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Question.png Rabha
Question.png Rade
Question.png Raetic
Question.png Rahambuu
Question.png Rajah Kabunsuwan Manobo
Question.png Rajasthani
Question.png Rajbanshi
Question.png Raji
Question.png Rajong
Question.png Rajput Garasia
Question.png Rakahanga-Manihiki
Question.png Rakhine
Question.png Ralte
Question.png Rama
Question.png Ramoaaina
Question.png Ramopa
Question.png Rampi
Question.png Rana Tharu
Question.png Rang
Question.png Rangkas
Question.png Ranglong
Question.png Rangpuri
Question.png Rao
Question.png Rapa
Question.png Rapanui
Question.png Rapoisi
Question.png Rapting
Question.png Rara Bakati'
Question.png Rarotongan
Question.png Rasawa
Question.png Ratagnon
Question.png Ratahan
Question.png Rathawi
Question.png Rathwi Bareli
Question.png Raute
Question.png Ravula
Question.png Rawa
Question.png Rawang
Question.png Rawat
Question.png Rawo
Question.png Rayón Zoque
Question.png Razajerdi
Question.png Red Gelao
Question.png Reel
Question.png Rejang
Question.png Rejang Kayan
Question.png Reli
Question.png Rema
Question.png Rembarunga
Question.png Rembong
Question.png Remo
Question.png Remontado Dumagat
Question.png Rempi
Question.png Remun
Question.png Rendille
Question.png Rengao
Question.png Rennell-Bellona
Question.png Rennellese Sign Language
Question.png Repanbitip
Question.png Rer Bare
Question.png Rerau
Question.png Rerep
Question.png Reshe
Question.png Resígaro
Question.png Retta
Question.png Réunion Creole French
Question.png Reyesano
Question.png Riang (India)
Question.png Riang (Myanmar)
Question.png Riantana
Question.png Ribun
Question.png Rien
Question.png Rikbaktsa
Question.png Rincón Zapotec
Question.png Rinconada Bikol
Question.png Ringgou
Question.png Ririo
Question.png Ritarungo
Question.png Riung
Question.png Riverain Sango
Question.png Roglai, Cacgia
Question.png Roglai, Northern
Question.png Roglai, Southern
Question.png Rogo
Question.png Rohingya
Question.png Roma
Question.png Romagnol
Question.png Romam
Question.png Romance languages
Question.png Romani, Balkan
Question.png Romani, Baltic
Question.png Romani, Carpathian
Question.png Romani, Kalo Finnish
Question.png Romani, Sinte
Question.png Romani, Tavringer
Question.png Romani, Vlax
Question.png Romani, Welsh
Question.png Romanian
Question.png Romanian Sign Language
Question.png Romanian, Istro
Question.png Romanian, Macedo-
Question.png Romanian, Megleno
Question.png Romano-Greek
Question.png Romano-Serbian
Question.png Romanova
Question.png Romansh
Question.png Romany
Question.png Romblomanon
Question.png Rombo
Question.png Romkun
Question.png Ron
Question.png Ronga
Question.png Rongga
Question.png Rongmei Naga
Question.png Rongpo
Question.png Ronji
Question.png Roon
Question.png Roria
Question.png Rotokas
Question.png Rotuman
Question.png Roviana
Question.png Ruching Palaung
Question.png Rudbari
Question.png Rufiji
Question.png Ruga
Question.png Rukai
Question.png Ruma
Question.png Rumai Palaung
Question.png Rumu
Question.png Runa
Question.png Rundi
Question.png Runga
Question.png Rungus
Question.png Rungwa
Yes.png Russia Buriat
Yes.png Russian
Question.png Russian Sign Language
Question.png Russian, Old
Question.png Rusyn
Question.png Rutul
Question.png Ruuli
Question.png Ruund
Question.png Rwa