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Question.png Vaagri Booli
Question.png Vaeakau-Taumako
Question.png Vafsi
Question.png Vaghat-Ya-Bijim-Legeri
Question.png Vaghri
Question.png Vaghua
Question.png Vagla
Question.png Vai
Question.png Vaiphei
Question.png Vale
Question.png Valencian
Question.png Valencian Sign Language
Question.png Valle Nacional Chinantec
Question.png Valley Maidu
Question.png Valman
Question.png Valpei
Question.png Vamale
Question.png Vame
Question.png Vandalic
Question.png Vangunu
Question.png Vanimo
Question.png Vano
Question.png Vanuma
Question.png Vao
Question.png Varhadi-Nagpuri
Question.png Varisi
Question.png Varli
Question.png Vasavi
Question.png Vasekela Bushman
Question.png Veddah
Question.png Vehes
Question.png Veluws
Question.png Vemgo-Mabas
Question.png Venda
Question.png V'ënen Taut
Question.png Venetian
Question.png Venetic
Question.png Venezuelan Sign Language
Question.png Vengo
Question.png Ventureño
Yes.png Veps
Question.png Vera'a
Question.png Vestinian
Question.png Vidunda
Question.png Viemo
Yes.png Vietnamese
Question.png Viid
Question.png Vilela
Question.png Vili
Question.png Villa Viciosa Agta
Question.png Vincentian Creole English
Question.png Vinmavis
Question.png Vinza
Question.png Virgin Islands Creole English
Yes.png Virginia Algonquian 
= Powhatan
Question.png Vishavan
Question.png Viti
Question.png Vitou
Question.png Vlaams
Question.png Vlaamse Gebarentaal
Yes.png Vlax Romani
Yes.png Volapük
Question.png Volscian
Question.png Vono
Question.png Voro
Yes.png Võro
Question.png Votic
Question.png Vumbu
Question.png Vunapu
Question.png Vunjo
Question.png Vure
Question.png Vurës
Question.png Vute
Question.png Vwanji