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Help:Language/Checklist for editable languages/U

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Question.png U
Question.png Uab Meto
Question.png Uamué
Question.png Uare
Question.png Ubaghara
Question.png Ubang
Question.png Ubi
Question.png Ubir
Question.png Ubykh
Question.png Ucayali-Yurúa Ashéninka
Question.png Uda
Question.png Udi
Question.png Udihe
Yes.png Udmurt
Question.png Uduk
Question.png Ufim
Question.png Ugandan Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet in UTF-8.
Question.png Ugaritic
The current version of MySQL does not support the Ugaritic script (non-BMP unicode). An upgrade to MySQL 5.5 or 6 is needed.
Question.png Ughele
Question.png Ugong
Question.png Uhami
Non.png Uighur
Macrolanguage, see Uyghur below.
Question.png Uighur, Old
Question.png Uisai
Question.png Ujir
Question.png Ukaan
Question.png Ukhwejo
Question.png Ukit
Question.png Ukpe-Bayobiri
Question.png Ukpet-Ehom
Yes.png Ukrainian
Question.png Ukrainian Sign Language
Sign languages are not yet in UTF-8.
Question.png Ukue
Question.png Ukuriguma
Question.png Ukwa
Question.png Ukwuani-Aboh-Ndoni
Question.png Ulau-Suain
Question.png Ulch
Question.png Ulithian
Question.png Ullatan
Question.png Ulukwumi
Question.png Ulumanda'
Question.png Ulwa
Question.png Uma
Question.png Uma' Lasan
Question.png Uma' Lung
Question.png Umanakaina
Question.png Umatilla
Question.png Umbindhamu
Question.png Umbrian
Question.png Umbugarla
Yes.png Umbundu
Question.png Umbu-Ungu
Question.png Umbuygamu
Question.png Ume Sami
Question.png Umeda
Question.png Umiray Dumaget Agta
Question.png Umon
Question.png Umotína
Question.png Umpila
Question.png Umpqua, Upper
Question.png Una
Question.png Unami
Question.png Unde Kaili
Question.png Uneapa
Question.png Uneme
Question.png Unserdeutsch
Question.png Unua
Question.png Uokha
Question.png Upper Chehalis
Question.png Upper Grand Valley Dani
Question.png Upper Guinea Crioulo
Question.png Upper Kinabatangan
Question.png Upper Kuskokwim
Question.png Upper Necaxa Totonac
Question.png Upper Saxon
Yes.png Upper Sorbian
Question.png Upper Tanana
Question.png Upper Tanudan Kalinga
Question.png Upper Ta'oih
Question.png Upper Taromi
Question.png Upper Umpqua
Question.png Ura (Papua New Guinea)
Question.png Ura (Vanuatu)
Question.png Uradhi
Question.png Urak Lawoi'
Question.png Urali
Question.png Urapmin
Question.png Urarina
Question.png Urartian
Question.png Urat
Yes.png Urdu
Question.png Urhobo
Question.png Uri
Question.png Urigina
Question.png Urim
Question.png Urimo
Question.png Uripiv-Wala-Rano-Atchin
Question.png Urningangg
Question.png Uru
Question.png Uruangnirin
Question.png Uruava
Question.png Urubú-Kaapor
Question.png Urubú-Kaapor Sign Language
Sign languages are not in UTF-8
Question.png Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau
Question.png Uruguayan Sign Language
Sign languages are not in UTF-8
Question.png Urum
Question.png Urumi
Question.png Uru-Pa-In
Question.png Usaghade
Question.png Usan
Question.png Usarufa
Question.png Ushojo
Question.png Usila Chinantec
Question.png Usku
Yes.png Uspanteco
Question.png Usui
Question.png Utarmbung
Question.png Ute-Southern Paiute
Question.png ut-Ma'in
Question.png Utu
Question.png Uvbie
Question.png Uvean, West
Question.png Uya
Question.png Uyajitaya
Non.png Uyghur
There are two standard languages of the Uyghur language: Standard Xinjiang Uyghur (Arabic script) and Standard Soviet Uyghur (Cyrillic script). In addition, there are also the Central, Southern and Eastern dialect.
Yes.png Uyghur, Standard Xinjiang
Yes.png Uzbek
Question.png Uzbek, Northern
Question.png Uzbek, Southern
Question.png Uzbeki Arabic
Question.png Uzekwe