Question.png Janji
Yes.png Japanese
Question.png Japanese Sign Language
Question.png Japanese, Old
Question.png Japrería
Question.png Jaqaru
Question.png Jara
Question.png Jarai
Question.png Jarawa (India)
Question.png Jarawa (Nigeria)
Question.png Jaru
Question.png Jauja Wanca Quechua
Question.png Jaunsari
Yes.png Javanese
Question.png Javanese, Caribbean
Question.png Javanese, New Caledonian
Question.png Javindo
Question.png Jawe
Question.png Jaya
Question.png Jebero
Question.png Jeh
Question.png Jehai
Question.png Jemez
Question.png Jenaama Bozo
Question.png Jeng
Question.png Jennu Kurumba
Question.png Jere
Question.png Jeri Kuo
Yes.png Jèrriais
Question.png Jerung
Yes.png Jewish Babylonian Aramaic (ca. 200-1200 CE)
Question.png Jewish Palestinian Aramaic
Question.png Jhankot Sign Language
Question.png Jiamao
Question.png Jiarong
Question.png Jiba
Question.png Jibu
Question.png Jicarilla Apache
Question.png Jiiddu
Question.png Jilbe
Question.png Jilim
Question.png Jimi (Cameroon)
Question.png Jimi (Nigeria)
Question.png Jina
Yes.png Jingpho
Question.png Jinuo, Buyuan
Question.png Jinuo, Youle
Question.png Jinyu Chinese
Question.png Jiongnai Bunu
Question.png Jirel
Question.png Jiru
Question.png Jita
Question.png Jju
Question.png Joba
Question.png Jofotek-Bromnya
Yes.png Jola-Fonyi
Question.png Jola-Kasa
Question.png Jonkor Bourmataguil
Question.png Jorá
Question.png Jordanian Sign Language
Question.png Jorto
Question.png Jowulu
Question.png Ju
Question.png Ju/'hoan
Question.png Juang
Question.png Judeo-Arabic
Question.png Judeo-Berber
Question.png Judeo-Georgian
Question.png Judeo-Iraqi Arabic
Question.png Judeo-Italian
Question.png Judeo-Moroccan Arabic
Question.png Judeo-Persian
Question.png Judeo-Tat
Question.png Judeo-Tripolitanian Arabic
Question.png Judeo-Tunisian Arabic
Question.png Judeo-Yemeni Arabic
Question.png Jukun Takum
Question.png Júma
Question.png Jumjum
Question.png Jumla Sign Language
Question.png Jumli
Question.png Jungle Inga
Question.png Juquila Mixe
Question.png Jur Modo
Question.png Juray
Question.png Jurchen
Question.png Jurúna
Question.png Jutish
Question.png Juwal
Question.png Juxtlahuaca Mixtec
Question.png Jwira-Pepesa