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Question.png Sa
Question.png Sa'a
Question.png Saafi-Saafi
Question.png Saam
Question.png Saamia
Question.png Saaroa
Question.png Saba
Question.png Sabaean
Question.png Sabah Bisaya
Question.png Sabah Malay
Question.png Sa'ban
Question.png Sabanê
Question.png Sabaot
Question.png Sabine
Question.png Sabu
Question.png Sabüm
Yes.png Sacapulteco
Question.png Sadri
Question.png Sadri, Oraon
Question.png Saek
Question.png Saep
Question.png Safaliba
Question.png Safeyoka
Question.png Safwa
Question.png Sagala
Question.png Sagalla
Question.png Saho
Question.png Sahu
Question.png Saidi Arabic
Question.png Saint Lucian Creole French
Question.png Saisiyat
Question.png Sajalong
Question.png Sajau Basap
Question.png Sakachep
Question.png Sakalava Malagasy
Question.png Sakam
Question.png Sakan
Question.png Sakao
Question.png Sakata
Question.png Sake
Yes.png Sakha
= Yakut
Question.png Sakirabiá
Question.png Sala
Question.png Salako
Question.png Salampasu
Question.png Salar
Question.png Salas
Question.png Salasaca Highland Quichua
Question.png Salchuq
Question.png Saleman
Question.png Saliba
Question.png Sáliba
Question.png Salinan
Question.png Salish, Southern Puget Sound
Question.png Salish, Straits
Question.png Sallands
Question.png Salt-Yui
Question.png Saluan
Question.png Salumá
Question.png Salvadoran Sign Language
Question.png Sam
Question.png Sama
Question.png Sama, Bangingih
Question.png Sama, Central
Question.png Sama, Pangutaran
Question.png Sama, Southern
Question.png Samaritan
Question.png Samaritan Aramaic
Question.png Samarokena
Question.png Samatao
Question.png Samba
Question.png Samba Daka
Question.png Samba Leko
Question.png Sambal, Botolan
Question.png Sambal, Tinà
Question.png Sambe
Question.png Samberigi
Question.png Samburu
Question.png Samei
Question.png Sami, Akkala
Question.png Sami, Inari
Question.png Sami, Kemi
Question.png Sami, Kildin
Yes.png Sami, Northern
cf. Northern Sami
Question.png Sami, Pite
Yes.png Sami, Skolt
cf. Skolt Sami
Question.png Sami, Southern
Question.png Sami, Ter
Question.png Sami, Ume
Question.png Samo
Question.png Samo, Matya
Question.png Samo, Maya
Question.png Samo, Southern
Question.png Samoan
Question.png Samogitian
Question.png Samosa
Question.png Sampang
Question.png Samre
Question.png Samtao
Question.png Samvedi
Question.png San Agustín Mixtepec Zapotec
Question.png San Baltazar Loxicha Zapotec
Question.png San Blas Kuna
Question.png San Dionisio Del Mar Huave
Question.png San Felipe Otlaltepec Popoloca
Question.png San Francisco Del Mar Huave
Question.png San Francisco Matlatzinca
Question.png San Jerónimo Tecóatl Mazatec
Question.png San Juan Atzingo Popoloca
Question.png San Juan Colorado Mixtec
Question.png San Juan Guelavía Zapotec
Question.png San Juan Teita Mixtec
Question.png San Luís Temalacayuca Popoloca
Question.png San Marcos Tlalcoyalco Popoloca
Question.png San Martín Itunyoso Triqui
Question.png San Martín Quechua
Question.png San Mateo Del Mar Huave
Question.png San Miguel Creole French
Question.png San Miguel El Grande Mixtec
Question.png San Miguel Piedras Mixtec
Question.png San Pedro Amuzgos Amuzgo
Question.png San Pedro Quiatoni Zapotec
Question.png San Salvador Kongo
Question.png San Vicente Coatlán Zapotec
Question.png Sanaani Arabic
Question.png Sanapaná
Question.png Sandawe
Question.png Sanga (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Question.png Sanga (Nigeria)
Question.png Sanggau
Question.png Sangil
Question.png Sangir
Question.png Sangisari
Question.png Sangkong
Question.png Sanglechi
Question.png Sango
Question.png Sango, Riverain
Question.png Sangtam Naga
Question.png Sangu (Gabon)
Question.png Sangu (Tanzania)
Question.png Sani
Question.png Sanie
Question.png Saniyo-Hiyewe
Question.png Sankaran Maninka
Question.png Sansi
Question.png Sanskrit
Question.png Sansu
Question.png Santa Ana de Tusi Pasco Quechua
Question.png Santa Catarina Albarradas Zapotec
Question.png Santa Inés Ahuatempan Popoloca
Question.png Santa Inés Yatzechi Zapotec
Question.png Santa Lucía Monteverde Mixtec
Question.png Santa María Del Mar Huave
Question.png Santa María La Alta Nahuatl
Question.png Santa María Quiegolani Zapotec
Question.png Santa María Zacatepec Mixtec
Question.png Santa Teresa Cora
Question.png Santali
Question.png Santiago del Estero Quichua
Question.png Santiago Xanica Zapotec
Question.png Santo Domingo Albarradas Zapotec
Question.png Sanumá
Question.png São Paulo Kaingáng
Question.png Sa'och
Question.png Sãotomense
Question.png Saparua
Question.png Sapé
Question.png Sapo
Question.png Saponi
Question.png Saposa
Question.png Sapuan
Question.png Sar
Question.png Sara
Question.png Sara Dunjo
Question.png Sara Kaba
Question.png Sara Kaba Deme
Question.png Sara Kaba Náà
Question.png Saramaccan
Question.png Sarangani Blaan
Question.png Sarangani Manobo
Question.png Sarasira
Question.png Saraveca
Non.png Sardinian
Question.png Sardinian, Campidanese
Question.png Sardinian, Gallurese
Question.png Sardinian, Logudorese
Question.png Sardinian, Sassarese
Question.png Sarikoli
Question.png Sarli
Question.png Sarsi
Question.png Sartang
Question.png Sarua
Question.png Sarudu
Question.png Saruga
Non.png Sasak
Macrolanguage. There are five dialects: Kuto-Kute (North Sasak), Ngeto-Ngete (Northeast Sasak), Meno-Mene (Central Sasak), Ngeno-Ngene (Central East Sasak, Central West Sasak), Mriak-Mriku (Central South Sasak)
Question.png Sasaru
Question.png Sassarese Sardinian
Question.png Satawalese
Question.png Sateré-Mawé
Question.png Saterfriesisch
Question.png Saudi Arabian Sign Language
Question.png Sauk
Question.png Sauraseni Prākrit
Question.png Saurashtra
Question.png Sauri
Question.png Sauria Paharia
Question.png Sause
Question.png Sausi
Question.png Savara
Question.png Savi
Question.png Savosavo
Question.png Sawai
Question.png Saweru
Question.png Sawi
Question.png Sawila
Question.png Sawknah
Question.png Saxon, Low
Question.png Saxon, Old
Question.png Saxon, Upper
Question.png Saxwe Gbe
Question.png Saya
Question.png Sayula Popoluca
Yes.png Scots
Yes.png Scottish Gaelic
Question.png Scottish, Traveller
Question.png Scythian
Question.png Sea Island Creole English
Question.png Seba
Question.png Sebat Bet Gurage
Question.png Seberuang
Question.png Sebop
Question.png Sebuyau
Question.png Sechelt
Question.png Secoya
Question.png Sedang
Question.png Sedoa
Question.png Seeku
Question.png Segai
Question.png Segeju
Question.png Seget
Question.png Sehwi
Question.png Seimat
Question.png Seit-Kaitetu
Question.png Sekani
Question.png Sekapan
Question.png Sekar
Question.png Seke (Nepal)
Question.png Seke (Vanuatu)
Question.png Seki
Question.png Seko Padang
Question.png Seko Tengah
Question.png Sekpele
Question.png Selangor Sign Language
Question.png Selaru
Question.png Selayar
Question.png Selee
Question.png Selepet
Question.png Selian
Question.png Selkup
Question.png Selungai Murut
Question.png Seluwasan
Question.png Semai
Question.png Semandang
Question.png Semaq Beri
Question.png Sembakung Murut
Question.png Semelai
Question.png Semimi
Question.png Semnam
Question.png Semnani
Question.png Sempan
Question.png Sena
Question.png Sena, Malawi
Question.png Senara Sénoufo
Question.png Senaya
Question.png Sene
Yes.png Seneca
Question.png Sened
Question.png Sengele
Question.png Senggi
Question.png Sengo
Question.png Sengseng
Question.png Senhaja De Srair
Question.png Senoufo, Cebaara
Question.png Senoufo, Djimini
Question.png Senoufo, Mamara
Question.png Sénoufo, Nanerigé
Question.png Senoufo, Nyarafolo
Question.png Senoufo, Palaka
Question.png Sénoufo, Senara
Question.png Senoufo, Shempire
Question.png Sénoufo, Sìcìté
Question.png Senoufo, Supyire
Question.png Senoufo, Syenara
Question.png Senoufo, Tagwana
Question.png Sensi
Question.png Sentani
Question.png Senthang Chin
Question.png Sentinel
Question.png Sepa (Indonesia)
Question.png Sepa (Papua New Guinea)
Question.png Sepedi
Question.png Sepen
Question.png Sepik Iwam
Question.png Sera
Question.png Seraiki
Template:yes Serbian
divided into "Serbian (Cyrillic)" and "Serbian (Latin)"
Non.png Serbo-Croatian
Macro-language consisting of at least Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian.
Question.png Sere
Question.png Serer
Question.png Seri
Question.png Serili
Question.png Seroa
Question.png Serrano
Question.png Seru
Question.png Serua
Question.png Serudung Murut
Question.png Serui-Laut
Question.png Seselwa Creole French
Question.png Seta
Question.png Setaman
Question.png Seti
Question.png Settla
Question.png Severn Ojibwa
Question.png Sewa Bay
Question.png Seze
Question.png S'gaw Karen
Question.png Sha
Question.png Shabak
Question.png Shabo
Question.png Shahmirzadi
Question.png Shahrudi
Question.png Shall-Zwall
Question.png Shamang
Question.png Shama-Sambuga
Question.png Shambala
Question.png Shan
Question.png Shanenawa
Question.png Shanga
Question.png Shangzhai
Question.png Sharanahua
Question.png Shark Bay
Question.png Sharwa
Question.png Shasta
Question.png Shatt
Question.png Shau
Question.png Shawnee
Question.png She
Question.png Shehri
Question.png Shekhawati
Question.png Shekkacho
Question.png Sheko
Question.png Shelta
Question.png Shempire Senoufo
Question.png Shendu
Question.png Sheni
Question.png Sherbro
Question.png Sherdukpen
Question.png Sherpa
Question.png Sheshi Kham
Question.png Shi
Question.png Shihhi Arabic
Question.png Shiki
Question.png Shilluk
Question.png Shina
Question.png Shina, Kohistani
Question.png Shinabo
Question.png Shipibo-Conibo
Question.png Shixing
Question.png Sholaga
Question.png Shom Peng
Question.png Shona
Question.png Shoo-Minda-Nye
Yes.png Shor
Question.png Shoshoni
Question.png Shua
Question.png Shuadit
Question.png Shuar
Question.png Shubi
Question.png Shughni
Question.png Shumashti
Question.png Shumcho
Question.png Shuswap
Question.png Shuwa-Zamani
Question.png Shwai
Question.png Shwe Palaung
Question.png Sialum
Question.png Siamou
Question.png Sian
Question.png Siane
Question.png Siang
Question.png Siar-Lak
Question.png Siawi
Question.png Sibe
Question.png Sibu Melanau
Question.png Sicanian
Question.png Sicel
Question.png Sichuan Yi
Question.png Sicilian
Question.png Sìcìté Sénoufo
Question.png Siculo Arabic
Question.png Sidamo
Question.png Sidetic
Question.png Sie
Question.png Sierra de Juárez Zapotec
Question.png Sierra Leone Sign Language
Question.png Sierra Negra Nahuatl
Question.png Sighu
Question.png Sihan
Question.png Sihuas Ancash Quechua
Question.png Sika
Question.png Sikaiana
Question.png Sikaritai
Question.png Sikiana
Question.png Sikkimese
Question.png Siksika
Question.png Sikule
Question.png Sila
Question.png Silacayoapan Mixtec
Question.png Sileibi
Question.png Silesian
Question.png Silesian, Lower
Question.png Silimo
Question.png Siliput
Question.png Silopi
Question.png Silt'e
Question.png Simaa
Question.png Simba
Question.png Simbali
Question.png Simbari
Question.png Simbo
Question.png Simeku
Question.png Simeulue
Question.png Simte
Question.png Sinagen
Question.png Sinasina
Question.png Sinaugoro
Question.png Sindarin
Question.png Sindhi
Question.png Sindhi Bhil
Question.png Sindihui Mixtec
Question.png Singa
Question.png Singapore Sign Language
Question.png Singpho
Question.png Sinhala
Question.png Sinhalese
Question.png Sinicahua Mixtec
Question.png Sinicized Miao
Question.png Sininkere
Question.png Sinsauru
Question.png Sinte Romani
Question.png Sinyar
Question.png Sio
Question.png Siona
Question.png Sipacapense
Question.png Sira
Question.png Siraya
Question.png Sirenik Yupik
Question.png Siri
Question.png Siriano
Question.png Sirionó
Question.png Sirmauri
Question.png Siroi
Question.png Sisaala, Tumulung
Question.png Sisaala, Western
Question.png Sissala
Question.png Sissano
Question.png Siuslaw
Question.png Sivandi
Question.png Siwai
Question.png Siwi
Question.png Siwu
Question.png Siyin Chin
Question.png Skagit
Question.png Skalvian
Question.png Skepi Creole Dutch
Yes.png Skolt Sami
Question.png Skou
Question.png Slave (Athapascan)
Question.png Slavey, North
Yes.png Slavey, South
cf. South Slavey
Yes.png Slavic, Church
cf. Church Slavic
Question.png Slavonic, Church
Question.png Slavonic, Old
Question.png Slavonic, Old Church
Question.png Slovak
Question.png Slovakian Sign Language
Yes.png Slovenian
Question.png Small Flowery Miao
Question.png Smärky Kanum
Question.png Snohomish
Question.png So (Cameroon)
Question.png So (Democratic Republic of Congo)
Question.png So'a
Question.png Sobei
Question.png Sochiapam Chinantec
Question.png Sochiapan Chinantec
Question.png Soga
Question.png Sogdian
Question.png Soi
Question.png Sok
Question.png Sokoro
Question.png Solano
Question.png Soli
Question.png Solong
Question.png Solos
Question.png Som
Question.png Somali
Question.png Somba-Siawari
Question.png Somrai
Question.png Somray
Question.png Somyev
Question.png Sonde
Question.png Songa
Question.png Songe
Question.png Songhai, Koyraboro Senni
Question.png Songhay, Humburi Senni
Question.png Songhay, Koyra Chiini
Question.png Songo
Question.png Songomeno
Question.png Songoora
Question.png Songway Kiini, Tondi
Question.png Sonha
Question.png Sonia
Question.png Soninke
Question.png Sonsorol
Question.png Soo
Question.png Sop
Question.png Soqotri
Question.png Sora
Yes.png Soranî
Question.png Sorbian, Lower
Yes.png Sorbian, Upper
= Upper Sorbian
Question.png Sori-Harengan
Question.png Sorkhei
Question.png Sorothaptic
Question.png Sorsoganon, Northern
Question.png Sorsoganon, Southern
Question.png Sorsogon Ayta
Question.png Sos Kundi
Question.png Sota Kanum
Question.png Sotho, Northern
Question.png Sotho, Southern
Question.png Sou
Question.png South African Sign Language
Question.png South Awyu
Question.png South Azerbaijani
Question.png South Bolivian Quechua
Question.png South Central Banda
Question.png South Central Dinka
Question.png South Efate
Question.png South Fali
Question.png South Giziga
Question.png South Lembata
Question.png South Levantine Arabic
Question.png South Marquesan
Yes.png South Mbundu
= Umbundu
Question.png South Muyu
Question.png South Ndebele
Question.png South Nuaulu
Question.png South Picene
Yes.png South Slavey
Question.png South Tairora
Question.png South Ucayali Ashéninka
Question.png South Watut
Question.png South Wemale
Question.png South West Bay
Question.png Southeast Ambrym
Question.png Southeast Babar
Question.png Southeast Ijo
Question.png Southeast Pashayi
Question.png Southeastern Dinka
Question.png Southeastern Ixtlán Zapotec
Question.png Southeastern Kolami
Question.png Southeastern Nochixtlán Mixtec
Question.png Southeastern Pomo
Question.png Southeastern Puebla Nahuatl
Question.png Southeastern Tarahumara
Question.png Southeastern Tepehuan
Question.png Southern Alta
Yes.png Southern Altai
Question.png Southern Amami-Oshima
Question.png Southern Aymara
Question.png Southern Bai
Question.png Southern Balochi
Question.png Southern Betsimisaraka Malagasy
Question.png Southern Binukidnon
Question.png Southern Birifor
Question.png Southern Bobo Madaré
Question.png Southern Bontok
Question.png Southern Carrier
Question.png Southern Catanduanes Bicolano
Question.png Southern Conchucos Ancash Quechua
Question.png Southern Dagaare
Question.png Southern Dong
Question.png Southern East Cree
Question.png Southern Ghale
Question.png Southern Gondi
Question.png Southern Grebo
Question.png Southern Guiyang Hmong
Question.png Southern Guiyang Miao
Question.png Southern Haida
Question.png Southern Hindko
Question.png Southern Kalapuya
Question.png Southern Kalinga
Question.png Southern Kisi
Question.png Southern Kiwai
Question.png Southern Kurdish
Question.png Southern Lolopo
Question.png Southern Lorung
Question.png Southern Luri
Question.png Southern Ma'di
Question.png Southern Mashan Hmong
Question.png Southern Mashan Miao
Question.png Southern Mnong
Question.png Southern Muji
Question.png Southern Nago
Question.png Southern Nambikuára
Question.png Southern Ngbandi
Question.png Southern Nicobarese
Question.png Southern Nisu
Question.png Southern Nuni
Question.png Southern Ohlone
Question.png Southern One
Question.png Southern Pame
Question.png Southern Pashto
Question.png Southern Pastaza Quechua
Question.png Southern Pomo
Question.png Southern Puebla Mixtec
Question.png Southern Puget Sound Salish
Question.png Southern Pumi
Question.png Southern Qiandong Miao
Question.png Southern Qiang
Question.png Southern Rengma Naga
Question.png Southern Rincon Zapotec
Question.png Southern Roglai
Question.png Southern Sama
Question.png Southern Sami
Question.png Southern Samo
Question.png Southern Sierra Miwok
Question.png Southern Sorsoganon
Question.png Southern Sotho
Question.png Southern Subanen
Question.png Southern Thai
Question.png Southern Tiwa
Question.png Southern Toussian
Question.png Southern Tujia
Question.png Southern Tutchone
Question.png Southern Uzbek
Question.png Southern Yukaghir
Question.png Southwest Gbaya
Question.png Southwest Palawano
Question.png Southwest Pashayi
Question.png Southwest Tanna
Question.png Southwestern Bontok
Question.png Southwestern Dinka
Question.png Southwestern Fars
Question.png Southwestern Guiyang Hmong
Question.png Southwestern Huishui Hmong
Question.png Southwestern Huishui Miao
Question.png Southwestern Nisu
Question.png Southwestern Tamang
Question.png Southwestern Tarahumara
Question.png Southwestern Tepehuan
Question.png Southwestern Tlaxiaco Mixtec
Question.png Sowa
Question.png Sowanda
Question.png Sowari
Question.png Soyaltepec Mazatec
Question.png Soyaltepec Mixtec
Yes.png Spanish
Question.png Spanish Sign Language
Question.png Spanish, Loreto-Ucayali
Question.png Spanish, Old
Question.png Spiti Bhoti
Question.png Spokane
Yes.png Squamish
Yes.png Sranan Tongo
Question.png Sri Lankan Creole Malay
Question.png Sri Lankan Sign Language
Question.png Standard Arabic
Question.png Standard Estonian
Question.png Standard Latvian
Question.png Standard Malay
Question.png Standard Punjabi
Yes.png Standard Xinjiang Uyghur
Question.png Stellingwerfs
Question.png Stieng, Budeh
Question.png Stieng, Bulo
Question.png Stod Bhoti
Question.png Stoney
Question.png Straits Salish
Question.png Suabo
Question.png Suarmin
Question.png Suau
Question.png Suba
Question.png Subanen, Central
Question.png Subanen, Northern
Question.png Subanen, Southern
Question.png Subanon, Kolibugan
Question.png Subanon, Western
Question.png Suba-Simbiti
Question.png Subi
Question.png Subiya
Question.png Subtiaba
Question.png Sudanese Arabic
Question.png Sudanese Creole Arabic
Question.png Sudest
Question.png Sudovian
Question.png Suena
Question.png Suga
Question.png Suganga
Question.png Sugut Dusun
Question.png Sui
Question.png Suki
Question.png Suku
Question.png Sukuma
Question.png Sukur
Question.png Sukurum
Question.png Sula
Question.png Sulka
Question.png Sulod
Question.png Sulung
Question.png Suma
Question.png Sumariup
Question.png Sumau
Question.png Sumbawa
Question.png Sumbwa
Question.png Sumerian
Question.png Sumi Naga
Question.png Sunam
Question.png Sundanese
Question.png Sunum
Question.png Sunwar
Question.png suomenruotsalainen viittomakieli
Question.png Suoy
Question.png Supyire Senoufo
Question.png Sur
Question.png Surbakhal
Question.png Suri
Question.png Surigaonon
Question.png Surjapuri
Question.png Sursurunga
Question.png Suruahá
Question.png Surubu
Question.png Suruí
Question.png Suruí Do Pará
Question.png Susquehannock
Question.png Susu
Question.png Susuami
Question.png Suundi
Question.png Suwawa
Question.png Suyá
Question.png Svan
Yes.png Swabian
Yes.png Swahili
Question.png Swahili, Congo
Question.png Swampy Cree
Question.png Swati
Yes.png Swedish
Question.png Swedish Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet supported
Question.png Swiss German
Question.png Swiss-French Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet supported
Question.png Swiss-German Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet supported
Question.png Swiss-Italian Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet supported
Question.png Syenara Senoufo
Question.png Sylheti
Question.png Syriac
Yes.png Syriac, Classical
cf. Classical Syriac