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Question.png Obanliku
Question.png Obispeño
Question.png Oblo
Question.png Obo Manobo
Question.png Obokuitai
Question.png Obolo
Question.png Obulom
Question.png Ocaina
Question.png Occidental
Yes.png Occitan (post 1500)
Yes.png Occitan, Old (to 1500)
Cf. Old Occitan
Question.png O'chi'chi'
Question.png Ocotepec Mixtec
Question.png Ocotlán Zapotec
Question.png Od
Question.png Odiai
Question.png Odoodee
Question.png O'du
Question.png Odual
Question.png Odut
Question.png Ofayé
Yes.png Official Aramaic (700-300 BCE)
Aramaic hebrew
Question.png Ofo
Question.png Ogbah
Question.png Ogbia
Question.png Ogbogolo
Question.png Ogbronuagum
Question.png Ogea
Question.png Ohlone, Northern
Question.png Ohlone, Southern
Question.png Oirat
Question.png Oirat, Written
Question.png Oirata
Non.png Ojibwa
Question.png Ojibwa, Central
Question.png Ojibwa, Eastern
Question.png Ojibwa, Northwestern
Question.png Ojibwa, Severn
Question.png Ojibwa, Western
Question.png Ojitlán Chinantec
Question.png Okanagan
Question.png Okiek
Question.png Okinawan, Central
Question.png Oki-No-Erabu
Question.png Okobo
Question.png Okodia
Question.png Oko-Eni-Osayen
Question.png Oko-Juwoi
Question.png Okolod
Question.png Okpamheri
Question.png Okpe (Northwestern Edo)
Question.png Okpe (Southwestern Edo)
Question.png Oksapmin
Question.png Oku
Question.png Old Aramaic (up to 700 BCE)
Question.png Old Avar
Question.png Old Breton
Question.png Old Bulgarian
Question.png Old Burmese
Question.png Old Chinese
Question.png Old Church Slavonic
Question.png Old Cornish
Question.png Old Dutch
Yes.png Old East Norse
Yes.png Old English (ca. 450-1100)
Yes.png Old French (842-ca. 1400)
Question.png Old Frisian
Question.png Old Georgian
Question.png Old High German (ca. 750-1050)
Question.png Old Hittite
Question.png Old Hungarian
Yes.png Old Irish (to 900)
Question.png Old Japanese
Question.png Old Kentish Sign Language
Question.png Old Korean (3rd-9th cent.)
Question.png Old Manipuri
Question.png Old Marathi
Question.png Old Mon
Question.png Old Newari
Non.png Old Norse
Historic. There are three dialects: Old East Norse, Old West Norse, and Old Gutnish. Most "Old Norse" literature was written in Iceland, and is therefore written in the "Old West Norse" dialect. It seems therefore safe to assume that a word identified as "Old Norse" can be attributed (at least) to the "Old West Norse" dialect.
Question.png Old Nubian
Yes.png Old Occitan (to 1500)
Question.png Old Ossetic
Yes.png Old Persian (ca. 600-400 B.C.)
Yes.png Old Provençal (to 1500)
= Old Occitan
Question.png Old Russian
Question.png Old Saxon
Question.png Old Slavonic
Question.png Old Spanish
Question.png Old Tamil
Question.png Old Tibetan
Question.png Old Turkish
Question.png Old Uighur
Question.png Old Welsh
Yes.png Old West Norse
Question.png Olekha
Question.png Olo
Question.png Oloma
Question.png Olrat
Question.png Olu'bo
Question.png Olukhayo
Question.png Olulumo-Ikom
Question.png Oluluyia
Question.png Olumarachi
Question.png Olumarama
Question.png Olunyole
Question.png Olusamia
Question.png Olushisa
Question.png Oluta Popoluca
Question.png Olutsotso
Question.png Oluwanga
Question.png Omagua
Question.png Omaha-Ponca
Question.png Omani Arabic
Question.png Omati
Question.png Ombamba
Question.png Ombo
Question.png Omejes
Question.png Ometepec Nahuatl
Question.png Omi
Question.png Omok
Question.png Omotik
Question.png Omurano
Question.png Ona
Question.png One, Inebu
Question.png One, Kabore
Question.png One, Kwamtim
Question.png One, Molmo
Question.png One, Northern
Question.png One, Southern
Yes.png Oneida
Question.png Ong
Question.png Onin
Question.png Onin Based Pidgin
Question.png Oniyan
Question.png Onjob
Question.png Ono
Question.png Onobasulu
Question.png Onondaga
Question.png Ontenu
Question.png Ontong Java
Yes.png O'odham
Question.png Oorlams
Question.png Opao
Question.png Opata
Question.png Opuuo
Question.png Orang Kanaq
Question.png Orang Seletar
Question.png Oraon Sadri
Question.png Orejón
Question.png Oring
Question.png Oriya
Question.png Oriya, Adivasi
Question.png Orizaba Nahuatl
Question.png Orma
Question.png Ormu
Question.png Ormuri
Question.png Oro
Question.png Oro Win
Question.png Oroch
Question.png Oroha
Question.png Orok
Question.png Orokaiva
Question.png Oroko
Question.png Orokolo
Question.png Oromo
Question.png Oromo, Borana-Arsi-Guji
Question.png Oromo, Eastern
Question.png Oromo, West Central
Question.png Oroqen
Question.png Orowe
Question.png Oruma
Question.png Orya
Question.png Osage
Question.png Osatu
Question.png Oscan
Question.png Osing
Question.png Ososo
Question.png Ossetian
Question.png Ossetic
Question.png Ossetic, Old
Question.png Ot Danum
Question.png Otank
Question.png Oti
Question.png Otomi, Eastern Highland
Question.png Otomi, Estado de México
Question.png Otomi, Ixtenco
Question.png Otomi, Mezquital
Question.png Otomi, Querétaro
Question.png Otomi, Temoaya
Question.png Otomi, Tenango
Question.png Otomi, Texcatepec
Question.png Otomi, Tilapa
Question.png Otoro
Question.png Ottawa
Question.png Ottoman Turkish (1500-1928)
Question.png Otuho
Question.png Otuke
Question.png Ouma
Question.png Oune
Question.png Owa
Question.png Owenia
Question.png Owiniga
Question.png Oy
Question.png Oya'oya
Question.png Oyda
Question.png Ozolotepec Zapotec
Question.png Ozumacín Chinantec