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Question.png Na
Question.png Naaba
Question.png Naasioi
Question.png Naba
Question.png Nabak
Question.png Nabi
Question.png Nachering
Question.png Nadëb
Question.png Nadruvian
Yes.png Nafaanra
Question.png Nafi
Question.png Nafri
Question.png Nafusi
Question.png Naga Pidgin
Question.png Naga, Angami
Question.png Naga, Ao
Question.png Naga, Chang
Question.png Naga, Chokri
Question.png Naga, Chothe
Question.png Naga, Inpui
Question.png Naga, Kharam
Question.png Naga, Khezha
Question.png Naga, Khiamniungan
Question.png Naga, Khoibu
Question.png Naga, Konyak
Question.png Naga, Leinong
Question.png Naga, Liangmai
Question.png Naga, Long Phuri
Question.png Naga, Lotha
Question.png Naga, Makuri
Question.png Naga, Makyan
Question.png Naga, Mao
Question.png Naga, Maram
Question.png Naga, Maring
Question.png Naga, Monsang
Question.png Naga, Moyon
Question.png Naga, Mzieme
Question.png Naga, Nocte
Question.png Naga, Northern Rengma
Question.png Naga, Para
Question.png Naga, Phom
Question.png Naga, Pochuri
Question.png Naga, Poumei
Question.png Naga, Puimei
Question.png Naga, Purum
Question.png Naga, Rongmei
Question.png Naga, Sangtam
Question.png Naga, Southern Rengma
Question.png Naga, Sumi
Question.png Naga, Tangkhul
Question.png Naga, Tarao
Question.png Naga, Tase
Question.png Naga, Thangal
Question.png Naga, Tutsa
Question.png Naga, Wancho
Question.png Naga, Yimchungru
Question.png Naga, Zeme
Question.png Nagarchal
Question.png Nage
Question.png Nago, Northern
Question.png Nago, Southern
Question.png Nagu
Question.png Nagumi
Question.png Naha'ai
Question.png Nahali
Question.png Nahari
Question.png Nahavaq
Non.png Nahuatl
Macrolanguage, see below.
Question.png Nahuatl, Central
Question.png Nahuatl, Central Huasteca
Question.png Nahuatl, Central Puebla
Yes.png Nahuatl, Classical
See Classical Nahuatl.
Question.png Nahuatl, Coatepec
Question.png Nahuatl, Durango
Question.png Nahuatl, Eastern Huasteca
Question.png Nahuatl, Guerrero
Question.png Nahuatl, Highland Puebla
Question.png Nahuatl, Huaxcaleca
Question.png Nahuatl, Isthmus-Cosoleacaque
Question.png Nahuatl, Isthmus-Mecayapan
Question.png Nahuatl, Isthmus-Pajapan
Question.png Nahuatl, Michoacán
Question.png Nahuatl, Morelos
Question.png Nahuatl, Northern Oaxaca
Question.png Nahuatl, Northern Puebla
Question.png Nahuatl, Ometepec
Question.png Nahuatl, Orizaba
Question.png Nahuatl, Santa María La Alta
Question.png Nahuatl, Sierra Negra
Question.png Nahuatl, Southeastern Puebla
Question.png Nahuatl, Tabasco
Question.png Nahuatl, Temascaltepec
Question.png Nahuatl, Tetelcingo
Question.png Nahuatl, Tlamacazapa
Question.png Nahuatl, Western Huasteca
Question.png Nahuatl, Zacatlán-Ahuacatlán-Tepetzintla
Question.png Nai
Question.png Najdi Arabic
Question.png Naka'ela
Question.png Nakai
Question.png Nakame
Question.png Nakanai
Question.png Nakara
Question.png Nake
Question.png Naki
Question.png Nakwi
Question.png Nalca
Question.png Nali
Question.png Nalik
Question.png Nalögo
Question.png Nalu
Question.png Naluo Yi
Question.png Nama (Namibia)
Question.png Nama (Papua New Guinea)
Question.png Namakura
Question.png Namat
Question.png Nambas, Big
Question.png Nambikuára, Southern
Question.png Nambo
Question.png Nambya
Question.png Ná-Meo
Question.png Namia
Question.png Namiae
Question.png Namibian Sign Language
Question.png Namla
Question.png Namo
Question.png Namonuito
Question.png Namosi-Naitasiri-Serua
Question.png Namuyi
Question.png Nanai
Question.png Nancere
Question.png Nande
Question.png Nandi
Question.png Nanerigé Sénoufo
Question.png Nanga Dama Dogon
Question.png Nanggu
Question.png Nangikurrunggurr
Question.png Nankina
Question.png Nanti
Yes.png Nanticoke 
Question.png Nanubae
Question.png Napo Lowland Quechua
Question.png Napu
Question.png Nar Phu
Question.png Nara
Question.png Narak
Question.png Narango
Question.png Narau
Question.png Narim
Question.png Naro
Question.png Narom
Question.png Narragansett
Yes.png Narrinyeri 
= Ngarrindjeri
Question.png Narua
Question.png Narungga
Question.png Nasal
Question.png Nasarian
Question.png Naskapi
Question.png Nasu, Wumeng
Question.png Nasu, Wusa
Question.png Natagaimas
Question.png Natanzi
Question.png Nataoran Amis
Question.png Natchez
Question.png Nateni
Question.png Nathembo
Question.png Natioro
Question.png Natügu
Question.png Nauete
Question.png Naukan Yupik
Question.png Nauna
Question.png Nauru
Yes.png Nauruan
Question.png Navaho
Yes.png Navajo
Question.png Navut
Question.png Nawaru
Question.png Nawathinehena
Question.png Nawdm
Question.png Nawuri
Question.png Naxi
Question.png Nayi
Question.png Nayini
Question.png Ncane
Question.png Nchumbulu
Question.png Ndai
Question.png Ndaka
Question.png Ndaktup
Question.png Ndali
Question.png Ndam
Question.png Ndamba
Question.png Nda'nda'
Question.png Ndasa
Question.png Ndau
Question.png Ndebele, North
Question.png Ndebele, South
Question.png Nde-Gbite
Question.png Ndemli
Question.png Ndendeule
Question.png Ndengereko
Question.png Nde-Nsele-Nta
Question.png Nding
Question.png Ndo
Question.png Ndobo
Question.png Ndoe
Question.png Ndogo
Question.png Ndolo
Question.png Ndom
Question.png Ndombe
Question.png Ndonde Hamba
Question.png Ndonga
Question.png Ndoola
Question.png Nduga
Question.png Ndumu
Question.png Ndunda
Question.png Ndunga
Question.png Ndut
Question.png Ndyuka-Trio Pidgin
Question.png Ndzwani Comorian
Question.png Neapolitan
Question.png Nedebang
Question.png Nefamese
Question.png Negerhollands
Question.png Negeri Sembilan Malay
Question.png Negidal
Question.png Nehan
Question.png Nek
Question.png Nekgini
Question.png Neko
Question.png Neku
Question.png Nêlêmwa-Nixumwak
Question.png Neme
Question.png Nemi
Question.png Nen
Question.png Nend
Question.png Nenets
Question.png Nenge
Question.png Nengone
Question.png Neo-Aramaic, Assyrian
Question.png Neo-Aramaic, Barzani Jewish
Question.png Neo-Aramaic, Bohtan
Question.png Neo-Aramaic, Chaldean
Question.png Neo-Aramaic, Western
Question.png Neo-Hittite
Question.png Nepal Bhasa
Question.png Nepal Bhasa, Classical
Question.png Nepalese Sign Language
Question.png Nepali
Question.png Nepali Kurux
Question.png Nete
Question.png Neve'ei
Question.png Neverver
Question.png New Caledonian Javanese
Question.png New Zealand Sign Language
Question.png Newar, Middle
Question.png Newari
Question.png Newari, Classical
Question.png Newari, Old
Question.png Neyo
Question.png Nez Perce
Question.png Nga La
Question.png Ngaanyatjarra
Question.png Ngäbere
Question.png Ngad'a
Question.png Ngad'a, Eastern
Question.png Ngadjunmaya
Question.png Ngaing
Question.png Ngaju
Question.png Ngala
Question.png Ngalakan
Question.png Ngalkbun
Question.png Ngalum
Question.png Ngam
Question.png Ngamambo
Question.png Ngambay
Question.png Ngamini
Question.png Ngamo
Question.png Nganasan
Question.png Ngandi
Question.png Ngando (Central African Republic)
Question.png Ngando (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Question.png Ngandyera
Question.png Ngangam
Question.png Nganyaywana
Question.png Ngarinman
Yes.png Ngarinyeri 
= Ngarrindjeri
Question.png Ngarinyin
Question.png Ngarla
Question.png Ngarluma
Yes.png Ngarrindjeri 
Question.png Ngas
Question.png Ngasa
Question.png Ngatik Men's Creole
Question.png Ngawn Chin
Question.png Ngawun
Yes.png Ngazidja Comorian
Question.png Ngbaka
Question.png Ngbaka Ma'bo
Question.png Ngbaka Manza
Question.png Ngbandi, Northern
Question.png Ngbandi, Southern
Question.png Ngbee
Question.png Ngbinda
Question.png Ngbundu
Question.png Ngelima
Question.png Ngemba
Question.png Ngeq
Question.png Ngete
Question.png Nggem
Question.png Nggwahyi
Question.png Ngie
Question.png Ngiemboon
Question.png Ngile
Question.png Ngindo
Question.png Ngiti
Question.png Ngizim
Question.png Ngkâlmpw Kanum
Question.png Ngom
Question.png Ngomba
Question.png Ngombale
Question.png Ngombe (Central African Republic)
Question.png Ngombe (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Question.png Ngong
Question.png Ngongo
Question.png Ngoni
Question.png Ngoreme
Question.png Ngoshie
Question.png Ngul
Question.png Ngulu
Question.png Nguluwan
Question.png Ngumbi
Question.png Ngundi
Question.png Ngundu
Question.png Ngungwel
Question.png Nguôn
Question.png Ngura
Question.png Ngurimi
Question.png Ngurmbur
Question.png Ngwaba
Question.png Ngwe
Question.png Ngwo
Question.png Nhanda
Question.png Nhengatu
Question.png Nhuwala
Yes.png Nias
Question.png Nicaragua Creole English
Question.png Nicaraguan Sign Language
Sign languages are not supported by UTF-8.
Question.png Nicarao
Question.png Nicobarese, Car
Question.png Nicobarese, Central
Question.png Nicobarese, Southern
Question.png Niellim
Question.png Nigeria Mambila
Question.png Nigerian Fulfulde
Question.png Nigerian Pidgin
Question.png Nigerian Sign Language
Sign languages are not supported by UTF-8.
Question.png Nihali
Question.png Nii
Question.png Nijadali
Question.png Niksek
Question.png Nila
Question.png Nilamba
Question.png Nimadi
Question.png Nimanbur
Question.png Nimbari
Question.png Nimboran
Question.png Nimi
Question.png Nimo
Question.png Nimoa
Question.png Ninam
Question.png Ninde
Question.png Nindi
Question.png Ningera
Question.png Ninggerum
Question.png Ningil
Question.png Ningye
Question.png Ninia Yali
Question.png Ninzo
Question.png Nipsan
Question.png Nisa
Question.png Nisenan
Question.png Nisga'a
Question.png Nisi (China)
Question.png Nisi (India)
Question.png Nisu, Eastern
Question.png Nisu, Northern
Question.png Nisu, Southern
Question.png Nisu, Southwestern
Question.png Niuafo'ou
Question.png Niuatoputapu
Question.png Niuean
Question.png Nivaclé
Question.png Njalgulgule
Question.png Njebi
Question.png Njen
Question.png Njerep
Question.png Njyem
Question.png Nkami
Question.png Nkangala
Question.png Nkari
Question.png Nkem-Nkum
Question.png Nkhumbi
Question.png N'Ko
Question.png Nkongho
Question.png Nkonya
Question.png Nkoroo
Question.png Nkoya
Question.png Nkukoli
Question.png Nkutu
Question.png Nnam
Question.png No linguistic content
Question.png Nobiin
Question.png Nobonob
Question.png Nocamán
Question.png Nocte Naga
Yes.png Nogai
Question.png Noiri
Question.png Nokuku
Question.png Nomaande
Question.png Nomane
Question.png Nomatsiguenga
Question.png Nomu
Question.png Nong Zhuang
Question.png Nonuya
Question.png Nooksack
Question.png Noon
Question.png Noone
Question.png Nopala Chatino
Question.png Noric
Question.png Norn
Question.png Norra
Non.png Norse, Old
cf. Old Norse
Question.png North Alaskan Inupiatun
Question.png North Ambrym
Question.png North American Indian
Question.png North Arabian, Ancient
Question.png North Asmat
Question.png North Awyu
Yes.png North Azerbaijani
There are "North Azerbaijani (Latin)" and "North Azerbaijani (Cyrillic)" according to the script used to write the language.
Question.png North Babar
Question.png North Bolivian Quechua
Question.png North Central Mixe
Question.png North Efate
Question.png North Fali
Question.png North Giziga
Question.png North Junín Quechua
Question.png North Levantine Arabic
Question.png North Marquesan
Question.png North Mesopotamian Arabic
Question.png North Mofu
Question.png North Moluccan Malay
Question.png North Muyu
Question.png North Ndebele
Question.png North Nuaulu
Question.png North Picene
Question.png North Slavey
Question.png North Tairora
Question.png North Tanna
Question.png North Wahgi
Question.png North Watut
Question.png North Wemale
Question.png Northeast Kiwai
Question.png Northeast Maidu
Question.png Northeast Pashayi
Question.png Northeastern Dinka
Question.png Northeastern Pomo
Question.png Northeastern Thai
Question.png Northern Alta
Question.png Northern Altai
Question.png Northern Amami-Oshima
Question.png Northern Bai
Question.png Northern Betsimisaraka Malagasy
Question.png Northern Binukidnon
Question.png Northern Bobo Madaré
Question.png Northern Bontok
Question.png Northern Catanduanes Bicolano
Question.png Northern Conchucos Ancash Quechua
Question.png Northern Dagara
Question.png Northern Dong
Question.png Northern East Cree
Question.png Northern Emberá
Question.png Northern Frisian
Question.png Northern Ghale
Question.png Northern Gondi
Question.png Northern Grebo
Question.png Northern Guiyang Hmong
Question.png Northern Guiyang Miao
Question.png Northern Haida
Question.png Northern Hindko
Question.png Northern Huishui Hmong
Question.png Northern Huishui Miao
Question.png Northern Kalapuya
Question.png Northern Kankanay
Question.png Northern Khmer
Question.png Northern Kissi
Yes.png Northern Kurdish
= Kurmanji
Question.png Northern Lorung
Question.png Northern Luri
Question.png Northern Mashan Hmong
Question.png Northern Mashan Miao
Question.png Northern Muji
Question.png Northern Nago
Question.png Northern Ngbandi
Question.png Northern Nisu
Question.png Northern Nuni
Question.png Northern Oaxaca Nahuatl
Question.png Northern Ohlone
Question.png Northern One
Question.png Northern Paiute
Question.png Northern Pame
Question.png Northern Pashto
Question.png Northern Pastaza Quichua
Question.png Northern Pomo
Question.png Northern Puebla Nahuatl
Question.png Northern Pumi
Question.png Northern Qiandong Miao
Question.png Northern Qiang
Question.png Northern Rengma Naga
Question.png Northern Roglai
Yes.png Northern Sami
Question.png Northern Sierra Miwok
Question.png Northern Sorsoganon
Question.png Northern Sotho
Question.png Northern Subanen
Question.png Northern Tarahumara
Question.png Northern Tepehuan
Question.png Northern Thai
Non.png Northern Tiwa
Group of languages. See Taos and Picuris.
Question.png Northern Tlaxiaco Mixtec
Question.png Northern Toussian
Question.png Northern Tujia
Question.png Northern Tutchone
Question.png Northern Uzbek
Question.png Northern Yukaghir
Question.png Northwest Alaska Inupiatun
Question.png Northwest Gbaya
Question.png Northwest Maidu
Question.png Northwest Oaxaca Mixtec
Question.png Northwest Pashayi
Question.png Northwestern Dinka
Question.png Northwestern Fars
Question.png Northwestern Kolami
Question.png Northwestern Ojibwa
Question.png Northwestern Tamang
Non.png Norwegian
Macrolanguage. See Bokmål and Nynorsk
Question.png Norwegian Sign Language
Question.png Norwegian, Traveller
Question.png Notre
Question.png Notsi
Yes.png Nottoway 
= Nottoway-Meherrin
Yes.png Nottoway-Meherrin 
Yes.png Novial
Question.png Noy
Question.png Nsari
Question.png Nsenga
Question.png Nshi
Question.png Nsongo
Question.png Ntcham
Question.png Ntomba
Question.png Nuaulu, North
Question.png Nuaulu, South
Question.png Nubaca
Question.png Nubi
Question.png Nubian, Old
Question.png Nubri
Question.png Nuer
Question.png Nugunu (Australia)
Question.png Nugunu (Cameroon)
Question.png Nuk
Question.png Nukak Makú
Question.png Nukna
Question.png Nukuini
Question.png Nukumanu
Question.png Nukuoro
Question.png Nukuria
Question.png Numana-Nunku-Gbantu-Numbu
Question.png Numanggang
Question.png Numbami
Question.png Nume
Question.png Numee
Question.png Numidian
Question.png Nung (Viet Nam)
Question.png Nungali
Question.png Nunggubuyu
Question.png Nungu
Question.png Nuni, Northern
Question.png Nuni, Southern
Question.png Nuosu
Question.png Nupbikha
Question.png Nupe-Nupe-Tako
Question.png Nüpode Huitoto
Question.png Nusa Laut
Question.png Nusu
Question.png Nuuchahnulth
Question.png Nuu-chah-nulth
Question.png Nyabwa
Question.png Nyaheun
Question.png Nyahkur
Question.png Nyakyusa-Ngonde
Question.png Nyala, East
Question.png Nyâlayu
Question.png Nyali
Question.png Nyam
Question.png Nyamal
Question.png Nyambo
Question.png Nyamusa-Molo
Question.png Nyamwanga
Question.png Nyamwezi
Question.png Nyaneka
Question.png Nyanga
Question.png Nyanga-li
Question.png Nyangatom
Question.png Nyangbo
Question.png Nyangga
Question.png Nyang'i
Question.png Nyangumarta
Question.png Nyanja
Question.png Nyankole
Question.png Nyarafolo Senoufo
Question.png Nyaturu
Question.png Nyaw
Question.png Nyawaygi
Question.png Nyemba
Question.png Nyengo
Question.png Nyenkha
Question.png Nyeu
Question.png Nyigina
Question.png Nyiha (Malawi)
Question.png Nyiha (Tanzania)
Question.png Nyika (Malawi and Zambia)
Question.png Nyika (Tanzania)
Question.png Nyindrou
Question.png Nyindu
Question.png Nyole
Question.png Nyong
Question.png Nyore
Question.png Nyoro
Question.png Nyulnyul
Question.png Nyunga
Question.png Nyungwe
Question.png Nzakambay
Question.png Nzakara
Question.png Nzanyi
Question.png Nzima